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To sign up, add your name to the guest list in the Church Commons or call the Epiphany church office at 410-485-7654.
To pay online, go to  Enter your donation amount and select “Other” to assign your donation to “2020 Valentine’s Dinner.”
Pastor Parker’s TowerLight Message - Fruit of the Spirit - Peace
     At the Nightwatch Service here at Epiphany on New Years’ Eve, each person received a “fruit of the spirit” to work on: Faithfulness, Generosity, Goodness/Kindness, Self-Control, Gentleness, Joy, Love, Peace, or Patience.
     So, how’s it going?  You who received “peace,” have you achieved peace? Have you even tried? How does one even begin to look for peace when the world is constantly at war and seemingly always on a brink of a big one?  How do you find peace when your family is torn apart or complicated or in mourning?
“Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.  With every breath I take, let this be my solemn now - to take each moment and live each moment in peace and purity.  Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me.”
     Back in the day, I took to reading “Chicken Soup for the Soul” and I came across in there a Chinese Proverb that began, “if there is peace in the heart, there will be peace...” and ended, “if there is peace in..., there will be peace in the world.”
     I certainly wish I could bring an end to the over half a century old conflict between Israel and Palestine, or the terror caused by drug cartels in Mexico and Latin America and by those same drugs on the streets of Baltimore.  I really do.  And, who knows, maybe I can make a difference, if even just for one person.  But, our quest for peace must begin closer to home.  How do you find peace in your own life?  Is it quitting the job that’s killing you and finding one that gives you meaning?  Is it making the time in your busy schedule for yoga?  Is it making time each morning for quiet prayer and contemplation?  Is it re-kindling a friendship that has been sorely lacking in your life?
Start small, and let the peace of God dwell in you richly, name you beloved, and shine brightly on your path!

~God’s Peace,
     Pastor Parker
Small Books, Mighty Truths
Bible Study on Wednesdays @6pm

From January 8th to February 19th, we will be studying seven of the shortest books of the Bible.  This will be taught by Pastor Parker and Bishop Gohl.  Be sure to welcome back this beloved pastor of Epiphany!
            Jan 29            Haggai
            Feb 5              Titus
            Feb 12            Philemon
            Feb 19            Jude
SOUPer Bowl - February 1st
After the 5pm Chapel Service on Saturday, Feb 1, join us as we assemble friendship soup mixes.  Help us be a blessing to others and share your Friendship Soup with a neighbor in need.
An Invitation - Bring Candles to be Blessed
On Saturday (Feb 1) & Sunday (Feb 2), bring your candles to be blessed in worship.  It is Candlemas, the day we remember the presentation of Jesus in the temple, how he is a light to Simeon and Anna, and a light for the world, and that even through the bitter cold of winter, the light of Christ shines bright.  We will bless the candles in the church and any candles you care to bring.  May the candles that you bring carry the light of Christ into your home.
Meet Pat McGowan.
Last month we introduced you to Amanda McGowan.  This month meet her grandmother, Pat McGowan!  Pat is a long-time member of Epiphany.  Her family have been members of Epiphany since 1956, when her mother, Blanche Frankhouser, joined Epiphany with all her children. 
Frequently, Pat can be found around the church working very, very hard on many activities.  She organizes and sets up the Savers Fundraisers and Silent Auctions.  As a member of the Community Life Committee, she helps set-up, organize, publicize, serve and clean-up for the annual Christmas bazaar, Bag Bingo, Movie Nights and much more.  Pat orders the food and assists with set-up, serving, and clean-up of funeral luncheons. During VBS, Pat makes sure the children get dinner each night.  Generally, if there is a Fundraiser or Community Life event at Epiphany, you will probably find Pat there.  
If hearing all this makes you exhausted, be thankful for Pat’s service.  And maybe you’d like to volunteer to help her out on the next big event.  Thanks Pat, for all you do!
This is the fifth article in a series entitled “Meet Our Volunteers.”  Learn a little bit about each volunteer and understand what they do here at Epiphany.  Without their help, many things around the Church would not get done.  And if you are feeling inspired, call the office to let us know you would like to volunteer in some way. 
To contribute financially online, go to
Enter your donation amount and select from one of the accounts listed (i.e., operating expenses, building repairs, etc.) or select “Other” to assign your donation to anything special, such as flowers and use the following box specify your donation.
All contributions received through this system get processed by our Recorder, Curt Ketter, who reminds us to enter your envelope number in the street address field.  Otherwise, provide a street address so that you can receive an end of the year statement.  Thank you.
Those we pray for at home:
+ Charles Baker
+ Dorothy Duvall
+ Esther Hall

