March Update

At the halfway point: 60 days down, 60 to go.
It has been a busy two months and the next two promise to be even busier. Please see below for legislative updates and details on my upcoming town hall meetings across Eagle & Routt Counties.
Breaking News: Public Option Bill Passes House!
Happenings at the Capitol and Around HD26
Clockwise from top: (1) Arguing against efforts to slow down our work on lowering health care costs (click for video), (2) Steamboat Town Hall on 2/10, (3) Visiting with Eagle County teachers on the House floor, (4) meeting Frankie, a young Coloradan with Type 1 Diabetes at the TypeOne Nation conference, (5) Hayden School Board Member Tammie Delaney on the House floor, (6) Eagle Town Hall with Sen. Donovan on 2/9, (7) Basalt Town Hall with Rep. McCluskie and Sen. Donovan on 2/23.
Upcoming Town Hall Meetings
Come talk with me, hear an update from the Capitol, and ask questions.
Gypsum - Saturday, March 16th. 2:30-3:30pm Town Hall Meeting at Gypsum Library. 
Edwards - Saturday, March 16th. I'll be joining a community Town Hall to discuss the proposed Berlaimont Estates Project. Hosted by Wilderness Workshop - town hall starts at 5pm at Battle Mountain High School. Full Details.
Hayden - Saturday, March 23rd. 8:30am-10:00am at Wild Goose Coffee at the Granary.

Can't make it but still have a question or concern? Contact me and we can chat over the phone, via e-mail, or I'll schedule a one-on-one meeting with you: 

Cell: (970) 846-3054
Bills Introduced

Here a few of the bills on which I am the prime sponsor. You can see all of my bills by clicking here: Dylan's bills. 

New Bills
HB1216: Reduce Insulin Prices 
Insulin, which people with diabetes require every single day to survive has increased in price by over 700% (accounting for inflation) in the last 20 years for no justifiable reason. My bill will lower insulin prices immediately by requiring big pharma rebates to actually reach the patient, cap copays for insulin at $100 per month, and it directs the Colorado Attorney General to investigate insulin pricing in Colorado and make further recommendations to the legislature. 
Bi-partisan sponsorship: Rep. Roberts and Sens. Donovan (D) and Priola (R). 

Status: Introduced in House, assigned to House Health Committee. 
Related Video: Rep. Roberts introduces new insulin price reduction bill. 

HB1207: Winter Tire Traction Control Requirements 
Sick of sitting in traffic on I-70 due to motorists not being equipped with the proper tires for the weather? So am I. This small fix to our traction laws will encourage more drivers to be prepared and reduce dangerous spin-outs and traffic jams on the I-70 mountain corridor during the winter months. 
Bi-partisan sponsorship: Rep. Roberts and Sens. Donovan (D) and Rankin (R)

Status: Committee hearing by the House Transportation Committee on March 5th. 
Related article (and new interview!): Colorado lawmakers propose stricter traction rules for I-70 driving via FOX31. 

HB1183: Automated External Defibrillators in Public Places

This was an idea brought to me by the Starting Hearts organization in Eagle County. They work tirelessly to place as many AEDs across the county as possible. This bill will allow for easier deployment of AEDs across the state and make Eagle County's work a model for the state. 
Sponsorship: Rep. Roberts and Sen. Bridges

Status: Committee hearing in House Health Committee on March 6th.

SB175: Protecting Bicyclists and other Vulnerable Road Users
This bill would impose penalties on careless drivers that seriously injure vulnerable road users like bicyclists and those in a wheelchair. 
Sponsorship: Sen. Foote and Rep. Roberts

Status: Introduced in Senate, assigned to Senate Judiciary Committee. 

SB141: Entertainment District Creation
Concerning the authority to create an entertainment district, and, in connection therewith, authorizing an entertainment district within a county or city and county and permitting an optional premises to be included in an entertainment district.
Sponsorship: Sen. Donovan and Rep. Roberts

Status: Committee hearing in Senate Local Government Committee on March 5th. 

Ongoing Bills
HB1004: Proposal for a Public Health Insurance Option 
This bill will set in place the process of instituting a state-backed public health insurance option in Colorado so that people and families purchasing health insurance on the individual market will have choice, competition, and lower prices.
Bi-partisan sponsorship: Reps. Marc Catlin (R), Rep. Dylan Roberts (D) and Sen. Kerry Donovan (D). 

PASSED the House with a strong bipartisan vote of 46-17 on Monday, March 4th. On to the Senate!  
SB004Address High-Cost Health Insurance Pilot Program
This bill will implement a state-run pilot program to allow residents of counties facing the highest health care costs to participate in state benefit plans and allow consumers to collectively negotiate rates directly with providers. Sponsorship: Sen. Donovan and Rep. Roberts

Status: Introduced in the Senate and assigned to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee; awaiting a hearing date.

HB1077Pharmacist Dispense Drug Without Prescription In Emergency
This bill is named “Kevin’s Law” in honor of Kevin Houdeshell, a young man who had Type 1 Diabetes and died because he could not get access to insulin. Five years ago, his prescription had run out and he could not get it renewed over the holidays. If Kevin’s Law is adopted in Colorado, pharmacists would be able to dispense life-saving medication in cases of emergency without a prescription. 

Bi-partisan sponsorship: Rep. Roberts, Sens. Tate (R) and Pettersen (D). 

PASSED the House and Senate UNANIMOUSLY! Awaiting signature by Gov. Polis. 
Related video: Rep. Roberts urges passage of Kevin's Law. 

HB1113Protect Water Quality From Adverse Mining Impacts
Water is our state's most precious resource and we should do everything we can to protect it and this bill is aimed at doing just that. The bill is two-fold: it firsts looks to hold new hard-rock mines accountable by prohibiting self-bonding for clean-up costs. Second, the bill requires new hard-rock mines to have an end-date for clean-up, ending perpetual, cyclical water use in clean-up efforts. Sponsorship: Reps. Roberts and McLachlan, Sen. Donovan. 

PASSED the House with a bi-partisan vote of 44-19. Scheduled for Senate committee hearing on March 7th. 
Related article: Our bill will keep Colorado waters clean via Durango Herald. 

HB1120Youth Mental Health Education And Suicide Prevention
This bill will expand access to youth mental health services and encourage additional mental health education and awareness in Colorado schools. This bill is inspired by an Eagle County High School student and several of these young women came to the Capitol last week to testify - thank you!
Bi-partisan sponsorship: Reps. Michaelson-Jenet (D) and Roberts and Sens. Coram (R) and Fenberg (D).

PASSED the House Public Health Committee, awaiting hearing by House Appropriations. 

SB071Child Hearsay Exception
This bill amends the statutory exception to the hearsay rule allowing a child's out-of-court statement to be admissible in court if: (1) a child under the age of 13 is the alleged victim in a criminal proceeding; or (2) if the child describes all or part of an offense of unlawful sexual behavior in a criminal proceeding. This is a small but important change to ensure that child victims are better represented in criminal proceedings.
Sponsorship: Sen. Fields and Rep. Roberts

StatusPASSED Senate and House. Awaiting signature by Governor. 
Other Topics at the Legislature
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