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Call for Political Action

by Brian Lee, CIPCF President

We have been working with the District on a number of issues that are critical to our program, including the development of Jr. High social studies curriculum, the hiring of a program manager with Chinese proficiency, and the expansion of the Mandarin immersion program. Despite good faith efforts by many people, however, progress has been uneven, and we seem to have hit an impasse in some respects. To push forward, it has become increasingly clear that we must step up our effort to galvanize support for our program at the school board level. It is imperative that we pay attention to the school board races this November and support candidates that will do right on the issues that are most important to our members. The need to become more political involved is made more poignant by the recent announcement by Dr. Shao, who has been one of our strongest supporters, that he will not seek reelection to the school board this Fall. In the coming months, we will be seeking to form a special committee to lead this effort – to research the candidates for possible endorsement, to organize and host fundraisers, and to make our voices heard on policies and issues that matter to our program. We look forward to your support and participation.

Officers Needed

I have been blessed to work with a group of exceptional parents, whose talent, commitment, and dedication have made a difference to all of our kids’ education. I am particularly appreciative of this year’s officer group. All of us have kids that started their journey in this program in the same kinder class more than two years ago.
CIPCF Pres: Brian Lee posing as a Spring Chicken
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MultiCultural Night
March 23, 6-8PM

CIPCF Elections
April 10, 6:30
Azevada Library

New T-Shirt Design
Contest Deadline: May 1

Chinese Book Faire
May 15, Azevada

Poetry Recital Contest
June 1, 6-8:30PM

End of Year Picnic
June 9

Hopkins Events

Visit Hopkins' Parent Faculty Association (PFA) website at : 
for student activities dates.
We are a tight-knit group, and we have enjoyed each other’s collegiality, friendship, and camaraderie. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Some of our officers, always overworked and juggling multiple responsibilities, have decided not to return as officers next school year. So, as the elections quickly approach in April, we need new blood to help. There are many benefits to becoming an officer that I would like to highlight:
  • Get Connected. There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school. CIPCF offers great opportunities to meet other parents, teachers, and administrators, building rapport and discussing issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences. 
  • Make a Difference. By volunteering as officers, you put your skills and talents to use for a noble cause—your child and all children in the community. CIPCF can be a way for you to more effectively suggest changes at our schools. By getting involved you’ll be part of the solution, helping make positive changes.
  • Be a Role ModelBy becoming an officer, you’ll be demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education and community service! There is no better way to be a role model for your child!
Please consider running for a position! Or if you know someone who you think would be perfect for a position, please give them a nudge! Our children need you!

Shout Out to….

Finally, I would like to congratulate a group of outstanding MIP students who recently won honors in district-wide contests.
The Young Author Contest is a district competition featuring original stories written and illustrated by students, intended to encourage student achievements in creative writing.

Each year over 3,800 students participated, and only three winners per grade were selected in this district-wide contest. This year Azevada had four winners! They are Deborah Chen (5th grade), Annette Lindley (5th grade), Jocelyn Wang (5th grade), and Amanda Chen (2nd grade).

The Young Composer Contest is a music composition competition open to students in grades four through six in both public and private schools in the Tri-City area. Alison Lau’s (6th grade) piece was chosen as one of the top winning entries, and her piece will be performed by the the Fremont Symphony Orchestra at a Children’s Concert, which is free to students in the Tri-City area, at Ohlone Gymnasium on March 20, 2018, 10:15 AM.

Please let me know if you know of any MIP kids doing something awesome, whether in academic, sports, or arts. I would like to invite them and their families to our future meetings to recognize their achievements.