+ William & Frances Kausch
+ Bobbie King
+ Gloria Koenig

+ Lillian Malkus
+ Elizabeth Murphy
+ James Norris
+ Edna Rau
+ Bill Seidl
+ Bill Shaffer
+ Juanita Tausendschoen
+ Carolyn Yost

+ Pastor John Yost
+ Eileen Zang
Our Winter Warm Tree is Weighed Down! 
You have been so generous!

Thank you to the many people who brought in a hat or a pair of gloves and to the few people who went on shopping sprees for the sake of our neighbors, that they might be safe and more comfortable this winter.  We have been able to send gobs of gloves and hats over to St. Matthias, as well as giving them out through the Food Pantry.


Gifts for parlor windows and security system.
We are so grateful of the tremendous generosity of so many people here at Epiphany, who give not to win favor from God or mortal, but simply from the joy of caring for the church they love so much - the God-is-Love Church.  We have had the parlor windows replaced and roof work there will be done on scaffolding once we have passed Easter.  We have had the Hightman Hall windows painted. We have had a security system installed.  All of these are part of creating a safe and welcoming place for our community, to worship, to grow in faith, to gather in community, and to learn.  We have received gifts towards the Hightman Hall windows to pay that in full.  We have just begun fundraising for the security system and are hoping to receive some substantial gifts towards the nearly $530 left to be raised for that system of cameras.  And finally, we have over $6333 left to be raised for the parlor windows and roof work.
Celebrate our 80+
March Birthdays
March 28     Lois Errickson

4501 Shamrock Ave
Baltimore, MD  21206

I am the Church. You are the Church.
We are the Church together!

Stewardship Rodger Thomas & Lois Errickson

Your Offering Matters!
     Each of us here at Epiphany have an opportunity every week to give not only towards our current expenses, but also towards benevolence and long-term maintenance.  Offering made towards current supports our mission to tell the Good News that God is Love in Word and Deed!  Offering designated towards what is called “benevolence” supports Coalition of Lutherans Advancing In Mission, the needs of our community members, and most significantly the work of our synod and the whole ELCA.  Our Synod supports campus ministry, support for rostered ministers and lay leadership, and of course, ministries in transition.  Offering designated for “long-term maintenance” builds up the account that allows our property committee to care for this church building. 
     We are not asking you to fork up more money.  We appreciate your generosity.  Rather, we’d like to invite you to specify in your pledge how much of your weekly or monthly offering you’d like to go to current, to benevolence, and to long-term maintenance.  You might consider specifying 10% of your regular offering go to benevolence, 10% to long-term maintenance, and the rest to current.  There are modified pledge cards in the commons.  Though, if you’ve already completed yours, thank you, and you can give this breakdown directly to Curt Ketter (
If you have any questions, you can ask any member of council or the stewardship committee.
Thank you!
Your Stewardship Committee
Lois Errickson, Rodger Thomas, Al Nyberg, George Heidelmaier, and Bonnie Wildt

Social Ministry Michelle Bartholomew

The Epiphany Crew will be serving again at Loaves & Fishes on March 21st, so look for an update then about how you can be a part of the effort! But, they welcome volunteers every week. Just contact Pris Sicard
Food Pantry
Our food pantry serves people every Thursday 9am-11am. We are currently in need of peanut butter, jelly, and canned soup.  If you would like to make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry, please donate online or place it into the offering plate labeled “Food Pantry.” 
Are you interested in mentoring local young adults as they play basketball and form community?
The idea is to start each weekly gathering with just a brief check-in between mentors and mentees, an hour to an hour and a half of basketball, and then a regroup before sending everyone home.  This may, over time, expand to include life-skills like budgeting, making a resume, and others that you all might suggest.  We want your input, and the input of the young adults who we hope will want to be a part of this. Contact any member of the LEAD Team if you're interested. The LEAD facilitator is Gil Shelsby.

