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MIP Students Excel in 2nd Annual Chinese Poetry Recital Contest
Judges from left: Dr. Li-Ling Chen, Ms. Ivy Wu, Dr. Yang Shao. Assisted by Brian Lee, Cleo Lu

Below: Mayor Lilly Mei and students reciting poems
On June 1, 2018, more than 40 MIP students from K-6th grade honed their Mandarin speaking skills to compete in MIP’s 2nd annual poetry recital contest. Families, students, and teachers gathered at the multi-purpose room at Azevada Elementary to listen to the students recite famous Chinese poems.
The Judges were School Board president Dr. Yang Shao, FUSS President Ivy Wu, and Cal State East Bay Professor of Chinese Linguistics Dr. Li-Ling Chen, evaluated each student’s recitation. Mayor Lily Mei and Councilman Raj Salwan attended as special guests.

While the scores were tabulated, the audience was treated to musical performances by our MIP students. Each participate was given a certificate of participation.

Amanda, a 2nd grade student,
“ I love the poetry recital because it’s fun and it makes your Chinese better. You even get to meet the mayor because she attends. And, if you want to, you can take a picture with her. I even got to sit next to her during the recital and take a picture with her.  If you win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, you win a trophy. Even if you don’t win a trophy, you still get a certificate and a HOMEWORK PASS!”

Dr. Yang Shao,  Fremont School Board President
 "This is my second year judging the poetry contest and it's an honor. The students' capacity to remember the poems is wondrous and I am impressed by their performance and great effort.

This event  is a great opportunity to celebrate the students' academic success in the program, which I will continue to support. Thank you to the students, teachers and parents for putting on such a good event. I look forward to seeing the program grow and hope to be back next year."

Participants included: Bella C., Erica C., Bentley C., Ayla K., Galen L., Westlee R., Clayton S., Abby W., Micah Y., Julia Y., Ian C., Megan H., Chloe H., Madeline K., Jason L., Dominic P., Jed T., Lily W., Josephine C., Michael H., Amanda L., Lionel L., Joshua O., Lauren S., Mabel T., Valerie B., Deborah C., Allison C., Sammy G., Kira LS., Catherin M., Aleana O., Jocelyn W., Joyce Z., Chris A., Emily C., Ethen H., Alison L., Kevin Y., Cindy S.

This year’s winners are:

 In the kindergarten category

  1. Micah Y./Bella C.
  2. Westlee R.
  3. Abby W.
In the first grade category
  1. Chloe H.
  2. Jed T.
  3. Dominic P.

In the 2nd- 3rd grade category
  1. Michael H.
  2. Josephine C.
  3. Amanda L. 
 In the 4th-5th grade category
  1. Jocelyn W.
  2. Sammy G.
  3. Catherine M.
In the 6th-7th grade category
  1. Ethen H.
  2. Emily C.
  3. Kevin Y.
From our CIPCF President
2017-18 School Year-  Adjourned

Submitted by
Brian Lee
Hello MIP families:

Amazingly the school year is almost over. As we get ready for the summer, I would like to use this opportunity to give everyone a status report on our program.

This year we saw the expansion of our program into junior high at Hopkins. This marks an important milestone for us, as we became one of only a handful of programs that offer Mandarin immersion from K to 8. Of course, the rollout at Hopkins had some unexpected challenges, specifically with respect to the Social Studies curriculum materials. But I am proud to say CIPCF, led by parents like Cleo Lu, and in collaboration with our teachers and administrators, played an instrumental role in bringing Professor Dai and her team on board to help overcome the curriculum issues. When I spoke with some of the 7th grade parents, many told me that their kids were doing well and enjoying their studies at Hopkins.

 As we enter the summer, CIPCF will continue to work with Professor Dai and her team of volunteers to prepare the materials for our 8th grade US History class, so the new junior high teacher will not have to start from scratch, like Chiu Laoshi had to do.

I am also glad to report that the District has agreed to hire a teacher on special assignment (TSA) to work with our teachers to help coordinate the curriculum of our program. This is a significant development. The fact that the District does not have someone with Mandarin proficiency and language immersion expertise has long been a problem for our program, as evidenced by the difficult rollout at Hopkins this year. Hopefully, a TSA can provide much needed reliefs in that regard. The new TSA can also work with our teachers to further develop our program. When I talked to teachers and administrators of other immersion programs, it was clear to me that our program cannot continue to thrive under the existing structure. For too long our teachers have had to work on their own, without much guidance from the District and without much awareness of what other immersion schools are doing to improve their programs. We are hoping that a new TSA can take the burden off the teachers and to make sure that our program will continue to evolve to keep up with the other immersion programs in the Bay Area.We have been demanding a program coordinator like the TSA for a long time, and finally this year it is happening. 

We want to thank Dr. Rocha for advocating for us to obtain the funding for this position from the Department of Education and for working with us to address the many issues we raised with the District this year. We also want to thank School Board Trustees Larry Sweeney and Dr. Yang Shao, whose unwavering support for our program and persistent follow-up and attention to these issues played an important factor in driving the District’s responsiveness to our demands.