Brian Lee

Q & A
An Interview with  Jasmine  Siu

Getting to know a Kinder parent
This is the first in a new series profiling a parent's view of the Mandarin Immersion Program. We asked Jasmine Siu, a parent of a kinder student, about her experience thus far.
Q: When did you realize that you wanted your child to enroll in the Mandarin Immersion Program in Fremont?
A: My husband, Otto, immigrated here from Hong Kong when he was a  child, and he is fluent in Cantonese and can still read and write. I grew up in the Bay Area and my parents both spoke Cantonese exclusively at home. I have also learned to speak Mandarin through high school classes and watching a lot of TV. I really wish I could also read and write in Chinese. When I heard about the MIP I subconsciously signed up my then infant for the program.
Q: Were there particular resources that you found helpful in making your decision to enroll your child?
A: We have two friends with children in the program and they spoke very highly of the program, which solidified my desire to enroll Ellie. 
Q: What have been the keys to success in supporting your child in school? 
A: To Lao Shi is a great teacher and she puts a lot of effort into getting to know our child and her specific needs.  She makes herself readily available for parents to touch bases with her on a regular basis. I'm always asking her what we need to work on and how we can help in the classroom.  I am very happy with the communication that we have as parents with the teacher.  
Q: What, if anything, has surprised you about school and the program?
A: We are very impressed at the pace they learn new vocabulary, and we are very surprised that Ellie has been able to soak in everything and apply what she learned. 
Q: What do you feel has been your biggest obstacles in school and/or in the MIP program so far?
A: We supplement school time with play dates as much as possible during the weekend and off days. I really enjoyed the picnic before the start of the school year. I had a chance to interact with the other MIP families in a more intimate setting as compared to the school-wide events.
Q: What are your hopes for your child after graduating from the Mandarin Immersion Program?

A: We hope that Ellie will be able to retain and apply in life what she learned from the MIP. We also hope that through this program Ellie will have a better appreciation of the Chinese culture.

Ringing in the Year of the Dog

Photograph by Victor Hung. City Hall, Feb. 2018
The Lunar New Year is a time of renewal and celebration for the Chinese culture. Guided by Yung-Pei Choy, students from the Chinese Immersion Program performed at Fremont City Hall, Fremont Library and New Park Mall in Newark to ring in the Year of the Dog in February.


Annual Chinese New  Year Assembly

MIP students from K-6 classes danced to traditional and pop Chinese songs at the annual Chinese New Year assembly at Azevada Elementary. Many thanks to the MIP teachers, Principal Diamond, Jojo Chu and Alice Ong for organizing the event.

To watch the video of the performances, click the link:
○Kinder 新年好 & Lion Dance here
○1st grade 健康歌 here
○2nd grade龙的传人 here
○3rd grade青春修炼手册 here
○4th grade加油!Amigos here
○ 5th grade 龙的传人 here
○6th grade 天使在唱歌 here


MIP Families Explore Holidays around the World

December was an exciting one for the children. The children learned about holiday traditions around the world as they followed storyboards describing traditions in Italy, Africa, and China to name a few. This was the first joint evening event sponsored by PTA and CIPCF. Students from Azevada performed a traditional Indian dance and Kennedy High School dance clubs entertained the crowed with a Hula and Bollywood dance. The fun-filled night ended with the Azevada  students rocking to Jingle Bell Rock led by Coach Defranco.

by Jeff Bowen, CIPCF Trustee President

2018 marks the 8th year that the Mandarin Immersion program at Azevada has been in existence. Over these eight years, the program has had tremendous growth with parent and community support.

With gratitude to Wei-Lin Tong and her parents, Professor Ling Chi Wang  and Linda Wang who started working
two years prior to getting FUSD approval to establish a Mandarin Immersion Program in Fremont. I personally want to thank you for your perseverance and guidance. Wei-Lin was the first CIPCF president and  has spent the last five years shaping a vision for the program as President of the CIPCF Trustees.  I also want to thank Flo Moscon, for her service for the past 5 years as a trustee.

We’ve come a very long way since our first Kinder class in the 2010-2011 school year. We now have two classes each in K through 5th grade, and one 6th grade class at Azevada Elementary, plus one 7th grade class at Hopkins Jr. High. There were more than enough families on the waiting list to start a 3rd Kinder class this year, if only there was room available.