Facilities / Property Tom Kopriva

The Facilities Crew Meets every Wednesday morning at 9am. You're always welcoe to join them!

Evangelism & Outreach Claudia Morrell

Evangelism 101?
Hello and happy New Year! I am the new chairperson of the Evangelism Committee for Epiphany Lutheran Church, the God-Is-Love church. I am also new to Epiphany, so I know very little about the area, but I want to help share the Good News! With higher suicides rates, increasing drug overdoses, declining life expectancy in the U.S. for the third year in a row, I know there is a lot going in the wrong direction. I work in education, so I know there are a lot if ideas about what we need to do to solve these problems in our communities and even our own homes. Fear, anger, loneliness, and depression are overwhelming our experiences of joy and hopefulness. As the least qualified person at Epiphany (but perhaps the most audacious), I think I have the answer! Let us show and tell everyone about the Good News of Jesus Christ!
How do we do that? I have some ideas, and I bet you do too. I want to find ways to better “give faith a fighting chance” in our communities and homes.  Love has an amazing way of overcoming all things. As I think about evangelism, I ask the question, how can we give hope and help to those in need of spiritual connection? As we think about all Epiphany does to serve, how can we help others find their faith through service? 
Now to my request. I am seeking a few faith-filled people to join me in developing a plan to better connect to our community, both inside and outside our doors. I am very experienced in program management and implementation of projects, but I am new to the area and to implementing a faith-focused project. I promise meetings only once per month filled with laughter and love and a belief in the value of all voices. I pray you will hear not my voice, but God’s, calling you to his service. My hope is for new friendships and fellowship that fills a place in our shared hearts. Won’t you help me?
Please call me, stop me in church, (I usually attend the Sunday service at 9:00) leave a note in my Epiphany mailbox, or e-mail or text me…. I look forward to this journey with you!
Claudia Morrell

Children's & Youth Discipleship

Confirmation class is on Sundays, February 2nd and February 16th at 4:30-6pm. Pastor Arwyn and Deacon Doug teach confirmation class. Youth group is on 2nd and 4th Sundays, February 9th & 23rd, 4-6pm, including a dinner. This is intended for youth in 6th-12th grades. Hoss Parvizian and Amanda McGowan are the adult mentors for this.
Jr. Youth Group is on the 4th Sunday of each month, including January 26th & February 23rd, 4-6pm. This gathering also includes dinner! This is intended for those in 3rd-5th grades. Vicki Buchler is the main lead for this, with help from James Rittner and Faith Schleupner. 
Let any of these dedicated disciples or Pastor Parker know if you'd like to help in any way. Youth Group and Jr Youth Group is always looking for people to provide dinner! Marilyn Aryee is the coordinator for youth group meals. Contact her here.

Community Life / Fellowship Pat McGowan & Linda Gruzs

The SILENT AUCTION ends on Sunday, January 26th at noon.  Items will be available for pick up on/after Feb 2nd and monies are due when you pick up your items.  For more info, contact Pat McGowan at 410-262-4059.

Fellowship Hosts are needed after the Sunday, 10:30am Festival Service, especially for the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Sundays of the month.  If you can help, please call Linda Gruzs at 410-325-5216, or the church office. 

Valentine’s Dinner on Saturday, Feb 15
On the menu for a special Valentine’s Dinner: spaghetti, meatballs, bread, dessert and wine.  Please sign up by February 8.  Cost is $15 per person (kids 10 and under are free).  For more information, contact Pat McGowan 410-262-4059 or Linda Gruzs at 410-325-5216.  Guest sign-up sheet in the Commons.

