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What Can I Give Him?
There is almost nothing as wonderful as cozying up in blankets on a cold winter day. The contrast between the air outside, especially when snow is falling, and the warmth of blankets is so comforting.
The one thing that I prefer to this is gathering with others - for worship, for a meal, for study, for prayer, for service. And, like cozying up in a blanket on a cold day, it is more wonderful because it is in stark contrast to the isolation that can overwhelm us through winter. Yes, we have to leave the warm comfort of our homes if we are to gather, but oh the joy of gathering together in the name of the Lord our God.
In the bleak midwinter frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone
Snow had fallen snow on snow,
snow on snow
In the bleak midwinter long ago

What can I give him poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd, I would give a lamb
If I were a wise man, I would do my part
But what I can I give him?
Give him my heart
Of course, there are times when leaving the comfort of our homes is not possible, because of illness or weather. But even then, I know you each have something to offer. I know that you are remembering us constantly in your prayers.
Thank you for giving your heart into this ministry as we tell the Good News that GOD IS LOVE. You may not think you have much to offer, but your prayers, your presence, your voice raised in song, your offering no matter how large or small - it all matters.
May you each find comfort and warmth and encouragement in the Gospel as we gather together this winter. For winter may feel bleak, but we bear the light of Christ when we gather and as we are sent back out through the cold to all the world.
Thanks be to God!

~God’s Peace,
          Pastor Parker~

Entrance is free, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  No pets, outside food, or alcohol allowed.  Concession stand will sell hot dogs, popcorn, soda and other goodies.
Jan 16, 2019
Dear Council and Pastor Parker and Congregation, 

Thank you for the generous Christmas gift. It helped to purchase my spring semester texts and build my library. When I use those texts, I’ll think of you all with gratitude!

Ellen Krich
January 7, 2019
To all those generous people who contributed to the Staff Christmas Gift – THANK YOU!
It is a great joy to work here at Epiphany, and your generosity is greatly appreciated. 
Lynn Sager
December 29, 2018
To All of My Friends at Epiphany,
Thank You, Thank You and Thank You to everyone for my birthday card.
Wow! I cannot believe I am now 97 and still have so many friends. My eyesight is failing and my writing is not too good 
anymore so I asked my secretary (Shirley Ernst) to write you a thank you note. Every message written was read to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed each one while trying to put the face with your message. I think I did well too.
I have placed the card on my door along with the others so I can see it all the time. 
Thank you all so much again, and I hope God will continue to bless all of you, as He has blessed me for 97 years. God is Love and so are my friends at Epiphany.

With appreciation and love,
Esther Hall
Thank you to everyone at the Epiphany Dinner who left tips at the wine table for the Food Pantry.
Music Leadership Update