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Bowen. I'm a parent of a 3rd grade MIP student. I worked with Wei-Lin and her family to get the MIP program off the ground eight years ago.  Along with Wei-Lin's family, my wife June, and I co-founded CIPCF.  I was the first CIPCF secretary; have served as a trustee for the past two years; and started the Azevada math club. 

In my tenure on the board, my hope is to continue to build upon all that we have started.  Our program has metamorphosed from a vision into reality. We have overcome many challenges and have learned from them.  I will work with your elected  officers and trustees to continue strengthening the program.

There is still work to be done.

Short Term Goals
  • Continue to work with the district in ensuring that both 7th and 8th grades are properly staffed and supplied with adequate teaching material. 
  • Encourage the district to hire a specialized MIP coordinator  who will  work with the teachers on developing curriculum  for a smooth academic transition to upper grade levels and success of the program.  This is a crucial position to the success of our program.
  • Ensure that our MIP program meets the grade level standards being developed by our teachers and district staff.
Long Term Goals
  • Expand the MIP elementary program with a 3rd kinder class. Discussions have been taking place over the past year on ways to grow the program.
    • Possible utilization of reclaimed classroom space at Azevada when the 6th graders move to Walters/Hopkins and converting the underutilized computer lab back to two classrooms.
    • House the MIP program at two locations
  •  High School continuation 
    • Provide input on whether the program should be housed at one school or  to have the equivalent courses be available at each student's home school (currently Kennedy is the only high school that is not offering AP or advanced Chinese classes.
  • California Bi-Literacy Seal: Ensure that our MIP graduates are offered  the opportunity to receive the seal 
Strategic Goals
The board advisory role taken on by Mayor Lily Mei is still evolving
  • Encourage the city and district continue to work closely together, addressing issues such as student population growth and the lack of adequate facilities. Fremont will need more schools and/or school space very soon.
  • Create awareness of the MIP program – promoting the long term benefits of being multi-lingual and spreading the word about the popularity and success of the FUSD Mandarin program.
  • Continue to work with other Mandarin Immersion Programs in both the Bay Area and State of California, to share experiences and network with potential new teachers and getting exposure to different curriculum ideas.

I would personally like to encourage more parents to become involved in the program. It takes a village to raise a child… so it certainly takes more than a handful of dedicated parents to help educate them. Please consider attending our monthly meetings, and if you have time, please volunteer when and where you think that you could help. Anything you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Bowen


What's coming up

2nd Annual
Poetry Recital Contest

Friday, June 1st, 6-8:30 PM
  • Open to MIP students (K-7)
  • 2 poems: one designated
  • Judges include Dr. Shao & Ivy Wu
  • Mayor Lily Mei & Councilman Raj Salwan will attend
Also needed are kids to perform while tallying the scores.  Please contact Yung-Pei Choy 

CIPCF  T-shirts Available on Amazon

Our CIPCF T-shirts can be individually ordered anytime!
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  • Prices from $17.99 (basic) to $19.99 (premium)
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Design our next T-Shirt
CIPCF is looking for new designs for next year!
  • All entries must be original creations
  • Entries must be received online by May 1st
  • Entries may be any of the following art file formats: .AI, .JPG, .PDF, .PNG or .PSD
  • Ideally Azevada & Hopkins included
  • Winning designs will be property of CIPCF. You agree to sign assignment and release forms.
  • Prize: Free t-shirts for everyone in family!!!
  • Winner(s) will be named  at the June 5th meeting. May pick more than one entry as winners

Your 2017-2918 Donations Dollars at Work

With your gracious and generous support, CIPCF  raised nearly $28K this year in parent donations to benefit your child in the following ways:

2018 School Year
Cultural events - $600
New classroom equipment/furnishings - $8,500
Classroom enrichment - $900
Teacher Dream List - $5,000
School Library - $400

2017 School Year
24 Computers (Chromebooks) for the classroom
Charging stations with locks
Replaced obsolete equipment
Voice amplifiers
25 sets of dictionaries

Community Programs School Programs
Click the activity to volunteer.  
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