Florida Police Officers Bill of Rights

One of the most fundamental aspects of the United States Constitution is known as the Bill of Rights--the first ten amendments to the document. Accordingly, the Bill of Rights are held in the highest regard as granting us, as citizens of this country, inalienable rights. Such rights include the right to freedom of religion and expression, a fair and speedy trial and the right to representation in court.

Amazingly enough, Florida has enacted a special bill of rights--but not to their citizens--but rather a certain occupation within it's state. The Law Enforcement Bill of Rights is a comprehensive statute that enumerates several special protections to the police all across the state.

As police accountability activists, this bill of rights poses a number of problematic features which are inhibiting a true state of police accountability within our cities and counties.

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Control The Patrol 

We've been actively engaging those in power to make serious changes to the way we police locally. This is part of the larger, national conversation on policing. We are working toward community policing and accountability: starting with community based solutions.
  • Body cameras that are actually regulated to hold police accountable and not serve as a tool of surveillance.
  • Sensible use of force policies that prohibit chokeholding, unnecessary force and require officers utilize de-escalation and non-violent tactics first. 
  • Cultural competency training, provided by representatives within the actual communities. All members of the community should have a say in how they are treated and recognized.
  • Annual implicit bias training provided by an outside provider to train police on their biases
  • Autonomous, independent, civilian and investigative review panels that have the full power to subpeona and investigate police, create disciplinary action and protect the public.
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