Dear Epiphany members and friends,
     At our last council meeting, our council voted unanimously to ask Vernene, our Director of Music for Festival Worship to resign. This action was not taken lightly. For a year, and in some ways far longer, our Worship and Human Resources committees have been working to produce improvements. While we are incredibly grateful for Vernene’s years of service, the council felt that the time had come to move in another direction. Many people are saddened by this decision, including those who feel this change needs to happen for the sake of our mission here at Epiphany.
     If you have questions, you can speak with me, or with Council 
President Vera Case. We will have a substitute musician for the 
next few weeks, and then an interim who is a student Peabody 
student until we determine who will provide consistent leadership. 
During this transition, the choir will take a break while we work 
through finding our path forward.
     Please pray for Vernene, for her family, and for Epiphany as we see where God is leading us.
~God's Peace,
         Pastor Parker~
Those we pray for at home:
+ Dahle & Kristine Amendt
+ Charles Baker
+ Thomas Casey
+ Dorothy Duvall
+ Esther Hall
+ Joan Horst
+ Frances Kausch & William Kausch
+ Bobbie King
+ Gloria Koenig
+ Lillian Malkus
+ Charles New
+ James Norris
+ Edna Rejzek
+ William Seidl, Sr.
+ Bill & Sharon Shaffer
+ Juanita Tausendschoen
+ Lynn Vollerthum
+ Eileen Zang
Permanent Endowment Fund Committee
A status report from the Committee Chairperson, Jeremy Haack
The Permanent Endowment Fund Committee recently met to discuss the amount of money it is contributing to the 2019 fiscal year’s budget. When the finance committee and council created the budget the Permanent Endowment Fund Committee assumed that the changes proposed for the Constitution would be accepted. The congregation did not accept the proposed revisions to the Constitution. This situation reduced the amount of the contribution that the Permanent Endowment can make to the 2019 fiscal year’s budget.
It is disappointing that there is this deficient in the contribution from the Permanent Endowment Fund. We could fret over the change in the amount of money, or we can see it as an opportunity. As the famous quote from Alexander Graham Bell goes: “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” Epiphany is fortunate to have funds such as the Colehower and the Permanent Endowment Fund to help with our mission. The reality is that these funds have become a way to meet our normal operating expenses. Typically, the purpose of these endowment funds is to provide a stream of supplementary funding to ministries and programs supported by our mission. Epiphany has an opportunity to show that the Congregation can give in a manner that will support our everyday expenses through faithful giving and stewardship. Coming out of Consecration Sunday, we trust that members want to give unselfishly as an act of discipleship as followers of Jesus Christ. We encourage everyone to progress toward the goal of proportionate and systematic giving. Faith is brought to completion through actions which tangibly express our faith (James 2).

Replacing our Air Conditioning Unit

Work has already begun to replace the ac unit which will cost $16k (incl. old unit removal).  Thanks to a generous bequest, we are able to match all gifts made to pay this off.  Please consider making a donation, that will automatically be doubled, to make sure no one melts next summer, and that we can continue to tell the Good News that God is Love in Word and Deed.  There are special envelopes in the Commons.  Thank you!
We are continuing our study of Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians through February. We try to do two chapters each Wednesday, reading small portions together and then discussing.  No previous study necessary - all are welcome. Please join us!

There will be no Bible Study on Ash Wednesday on March 6th, but we will begin our two Lenten studies on March 13th. Stay tuned!
How would you describe Epiphany to someone unfamiliar with our church?
Be sure to tag @GodIsLoveBalt
I am the Church. You are the Church.
We are the Church together!

Children's & Youth Discipleship

Mark your calendars!  Saturday, March 30th 6pm.  Epiphany will host The Baltimore Lutheran Campus Ministry’s 5th Annual Trivia Night and Silent Auction.  Calling all teams of up to 8 persons, $20/person.  Childcare available.  More info next month.
The Youth Group meets 4-6pm on the second and fourth Sunday of each month. The high schoolers went to RoadTrip down in Ocean City in January - they learned all about the prophets! The youth at the event made over 400 school kits to send all over the world, and they made five complete quilts, with 14 more in process. Check out some of the pictures below! (The combined Epiphany and Ascension groups, singing together, and then Jodi and Cal working on their sewing skills, helping to make quilts for Lutheran World Relief)
The Junior Youth Group meeting 4-6pm on the fourth Sunday of each month.
Both groups have dinner as part of their time together. If you would like to provide a meal, contact Joseph Aryee.

Community Life / Fellowship

GIFT CARD TREE RAFFLE.  Donations of any kind of gift card needed.  Starts February 3rd until the raffle drawing on June 3rd.  As more and more gift cards are collected, the value of the tree will increase.  Last year, we were able to raise $777 for Epiphany Church.  Raffle tickets cost $2ea or 3/$5.  For more info, contact Diane Steimetz (410-218-1053).

MOVIE NIGHT in Hightman Hall (Friday, Feb 15 @7:30p)
Entrance is free, but children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  No pets, outside food, or alcohol allowed.  Concession stand will sell hot dogs, popcorn, soda and other goodies.  Movie showing: God’s Not Dead (Part 1).