Focusing on academic programs at Azevada, I want to congratulate the Math Club for having another successful year. Technically, Math Club is not a CIPCF-sponsored program, but it is led and staffed entirely by our parents like Jeff Bowen, Thomas Liang, Mimi Fang, and Katie Chin, so I sort of consider it as an extension of our program. Many of our students benefited from Math Club, which focused on problem solving skills. I encourage more parents to sign their kids up next school year and volunteer to be a coach at Math Club. We are also thinking about starting a “Writing Club” to help improve our students’ writing skills in English. If you are interested in helping out, please contact me.

In this school year we also launched a lot of first-time events and programs. For the first time we celebrated the Moon Festival. That event broke records in terms of attendance. We were prepared for 250 people to show up and ended with 350 and maybe 400. The highlight of the evening, at least for me, was our adorable kids singing Theresa Teng’s The Moon Represents My Heart. I want to thank JoJo Chu for teaching them that wonderful classic!

We also collaborated with the PTA to host our first “Holidays Around the World” before Christmas and the first Multicultural Night in March. One of our missions is to teach our students to be global citizens, and we wish to continue to work with the PTA to sponsor at least one multicultural event next school year. Thanks to June Yee, we also launched our first buddy program, connecting new parents with experienced ones.  Of course, June also launched our very first newsletter, The Dian Xin Digest! All of these are all meant not only to enrich our students’ educational experiences, but also to help build a strong sense of community among us.

We also had another successful direct donation campaign, raising over $35,000. With the money raised, we were able to fund all of our teachers’ requests for classroom supplies, technologies, and materials. We bought over 30 chromebooks so we now have at least 8 in each class in all grades (except junior high). We bought secured storage units for the chromebooks and more iPads for the classrooms. We also bought more Chinese books for the library based on our librarian’s request and paid for the use of iChinese Reader, which our teachers have now incorporated into their curriculum and which our students can access even during the summer so they can keep up with their Chinese learning.

We also worked with the PTA to jointly pay for the replacement of a broken poster printer and are working with Principal Diamond to update the signage around campus to include Chinese, so our campus will be a truly bilingual environment when the kids return to school this fall.

Finally, I want to say goodbye to one of our two fifth grade teachers, Ms. Nix, who I understand is moving to Oregon. Ms. Nix is beloved by our students and parents, and I want to thank her for her dedication and many contributions to the program. I also have good news to report. As many of you already know, Huang Laoshi is expecting the arrival of a baby later this month! Huang Laoshi has led the effort among our teachers to update the curriculum and has worked tirelessly with the District to help out with the seventh grade situation. Before I found out she was pregnant, I asked her privately if she could help out with the development of the 8th grade US History curriculum materials if no one else could do it. She agreed, even though she knew she would be busy with a new baby. I am floored by her dedication and passion for our program.

Despite the many challenges, we really had a wonderful year. We couldn’t have done it all without the dedication and hard work of the parents who offered their time, energy, and resources for the benefit of all students in the program. You probably know who they are. Please give them a nice pat on the back when you see them. None of us are paid to do any of this. We do it because we care about kids’ education and want to do our part to make a difference. We hope more of you will join us next school year. On that note, I will bid you all farewell. Please enjoy your summer, and I look forward to seeing you in the fall!

Brian Lee
CIPCF President
CIPCF Parents Coach
Azevada Students to

Math Olympaid's Top 2%, Internationally
Earlier this year, our Azevada Math Club students participated in the Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) International Math Competition. More than 170,000 students from over 30 countries competed.

Our students performed EXTREMELY well! We had six students finish in the top 10%. Two of the six finished in the top 2% of all competitors! 

We couldn't be any prouder of our students and our school!

Congratulations to:

Jonathan T 
Joyce Z
Deborah C
Leon H
Dylan H
Mei W
From our Board President
Paying it Forward & the Summer Read-A-Thon

Submitted by
Jeff Bowen
When we started the Mandarin Immersion Program back in 2010, one of the school board members stipulated that the parents would have to pay for many of the classroom materials typically paid for by the school district. It wasn't until a few years later that the superintendent agreed that paying for these materials was the district's responsibility.

We call these parents and students our 'Pioneer Class'. Confronting the challenge of starting an immersion program during the 2010 economic downturn, the parents took out their checkbooks and bought the kindergarten carpets, books, book cases, supplemental teaching materials, easels and school supplies, which are still being used in our children's kindergarten classes. They paved the way for all of the classes that followed them. The teachers were developing the curriculum as they went along, refining and perfecting it based on the experiences of our Pioneer Class.

The expansion on to 7th grade at Hopkins was definitely not an exception to the previous 8 years. In many respects, it was probably the most difficult of all of the years for the program. In spite of our (CIPCF) concerns and attempts to have some oversight into the development of the 7th grade curriculum, the students started the school year without any text books for one of their two classes.