Gift card donations are being collected by Diane Steimetz for the GIFT CARD RAFFLE.  As more gift cards are collected, the value of the prize will increase.  Raffle tickets cost and drawing date TBD.

The 2019 Christmas Bazaar raised $2,805.  Thank you for your time, donations and purchases!

Worship Carol Thomas

The Worship Committee meets monthly.  One of the purposes is to review our worship methods, and suggest ways in which the worship may be made more meaningful.  Members include Pastor Parker, Deacon Doug Wittich, Tom Kopriva, Henry Ferguson, Linda Gruzs, Donna Fairley, Carol Thomas, Bill Shupe, and Charlene Hellman.  Each person brings different experiences of the different worship services, so that we can consider as many facets as possible as we go about our work.  Suggestions and comments may be directed to any member.  The more details and specifics that are provided, the easier it is for the committee to address your ideas and concerns. 

Communications Loza Lee

Tower Light and Weekly email signup
If you wish to receive email versions of the weekly Herald Bulletin, the monthly TowerLight Newsletter, plus occasional special announcements, please follow these steps.
1)    Go online to
2)    Complete the Mail List Signup form and click SubmitUpon submission, you will get an email from the church with the subject “Epiphany Lutheran Church: Please Confirm Subscription”.
3)    Open the email and click on the button “Yes, subscribe me to this list.”
4)    In the confirmation window, check the box (I’m not a robot) and click Subscribe.
You have gifts to offer in fulfilling our mission to share the Good News that God is Love in Word and Deed. Consider serving on one of these committees, or other committees not listed above (i.e.: Communications, Personnel, or Finance).

1 February          Saturday
     SOUPer Bowl!     
           5PM      Chapel Service

2 February          Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship

      4:30PM      Confirmation Class

3 February          Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

4 February          Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

5 February           Wednesday 
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

6 February          Thursday 
      9-11AM      Food Pantry

7 February         Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew

8 February         Saturday
           5PM      Chapel Service

9 February         Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship

    11:30AM      Worship Cmt Mtg
        4-6PM      Youth Group

10 February         Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

11 February         Tuesday 
           9AM      Staff Meeting
         10AM      Card Club
           7PM      Council Meeting

12 February          Wednesday 
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

13 February         Thursday 
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
      7:30PM      Cedmont Community Mtg

14 February         Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew
        6-9PM      Card Club

15 February         Saturday
10AM-2PM      Epiphany @ Loaves & Fishes
        4-7PM      Valentine's Dinner

           5PM      Chapel Service

16 February         Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship
         12PM      Communications Cmt Mtg

    12:30PM      Lunch Bunch @Carrabba's
      4:30PM      Confirmation Class

17 February         Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

18 February         Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

19 February          Wednesday 
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
         10AM      Ruth Circle
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

20 February         Thursday 
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
           7PM      Pet Loss Support Group

21 February          Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew

22 February          Saturday
        4-7PM      Valentine's Dinner (Make-up)
           5PM      Chapel Service

23 February          Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship

        4-6PM      Youth Group
        4-6PM      Junior Youth Group

24 February          Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

25 February          Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

26 February          Wednesday - Ash Wednesday!
           8AM      Ashes to Go
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew

      5:30PM      Pancake Supper
                         No Bible Study
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

27 February         Thursday 
      9-11AM      Food Pantry

28 February         Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew
        6-9PM      Card Club

29 February         Saturday
           5PM      Chapel Service

1 March                Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship

      4:30PM      Confirmation Class

February 25                                                                         7pm
Critical Conversations: A Social Justice Forum hosted by CLAIM
St. John’s in Parkville
8808 Harford Rd

Topic: Housing policy – gentrification, homelessness, affordable house and terminology (Section 8). - This first gathering will be on Shrove Tuesday.  Please join us at 6pm for a Pancake Supper prior to the discussion or join us for the program at 7pm.  Call the church office (410-665-1234) to make supper reservations.
March 31                                                                              7pm
Critical Conversations: A Social Justice Forum hosted by CLAIM
Ascension Lutheran Church
7601 York Rd