LUNCH BUNCH (Sunday, Feb 20 @12:30p).  Meet at Carrabba’s (7600 Belair Rd).  Sign up in the Commons or contact Pat McGowan (410-262-4059).

Evangelism & Outreach

Easter is coming and it is the perfect time to invite our neighbors and your neighbors to worship with us. Think about what neighbors you'd like to hand invitation postcards to, and if you'd be open to knocking on doors in our neighborhood.  It's a late Easter, so it shouldn't be too chilly!

Facilities / Property

You do not need any special skills to help beautify our church, just a desire to get involved in a worthy endeavor.

Social Ministry

180 meals were prepared and served at St. Matthias' Loaves and Fishes program on December 22nd by the Epiphany Team. We will serve again on Saturday, February 16th.
Food Pantry
Epiphany Food Pantry is in need the following non-perishable foods (preferably not bulk size): boxed mac n cheese, boxed spaghetti, boxed Tuna Helper, canned beans, canned fruit, canned soup, canned vegetables, jelly, pasta sauce, peanut butter. Please leave your donations in the Cloister. 

In December, 33 bags were distributed from our Food Pantry. 


We are currently able to receive less than anticipated from the Permanent Endowment by about $14,000, because the market has performed so poorly.  Please consider what you give to our shared ministry here at Epiphany, and thank you to all who give of their time and resources to our shared ministry.  See more information above.


The Worship Committee is in search of volunteers to assist as lectors, communion servers, ushers or to assist with the Altar Guild. Contact the church office if you would like to be put on the schedule for any of our worship services.
You have gifts to offer in fulfilling our mission to share the Good News that God is Love in Word and Deed. Consider serving on one of these committees, or other committees not listed above (i.e.: Communications, Personnel, or Finance).
it's all happening at epiphany!

1 February       Friday
9-10:30AM      Bulletin Crew

2 February     Saturday
           5PM      Chapel Service

3 February     Sunday 
                         Last Day for Silent Auction
           8AM      Permanent Endowment Mtg
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

      9:30AM      WBMC Worship
10AM-3PM      Christmas Train Garden
    10:30AM      Festival Worship

         12PM      Worship Cmt Meeting
           4PM      Confirmation Class

4 February       Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

5 February       Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

6 February       Wednesday 
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

7 February     Thursday 
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
           6PM      CNCS Open House
      6:30PM      WBMC Bible Study

8 February     Friday 
           9AM      Bulletin Crew
   6-9:30PM      Card Club

9 February     Saturday
           5PM      Chapel Service
      7-11PM      Private Event in Hightman Hall

10 February     Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship
        NOON      VBS Planning Meeting

           4PM      Youth Group

11 February     Monday
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

12 February     Tuesday
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

13 February     Wednesday
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

14 February     Thursday
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
      6:30PM      WBMC Bible Study

15 February     Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew
      7:30PM      Movie Night in Hightman Hall

16 February     Saturday
         10AM      Epiphany at Loaves & Fishes
           5PM      Chapel Service

17 February     Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship
         12PM      Communications Cmt Meeting
    12:30PM      Lunch Bunch at Carrabba's

           4PM      Confirmation Class

18 February     Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
           7PM      Congregational Council Meeting
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

19 February     Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

20 February     Wednesday
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

21 February     Thursday
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
      6:30PM      WBMC Bible Study

           7PM      Pet Grief Support Group

22 February     Friday
           9AM      Bulletin Crew
   6-9:30PM      Card Club

23 February     Saturday
           5PM      Chapel Service

24 February     Sunday
           9AM      Contemporary Worship

    10:30AM      Festival Worship
           4PM      Youth Group
                         Junior Youth Group