CIPCF parents came to the rescue by establishing a relationship between the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and FUSD. Middlebury students  (and their professor) agreed to create and provide the majority of teaching materials for our 7th and 8th grade classrooms. The district initially pushed back by making some unreasonable stipulations, but eventually agreed to accept the material and pay a small stipend to the contributors for their effort.

This is where CIPCF (all of the MIP students and families) can PAY IT FORWARD.

We will be holding a Read-A-Thon over the summer, hoping to raise at least $5000 to contribute towards the curriculum development effort.

Much like the Jog-A-Thon that Azevada has held the past several years, we ask that each student get pledges from their family and friends for each book that they read over the summer.

CIPCF will match the first $2500 that is raised. So if there are 311 MIP students at Azevada , we ask that each student raise $10  to reach and exceed our goal. As a further incentive, every participant will receive a small gift. The biggest fund raiser at each grade level will also win a trophy.

Everyone in the MIP program owes our gratitude and thanks to the Pioneer Class. It is through their struggles and willingness to take a chance in starting the program, that we are as successful as we are today.

Jeff Bowen
CIPCF Co-Founder and Trustee President

Pledge sheets are going home in the Friday folder or you can download it by clicking here.
7th and 8th Grade Update

Submitted by
MIP Jr. High Task Force 
Wei-Lin Tong, Co-founder, Former Trustee Pres |  Keith Koo, Former Trustee
Greetings fellow CIPCF parents,

It's hard to believe that the first jr. high year at Hopkins is almost at an end.  Here are a few key updates:

1) FUSD has come to an agreement with Professor Dai of the Middlebury Institute and her team that they will work over the summer and into the next school year to provide all but two chapters of the US History curriculum for 8th grade. 
 2) Ms. Chiu, the current 7th grade teacher at Hopkins, has chosen not to continue in the MIP.  We thank her for her dedication and hard work in establishing MIP in Jr. High! 
3) The 0.8 FTE position for a Mandarin Immersion teacher for 7th and 8th grade has been posted and we have several qualified candidates in the applicant pool. 
4) High School - FUSD currently does not have any plans to have the MIP continue into high school. The default is that all Jr HIgh MIP students will take an assessment test to see what level of Chinese they will map into for their future high school with the goal to take AP Chinese in their freshman year. 
Multi-Cultural Night

In March we had our first ever Multicultural Night, a celebration of our diversity on campus, co-sponsored with the PTA. Approximately 300 people came to the event. Many brought foods reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the families in our community.
Attendees feasted on dishes from different countries – China, Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Italy to name a few. The entertainment was equally impressive. We had Bollywood dancing by a pair of Azevada third graders, as well as singing of traditional Chinese New Year songs by our MIP students.
A dozen or so of our MIP students also performed The Flower Drum Dance --- choreographed by none other than yours truly! The dance routine has been performed by our students for almost three years in many different occasions. It’s a true classic! (Just kidding!).

A trio of high school students from Kennedy High performed the Jarabe, Mexico’s traditional folk dance. The kids were dazzled by their beautiful costumes and romantic dances. Finally, Dr. Chen (Li-Ling Chen) and her students performed the Chinese yo-yo, aka diabolo, for us. Chinese yo-yo is a popular traditional toy that originated in the Ming Dynasty. Dr. Chen and her students performed a number of tricks for the kids, tossing the diabolos in the air and catching them with ease and style. Dr. Chen even juggled multiple diabolos at the same time!
CIPCF Potluck Picnic
The theme is "Summertime Fun". Please come out, eat, and hang out with other MIP families. 

Please bring a dish to share. If your LAST NAME starts with the following letter:

A-G: Appetizer
H-R: Entree 
S-Z: Dessert

Please bring the listed dish (enough to feed 2 families) and a little card stating the name of the dish and its ingredients. Drinks will be provided.
District’s Presentation to the School Board Trustees about the MIP

Wed 6/27/18 from 6-10 pm @ the District Office, 4210 Technology Drive.

We need a good turnout!

July 4th parade on Wed 7/4 10 AM
Route from Fremont library to City Hall via Paseo Padre. A group of MIP kids will be parading and showing off our new dance moves! Come out to have a good time and go support our program!
CIPCF End of Year Picnic
Jun.8, 4PM
Irvington Community Park

School Board Meeting
Jun. 27, 6PM
4210 Technology Drive

4th of July Parade
Sign-up to join our group in the parade
Visit Hopkins' Parent Faculty Association (PFA) website at :
for student activities dates. 
Newly Elected CIPCF Officers

The CIPCF Board of  Trustees would like to extend a congratulations to our new officers:
VP, Stephanie Szeto
Treasurer, La Te
Secretary, Tina Lim
Outreach co-chairs, Ann Chen and Kathy Jun

 They will  begin their first term in the Fall 2018. 

Thank you to our out-going officers: Mai Doan, Tony Wan, Cyntia Hsu and Uyen Le. Your dedication to the program and your tireless efforts have made CIPCF stronger. Thank you for your guidance.

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