Topic: LGBTQ vs traditional church doctrine
April 28                                                                                 7pm
Critical Conversations: A Social Justice Forum hosted by CLAIM
Church of the Holy Apostles
& St. Stephen in Arbutus
901 Courtney Rd 21227

Topic: Gun control, violence, community safety and police
May 26                                                                                  7pm
Critical Conversations: A Social Justice Forum hosted by CLAIM
Epiphany Lutheran Church
4301 Raspe Ave

Topic:  Public education policy, practice, and funding
Register online! Please note that Epiphany will cover part of the cost. We want to ensure that everyone who wants to go to summer camp is able to. With that in mind, if you'd like to make a financial gift to guarantee that for one or more of our young people, please reach out to Pastor Parker.

Please call the Church office (410-485-7654)
to sponsor some of our worship needs. Thank you!  

FLOWERS, Weekend Altar                               $30/week

Feb 2 > In celebration of Epiphany’s good work by a thankful member.
Feb 16 > In loving memory of Lou Forster on his birthday by his wife Doris.
Feb 23 > In memory of Charles Bullock Sr. on our 39th wedding anniversary by Fran Bullock.

FLOWERS, Weekend Chancel                           $15/week

Feb 2 > In celebration of Epiphany’s good work by a thankful member.
Feb 2 > In memory of Bud Stevens by his wife Shirley Stevens.
Feb 9 > In honor of Curt & Bonnie Ketter on their 56th wedding anniversary.
Feb 16 > In loving memory of Christopher Ackerman on his birthday by Pat & Carroll Ackerman.

BULLETINS                                                          $15/week
February & March Available
COMMUNION ELEMENTS                                   $15/week
February & March Available
Feb 2 > In memory of my dad Fred Ernst on his birthday by Shirley Ernst.

SANCTUARY LIGHTS                                          $15/month
Available for February 9, 16, 23 and March 1, 8, 15, 29.

TOWER LIGHT – God is Love                             $10/week
February 7, 16, 23, & March Available
Feb 9 > Remembering Gran & Pop McGraw with love on their wedding anniversary from the family.

FLOWERS, Wednesday Altar                            $30/week
February 12, 19, & March Available
Feb 5 > In celebration of Dave Plank’s birthday by the Wednesday Fellowship.
Feb 26 > In loving memory of Rev. Raymond C. Myers by Roland & Dorothy Smith.


In memory of my sister Roberta Buckless by Jean Israel.

In memory of John Douglas by Helen Douglas.

by the numbers

To meet the approved budget for fiscal year 2019/20,
the weekly offering needs to average $5,592.62.

Week of December 18, 2019
Wed: 91, Sat: 22, Sun 9a: 48,
Sun 10:30a: 70, 6p (Barn) 50
OFFERING:   $14,815.01
Tuesday (Christmas Eve Services):  365
4p:  202, 7p:  92, 10:30p:  71
Week of December 25, 2019
Wed: n/a, Sat: 21, Sun 9a: 40,
Sun 10:30a: 65
OFFERING:   $6,224.04

Tuesday (New Year’s Eve) 7p:   45

Week of January 1, 2020
Wed: n/a, Sat: 19, Sun 9a: 47,
Sun 10:30a: 55,
OFFERING:   $4,887.21
Monday (Feast of the Epiphany) 7p:   110
Week of January 8, 2020
Wed: 71, Sat: 27, Sun 9a: 58,
Sun 10:30a: 65
OFFERING:   $5,243.00
  • A new or gently used laptop for KidZone
  • 2-door storage cabinet with a lock
  • Funds for Parlor Windows (~$6000)
If you have any of these items or you wish to purchase any of these items, please consult with a member of the Epiphany staff to ensure it is what we’re looking for. If you make a purchase, we are glad to write an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes. Thank you for your generosity!
Puerto Rico Service Trip Summer 2020
We're helping to pull together a group of 120+ volunteers to head down to Puerto Rico this summer for the third year in a row to continue the rebuilding efforts following Hurricane Maria (and now, potentially, the earthquake).
We would love for individuals or an entire group from your faith community to participate with us.
Come for one, two, or three weeks: July 19th through August 8th.
Cost of $700, $1000, or $1300 for one, two, or three weeks.
Learn more about our multi-year partnership at
Please consider participating, and help spread the word to others!
God's peace,
Pastor Mark Parker

If you are interested, please fill out the Puerto Rico Service Trip Registration form online.
If you, or someone you know, would like to just talk or would like a visit with communion, call Deacon Rodger.