25 February     Monday 
         12PM      Herald Submissions Due
      8:30PM      AA/Al-Anon

26 February     Tuesday 
         10AM      Card Club
         12PM      Staff Meeting

27 February     Wednesday
           9AM      Building/Grounds Crew
           6PM      Bible Study/KidZone
           7PM      Candlelight/KidZone

28 February     Thursday
      9-11AM      Food Pantry
      6:30PM      WBMC Bible Study
      6:30PM      Grief & Loss Support Group


Summer Camp at Mar-Lu-Ridge

Now is a great time to scout out what camp you’d like your children or grandchildren to attend this summer.  It is reasonably priced (in fact, Mar-Lu-Ridge loses money over the summer that they then have to make up through the rest of the year). But, more importantly, it is genuine Christian Community that can really shape a child’s vision of what a life in Christ can look like.  There are awesome opportunities throughout the seven weeks of summer camp.

Give the Gift of Summer Camp.
It costs about $450 to send a kid to camp for a week (which is actually remarkably inexpensive). There, they have life-shaping experiences, in which they can truly be themselves, and can delve deeply in to faith conversations, all while having an incredible adventure – high ropes, zip line, rock climbing, skits at campfire, creative worship – and, of course, a spectacular view.  It would be such a blessing to offer families the chance to go with the church paying half, or more where there is need!

Keep in mind:
June 24-30 > Vacation Bible School at Epiphany
June 30 - July 5 > Pastors Parker at Mar-Lu-Ridge - Come Along!
July 7-12 > Mar-Lu-Ridge Day Camp at Epiphany
July 21-27 > Puerto Rico Service Trip Week 1
(must have finished 9th grade, see info below)
July 28 - August 3 > Puerto Rico Service Trip Week 2
(must have finished 9th grade, see info below)

Puerto Rico Service Trip Summer 2019

Friends, we'll be heading back to Puerto Rico next summer to spend two weeks continuing to rebuild houses and strengthen communities in the long-term recovery process following Hurricane Maria.

In 2018, we took nearly forty volunteers from around Southeast Baltimore and throughout Maryland & Delaware.  Read about one volunteer’s experience at

2019 Dates: July 21-August 3rd; come for one week or both.

Location: Based out of a Lutheran camp in Maguayo, about forty-five minutes west of San Juan.

Partner: We'll be working with Servicios Sociales Luteranos de Puerto Rico.

Agenda: A primary focus on construction work, with a secondary focus on exploring the people, culture, and environmental features of the island.

Cost: $600 or less for one week; $900 or less for two weeks.

Age: Adults of all ages, down to 14 years of age, who have already finished a year of high school.  Youth spots are limited.

Experience: Our goal is to have 50% of our crew with construction experience, broadly defined, and 50% people willing to learn and work hard.

Please send questions to Pastor Mark Parker at Lsmparker@gmailcom.  People who would like flyers, available in various sizes, also write to Mark.  We look forward to serving again this summer!

If you are interested, please fill out the Puerto Rico Service Trip Interest Form 2019 online.

For information about CLAIM (Coalition of Lutherans Advancing In Mission) events and congregations, contact Elaine Wagenfuefr at

8501 Loch Raven Blvd
Church of The Immaculate Heart of Mary
Sundays at 4pm Concert Series

Feb 10     U.S. Army Field Band Soldiers Chorus
Mar 3       "Images of Spring" - Heidi Dewally, Oboe & English Horn
Mar 31     Dedication Recital of the Church Piano

Please call the Church office (410-485-7654)
to sponsor some of our worship needs. Thank you!  

FLOWERS, Weekend Altar                               $25/week

Available: Feb 10 & Mar
Jan 6 > In honor of May Heidelmaier’s birthday by her daughter Dawn Reedy.
Jan 13 > In honor of Linda Gruzs on her birthday by her husband Kent.
Jan 27 > In honor of Martin Mackey on his 20th birthday by his grandparents.
Feb 3 > In celebration of Epiphany’s good work by Claudia Morrell.
Feb 17 > In loving memory of Lou Forster on his birthday by his wife Doris.
Feb 24 > In loving memory of Doug Bayne by his wife Elizabeth.

