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Grace in 2020!
from Mike Gableman, Founder and Director of Mission Flight
Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord Almighty. "You will succeed because of my Spirit, though you are few and weak. Therefore no mountain, however high, can stand before [you]! For it will flatten out before [you]! And [you] will finish building this Temple with mighty shouts of thanksgiving for God’s mercy, declaring that all was done by grace alone.” [paraphrased from Zachariah 4:6-10]
Obviously, Mission Flight has faced some significant mountains this year
Mountain #1:  Our plane was totaled in February.
After a very successful initial outreach clinic in one of the mountain villages of the Huichol Indians of Nayarit, Mexico in February, our beloved Cherokee Six airplane (aka Charlie Brown) was totaled after it was struck by a goat on take off.  
Mountain #2:  The pandemic. 
The pandemic has prevented our US teams from serving in Mexico.  Our vision for Mission Flight is to provide medical and prayer support at each of our clinics to whoever needs it.  

Throughout this pandemic, I have drawn deep strength and encouragement from this passage knowing that no mountain, however high, can stand before us.  So I want to highlight eight specific ways that God's grace has prevailed this year by His Spirit, and not by our "might or power".
Grace #1.  We received a replacement Cherokee Six airplane.
Mauricio and I were the only people onboard the airplane when we struck the goat just as we were about to lift off of a dirt road from the village.  The airplane couldn't stay airborne, and after impact, we walked away completely unharmed.  Even the expensive avionics and medical equipment were unharmed.  Perhaps more importantly, and to our surprise, we were strongly encouraged by the local community and federal authorities to not let this accident stop us from coming back.  In some ways, the accident further opened doors for us to serve in this delicate region.  In addition, through the generosity of a "friend of a friend", we were able to purchase and replace this plane with another one practically identical to it.  Further, the engine block and avionics of "Charlie Brown" will be available to be installed into a second Cherokee Six.  So two airplanes will emerge out of this momentary setback!  That is GRACE!
Grace #2.  Monthly supply runs were started to provide supplies for our medical partners in Mexico.
Our volunteers and partners in Mexico have stepped up, WAY UP, to continue the outreaches without the U.S. volunteers.  Dr. Carolina Zuheill in Guadalajara, Angelina Garcia and Pastor Joel in San Quintin, and Dr. Jairo Rodriguez in Ensenada (and their teams) each continue to serve those in poverty with passion, love, and share the Gospel .  All the while, they serve with higher risk to exposure with less available resources.  Thus, Mission Flight has had to pivot and step up our supply runs to do the best we can to help keep the local outreaches going through the local volunteers.  We started "supply runs" on a monthly basis and we are excited to report that over 1,000 people have been served through this combined effort!  Of course, we long for the day in the near future when we can serve side by side with our incredible family members to the south, but for now, let's keep the supplies going.
Grace #3.  We pray for each person who receives care at our clinics.
At our clinics, every person is discretely asked if there is anything that we can be praying for them.  If so, then precious folks from the local church will pray with them and share more about Christ's love if desired.  The result is that the local church is growing and many are turning to Christ.  We are continually inspired by the life of Christ, and our mission is to be more like Him.  And because He deeply cares for people both physically and spiritually, we seek to do the same. 
Grace #4.  Our vision to serve more people continues to grow.
We have fresh vision and passion to serve the unreached people groups of the world.  This pandemic has allowed us a unique opportunity to "look up" and consider the bigger picture.  And as we commit and will continue to serve the Huichol Indians over the long-haul, we are prayerfully considering the next unreached people group that God has on His heart for us to serve.
Grace #5.  An endowment fund was established.
We have established the Mission Flight Legacy Society and are excited for the first handful of folks that are stepping up and sowing financial seeds into the endowment fund.  This "forever fund" will perpetually generate income on an ongoing basis to fuel the mission even further!
Grace #6.  Funding for a larger plane is being accomplished.
We have secured the funding for a substantial deposit on the first of our 19 seat Metroliner aircraft!  As the Air Force for any country needs a wide variety of aircraft for various missions, so do we.  Our mission, however, at least in our humble estimation, is more important!  We need safe planes to access the hardest to reach.
Grace #7.  We started a flight school.
We launched the Mission Flight Academy with the purpose to train and prepare pilots to serve the growing needs of our mission.  Mission Flight Academy also has created a general aviation flying club to create a revenue stream to help fund our outreaches and increase the fleet size. 
Grace #8.  None of our volunteers in the States or Mexico have had Covid-19. 
This really is remarkable!
So just as God promised at the beginning of the year, there is no mountain, however high, that can stand before us.  And not because we are mighty.  Ha!  Just the opposite - because He is mighty!  We have truly witnessed His grace at work, and we sincerely celebrate and declare that all this was by His grace alone!
2020 has taught us to not be afraid of mountains.  In fact, God enabled us to soar over them.
So we are genuinely excited for what He has in store for us in 2021!
Happy New Year!
Mike and the Mission Flight Family
Angelina, San Quintin, Mexico
Mission Flight has partnered with Angelina, a registered nurse, living and working in San Quintin.  She is an advocate for people in need, and a prayer warrior for those who need help.  She meets our planes when they arrive in San Quintin, and distributes the medical supplies to where they are needed.  
Covid 19 Best Practices and Protocols
Mission Flight responded to the Covid pandemic by developing "Covid 19 Best Practices and Procedures" to be used on future missions.  This document was written by a team of our medical volunteers and led by Ashley Bromely R.N., one of our volunteers in San Jose.  We were able to share it with our other partner organizations and we are happy to share this document with anyone who needs it. 

David Singer, one of our valued volunteers
David has been a dedicated volunteer since the start of Mission Flight.  Many of you probably interacted with him when you volunteered with one of our events.  He recently moved to Texas in response to a job offer.  While he is still a strong supporter of Mission Fight, he will not be available to support Mission Flight in the same capacity as before.  We wish him great success in his new job!  And hopefully we will see him at one or more future events.
Our mission and vision is to compassionately connect those in need with hope, help, & healing, whether on the ground or through the air.  We do this through our six dynamic programs (three are in the U.S. and three are international).  Which one of the six programs is closest to your heart?  Learn more and make a difference today!

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