“You can reach me at 410-8520027 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
When travel, illness or other circumstances prevent 
you from attending services, you can continue to make 
your contributions through online giving. From the 
Epiphany homepage (, click on the 
Donate link at the top right. Along with supplying your 
address and payment information, you can specify where 
you want your donation to be used (i.e., current, 
benevolence or other funds). 
February 2020 serving schedules
7pm Wednesday candlelight communion

Coordinator: Pastor Fries – 410/485-7654 x104

Feb 5                          
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Rodger Thomas & Doug Wittich; Greeter: Denzil Bryce;  Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: LaCelle Lamb; Communion Presenters: Mary & Frnakie Cullen; Communion Servers:  Gayle Mueller, Bill Shupe, Steve & Anita Webster;   Altar Guild:  Susan Fogle, Charlene Hellman.  
Feb 12                       
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Doug Wittich & Sherma Quick; Greeter: Lesa Jackson; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: Carol Orth; Communion Presenters: Jerry & Debbie Most; Communion Servers:  Kevin Chaney, TJ Smoot, Becky & Alex Wright;  Altar Guild:  Susan Fogle, Ceil Welsh. 
Feb 19                       
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Ellen Krich & Lynn Pilachowski;  Greeter: Debbie Behrens; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: Rosemary Mukhopadhyay;  Communion Presenters: Daryan Lenz, Justin Shunkwiler;  Communion Servers:  Steve Fogle, Marc & Steph Rocque, Michael Topolsky; Altar Guild:  Susan Fogle, Diane Taylor.
Feb 26                       
Ash Wednesday.
  Assisting Ministers: TJ Smoot, Deacon Joseph Davies; Greeter: Hoss Parvizian; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: Alan Shephard; Communion Presenters: John & Kim Kluver;  Communion Servers: tbd;  Altar Guild:  Susan Fogle, Tom Kopriva.
Acolyte: Deborah Hansen; Bell Ringer: Carol Thomas; Chimer: Tom Kopriva; Ushers: Buddy Jones, Gil Shelsby.

5pm Saturday worship services

Coordinators: Carol & Deacon Rodger Thomas

Feb 1              
Usher: Carol Thomas; Fellowship: Ceil & Jack Welsh.
Feb 8              
Usher: Jack Welsh; Fellowship: John & Jane Cole, Jo Opitz.
Usher: Jack Welsh; Fellowship: Debbie & Bob Buckless.
Feb 22       
Usher: Carol Addison; Fellowship: Carol & Rodger Thomas.

Feb 29           
Usher:  Carol Thomas;  Fellowship: Sharon Shaffer.

Altar Clean-Up: Debbie Buckless, Cecelia Welsh.

9am Sunday worship services
Coordinator: Henry Ferguson

Feb 2              
Altar Care: Henry Ferguson; Lector: Barbara Bewley; Communion Servers: Debbie Geiger, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Salomi Bazemore, Henry Ferguson; Ushers:  Bob Horst, Buddy Jones.
Feb 9              
Altar Care: Henry Ferguson; Lector: Michelle Bartholomew; Communion Servers: Michelle Bartholomew, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Cathy Silberzahn;  Ushers:  Bob Horst, Buddy Jones.
Feb 16           
Altar Care: Henry Ferguson; Lector: Umar Abdul-Hamid; Communion Servers: Henry Ferguson, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Buddy Jones; Ushers:  Bob Horst, Buddy Jones.

Feb 23           
Altar Care: Henry Ferguson; Lector: Buddy Geiger, Mike Smith; Communion Servers: Michelle Bartholomew, Debbie Geiger; Fellowship Hosts: Henry Ferguson; Ushers:  Bob Horst, Buddy Jones.