FLOWERS, Weekend Chancel                           $15/week

Available: Feb & Mar
Jan 17 > In loving memory of William Schmid by his family.
Feb 15 > In honor of Curt & Bonnie Ketter on their 55th wedding anniversary.

BULLETINS                                                          $15/week
Available: Feb & Mar
COMMUNION ELEMENTS                                   $15/week
Available: Feb & Mar
Jan 6 > In honor of Pastor Yost on his birthday by Dorothy & Roland Smith.
Jan 20 > In honor of Shirley Ernst’s birthday by Juanita Tausendschoen.

TOWER LIGHT – God is Love                           

Available: Feb & Mar
Jan 20 > In honor of Alex Umanetz’s birthday by his family.
Feb 10 > Remembering “Gran” and “Pop” McGraw with love on their wedding anniversary from the family.
Feb 24 > In loving memory of Doug Bayne by his wife Elizabeth.

SANCTUARY LIGHTS                                          $15/month

Available: Feb & Mar
Jan > In loving memory of Chuck King by his wife Bobbie King.
FLOWERS, Wednesday Altar                            $25/week

Available: Feb & Mar


In honor of Diane Kretzschmar’s work with the Grief Support groups by Larry Honeycutt. 
In memory of John Douglas by Cynthia Wagemann; Ed Frankhouser by Tom & Sandy Bolander; Eunice Lattik by Vallie & Lawrence Lister; Pr. Luther & Ruth Schulze by Edna Rau; Carl Rau by Sharon & Roger Karsk.

A gift by Betty Woolfenden.

In memory of Marian Sause by Shirley Ernst, Juanita Tausendschoen.

In memory of John Douglas by Helen Douglas.

by the numbers

To meet the approved budget for fiscal year 2018/19,
the weekly offering needs to average $5,368.37.

Week of December 19, 2018
ATTENDANCE:   628 (including 386 on Christmas Eve)
Wed: 100, Sat: 15,
Sun 9a: 49, Sun 10:30a: 78
Mon 4pm: 200, 7pm: 90,
10:30pm: 96
OFFERING:   $9,621.35
Week of December 26, 2018
Wed: n/a, Sat: 22,
Sun 9a: 96, Sun 10:30a: 76
New Year’s Eve Service: 7pm: 38
OFFERING:   $6,585.05

Week of January 2, 2019
Wed: n/a, Sat: 15, Sun 9a: 51,
Sun 10:30a: 66,
Sun 4p (Epiphany Service): 91
OFFERING:   $7,344.25
Week of January 9, 2019
Wed: 83, Sat: 23, Sun 9a: 12,
Sun 10:30a: 17 (Snow event)
OFFERING:   $4,630.25
Week of January 16, 2019
Wed: 72, Sat: 24,
Sun 9a: 48, Sun 10:30a: 59
OFFERING:   $4,814.00

If you, or someone you know, would like to just talk or would like a visit with communion, call Deacon Rodger.

“You can reach me at 410-8520027 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.”
When travel, illness or other circumstances prevent 
you from attending services, you can continue to make 
your contributions through online giving. From the 
Epiphany homepage (, click on the 
Donate link at the top right. Along with supplying your 
address and payment information, you can specify where 
you want your donation to be used (i.e., current, 
benevolence or other funds). 
Celebrate our 80+
December Birthdays
March 28        Lois Errickson
4501 Shamrock Ave
Baltimore, MD  21206
February 2019 serving schedules
7pm Wednesday candlelight communion

Coordinator: Pastor Fries – 410/485-7654 x104

Feb 6                          
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Rodger Thomas & TJ Smoot; Greeter: Elaine Wagenfuehr; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: LaCelle Lamb; Communion Presenters: John & Kim Kluver; Communion Servers:  Gayle Mueller, Alan Shephard, Bill Shupe, Bob Vickers; Altar Guild:  Joan Nies, Charlene Hellman.    
Feb 13                       
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Ellen Krich & Rodger Thomas; Greeter: Linda Chaney; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: Lois Errickson; Communion Presenters: Ann Fries, Karen Myers; Communion Servers:  Becky Vickers, Alex Wright, David & Jada Wright; Altar Guild:  Joan Nies, Ceil Welsh. 
Feb 20                       
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Doug Wittich & Lynn Pilachowski;  Greeter: Henry Lindsey; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: Heather Chantelau; Communion Presenters: Steve & Susan Fogle; Communion Servers:  Jill Hull, Henry & Rebecca Lindsey, Denzil Bryce; Altar Guild:  Joan Nies, Diane Taylor.
Feb 27                       
Assisting Ministers: Deacons Rodger Thomas & Doug Wittich; Greeter: Debbie Behrens; Crucifer: Chris Janson; Lector: James Rittner; Communion Presenters: Vera Case, Justin Shunkwiler; Communion Servers:  Jerry & Debbie Most, Marc & Steph Rocque; Altar Guild:  Joan Nies, Tom Kopriva.
Acolyte: Deborah Hansen; Chimer: Tom Kopriva; Ushers: Buddy Jones, Gil Shelsby.

5pm Saturday worship services

Coordinators: Carol & Deacon Rodger Thomas

Feb 2              
Usher: Carol Thomas; Fellowship: Ceil & Jack Welsh.
Feb 9              
Usher: Jack Welsh; Fellowship: John & Jane Cole, Jo Opitz.
Feb 16           
Usher: Jack Welsh; Fellowship: Pat Samios-Uy
Feb 23           
Usher:  Carol Addison;  Fellowship: Carol & Rodger Thomas.

Altar Clean-Up: Debbie Buckless, Cecelia Welsh.

9am Sunday worship services
Coordinator: Henry Ferguson

Feb 3              
Altar Care: Sandi Riffle; Lector: Barbara Bewley; Communion Servers: Darlene Russell, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Salomi Bazemore, Henry Ferguson; Ushers:  Henry Ferguson, Bob Horst.
Feb 10           
Altar Care:  Sandi Riffle;  Lector: Michelle Bartholomew; Communion Servers: Michelle Bartholomew, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Henry Ferguson, Cathy Silberzahn;  Ushers:  Bob Horst, Ray Lowrimore.
Feb 17           
Altar Care: Sandi Riffle; Lector: Marilyn Aryee; Communion Servers: Debbie Geiger, Cathy Silberzahn; Fellowship Hosts: Thomas & Joanne Ferguson; Ushers:  Henry Ferguson, Bob Horst.
Feb 24           
Altar Care: Sandi Riffle;  Lector: Todd Eibner; Communion Servers: Sandi Riffle, Kevin Russell; Fellowship Hosts: Henry Ferguson, Buddy Jones; Ushers:  Buddy Jones, Ray Lowrimore;

10:30am Sunday worship services

Fellowship Coordinator:  Linda Gruzs 
Altar Care & Clean-Up Coordinator: Donna Fairley 
Assisting Minister, Lector, Acolyte Coordinator: Deacon Wittich 