10:30am Sunday worship services

Fellowship Coordinator:  Linda Gruzs 
Altar Care & Clean-Up Coordinator: Donna Fairley 
Assisting Minister, Lector, Acolyte Coordinator: Deacon Wittich 

Feb 2              
Assisting Minister: Tom Kopriva; Deacon: Rodger Thomas; Lector: Lois Errickson; Acolytes:  Victoria Ackerman, Martin Mackey; Communion Clean-up: Donna Fairley, Carol Schleupner; Usher Team A: Gil Shelsby, Mark Dittmar, Bill Shupe, Bill Pearson, Denise Loverde;  Fellowship Hosts: Marlene Kinlin, Kay Koepper, Carol Schleupner, Virginia Schnepf.
Feb 9              
Assisting Minister: Hoss Parvizian;   Deacon:  Doug Wittich; Lector:  Spencer Errickson;  Acolytes: Makenna Haack, Katinka Teasley;  Communion Clean-up: Linda Gruzs, Tom Kopriva, Francene Siegel; Usher Team B: Jeremy Haack, Kent Gruzs, Kevin Chaney, Pat Nemec, Larry Cheslik;   Fellowship Hosts: Francene Siegel, Irene Turner.
Feb 16           
Assisting Minister:  Lesa Jackson; Deacon:  Ellen Krich;  Lector: Kent Gruzs; Acolytes: Maria DeLong, Evan DeVincent, Ryleigh Wray; Communion Clean-up: Jane Dieter, Charlene Hellman, Susy Pfarr; Usher Team C: Al Nyberg, Rodger Thomas, Marilyn Aryee, Mike Read, Don Watson;  Fellowship Hosts: Charlene Hellman, Carol Thomas, Bonnie Wildt. 
Feb 23           
Assisting Minister: TJ Smoot; Deacon: Doug Wittich; Lector: Loza Lee; Acolytes: Michael Ferro, Chloe Peters, Katinka Teasley; Communion Clean-up: George Heidelmaier, May Heidelmaier, Aimee McGee, Shirley Stevens; Usher Team D:  Terry McGee, Leo Schleupner, Loza Lee, Virginia Schnepf, April Parvizian; Fellowship Hosts:  May Heidelmaier, Aimee McGee, Shirley Stevens.
Altar Care:  Donna Fairley, Hawa Freeman.

Looking Ahead! 

15        Lunch Bunch @ Looney's
20-22  Transformers Retreat
               for grades 6-8
21-22  3-4-5 Retreat
               for grades 3-5
28       Campus Ministries
               Trivia Night
5          Palm Sunday
10        Good Friday
12        Easter Sunday
19        Lunch Bunch
                  @ Greek Village

3          Flower Mart
10        Mother's Day Tea
Epiphany Lutheran Church
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The Rev. Christine Parker, Lead Pastor                    443/827-0124
The Rev. Duke Fries, Pastor                                     410/485-7654
The Rev. Arwyn Gohl, Support Pastor                      410/485-5750
Mr. Doug Wittich, Arch-Deacon, ossd                       443/794-0735
Mr. Rodger Thomas, ossd                                         410/852-0027
Mrs. Ellen Krich, ossd                                                410/282-3031
The Rev. John Yost, Jr., Pastor Emeritus
Ms. Lynn Sager, Office Administrator
Mr. Uriah Moore, Minister of Music
Ms. Marie Herrington, Interim Organist
Mr. Javier Nieves, Sexton
Mr. Terry McGee, Building Security Supervisor
Mr. Curt Ketter, Recorder
Miss Donna Fairley, Treasurer
Miss Amanda McGowan, Child Care Provider
Honorary Clergy: Bishop William J. Gohl, The Rev. Lee Hudson,
The Rev. Neil O’Farrell, The Rev. Kathy Rohrbach, The Rev. Susan Roy

A CLAIM Congregation of the Delaware-Maryland Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

All are welcome in this place,
without exception!

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