Feb 3              
Assisting Minister: Tom Kopriva; Deacon:  Rodger Thomas; Lector: Elaine Wagenfuehr; Communion Clean-up: Donna Fairley, Joan Nies, Carol Schleupner; Acolytes: Cal Adams, Martin Mackey, Daniel Mullins; Usher Team A: Gil Shelsby, Mark Dittmar, Bill Shupe, Bill Pearson, Denise Loverde;  Fellowship Hosts: Marlene Kinlin, Kay Koepper, Carol Schleupner, Virginia Schnepf;  Greeter’s Desk:  Emily Krich.
Feb 10           
Assisting Minister: Bill Shupe;   Deacon:  Doug Wittich;  Lector:  Gifty Brown;  Communion Clean-up: Linda Gruzs, Tom Kopriva, Francene Siegel; Acolytes: Victoria Ackerman, Taejoon Boykin, Makenna Haack, Katinka Teasley; Usher Team B: Jeremy Haack, Linda Gruzs, Kent Gruzs, Kevin Chaney, Pat Nemec;   Fellowship Hosts: Francene Siegel, Irene Turner, Mike & Teresa Thomas; Greeter’s Desk:  Henry Ferguson. 
Feb 17           
Assisting Minister:  Hoss Parvizian; Deacon:  Doug Wittich; Lector: April Parvizian; Communion Clean-up: Jane Dieter, Charlene Hellman, Susy Pfarr; Acolytes: Maria DeLong, Samiya Wilson, Ryleigh Wray; Usher Team C: Lesa Jackson, Rodger Thomas, Mike Read, Don Watson, Al Nyberg;  Fellowship Hosts: Charlene Hellman, Carol Thomas, Bonnie Wildt;  Greeter’s Desk:  Pat McGowan.
Feb 24           
Assisting Minister: Cal Adams; Deacon:  Rodger Thomas; Lector: Lois Errickson; Communion Clean-up: George Heidelmaier, Jr., May Heidelmaier, Aimee McGee, Emmie Shelsby, Shirley Stevens; Acolytes: Jody Aryee, Daniel Mullins, Katinka Teasley, Samiya Wilson; Usher Team D:  Terry McGee, Leo Schleupner, Loza Lee, Virginia Schnepf, April Parvizian; Fellowship Hosts:  May Heidelmaier, Aimee McGee, Shirley Stevens; Greeter’s Desk:  Dave Wagenfuehr. 
Altar Care:  Donna Fairley, Hawa Freeman.

Looking Ahead! 

6        Ash Wednesday
10      Daylight Savings Time Begins
15      Movie Night
17      Lunch Bunch
30      Baltimore Lutheran Campus Ministry Trivia Night & Silent Auction

14      Palm Sunday
18      Maundy Thursday
19      Good Friday

21      Easter Sunday
3-4     3rd-5th Grade Retreat
5        Flower Mart
17      Movie Night
21      Lunch Bunch

3        Quarter Auction
           & Gift Card Raffle Drawing
24-30 Vacation Bible School

7-12   Mobile Mar-Lu-Ridge
Epiphany Lutheran Church
4301 Raspe Avenue + Baltimore, Maryland 21206
410-485-7654 + +
The Rev. Christine Parker, Lead Pastor                    443/827-0124
The Rev. Duke Fries, Pastor                                     410/485-7654
The Rev. Arwyn Gohl, Support Pastor                      410/485-5750
Mr. Doug Wittich, Arch-Deacon, ossd                       443/794-0735
Mr. Rodger Thomas, ossd                                         410/852-0027
Mrs. Ellen Krich, ossd                                                410/282-3031
The Rev. John Yost, Jr., Pastor Emeritus
Ms. Lynn Sager, Office Administrator
Mrs. Vernene Rodgers Lenz, Festival Music Director
Mr. Uriah Moore, Minister of Music
Mr. Javier Nieves, Sexton
Mr. Terry McGee, Building Security Supervisor
Mr. Curt Ketter, Recorder
Miss Donna Fairley, Treasurer
Miss Amanda McGowan, Child Care Provider
Honorary Clergy: Bishop William J. Gohl, The Rev. Lee Hudson, The Rev. Neil O’Farrell, The Rev. Kathy Rohrback, The Rev. Susan Roy

A CLAIM Congregation of the Delaware-Maryland Synod
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

All are welcome in this place,
without exception!

Copyright © 2019 Epiphany Lutheran Church, All rights reserved.

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