A Note from Linda:

          It rained this week. I was looking for something in my closet and wondered, what is that noise? It's been that long. I stepped outside and was instantly struck by rain's sweet aroma, a cleansing, a quenching of something parched deep within, a smell of hope and renewal.
          The rain came as we marked another September 11th—a day seared in the memory of most of us. For a new generation it will be like Pearl Harbor Day seared in the memory of my mom and dad, something I appreciate and honor, but only second hand, not the visceral, cellular memory. For some things, you just have to be there.
          Oddly, the soul quenching smell of rain lives side by side with September 11th, life's terrible and beautiful tapestry: the life-death-life cycle, regeneration, healing, and hope rising, always rising as life's mystery unfolds, the arc of the mystery always bending toward hope, toward renewal. That's our faith. That's our Good News. And yet, you have to be there, be there and participate in the fullness of life to experience that arc, that Good News, be present with others because the fullness of life only happens in relationship, only happens when we are there for each other to bear witness of hope and renewal when those are the last things that seem present or possible.
          I hope you will be there this Sunday as we resume our inquiry into what constitutes a flourishing life. The inquiry resists simplistic answers. Rain brings death in the Bahamas, life in Central Texas, life on a day we remember so many deaths. The tapestry of life.  What does a flourishing life look like in the midst of that?  I suspect it has something to do with being there for each other, reminding each other that when summer's heat or life's challenges seem loathe to loosen their grip, the right amount of rain, a vivifying rain, will come and oh, how sweet it will be.
  • Chair Yoga this Sunday at 9:30 am in the Chamber Library.

  • Quest Class begins again this Sunday at 9:30 in the Boardroom.

Mark Your Calendar:

Sunday, Sept 15:

9:30 am: Quest Class Resumes
9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  

Sunday, Sept 22:

9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  

Monday, Sept 23:

12:30 pm: UCOG Men's Group 

Tuesday, Sept 24:

10:00 am: Book Club meets

Thursday, Sept 26:

3:30 pm: The Lively and Divine Mythical Stories - See Below

Sunday, Sept 29:

9:30 am: Chair Yoga
9:30 am: Quest Class
10:30 am: Sunday Service  
12:30 pm: 5th Sunday at Carol Light's House

Remembering Joan Chalfant-Kiesewetter 

Let it be joyfully known that Joan Chalfant-Kiesewetter, born on November 7, 1933,  former resident of Sun City, finished her time here on earth and entered eternal life on September 10, 2019. Though we had not seen Joan at church in several years, she was a much loved member of our church and we cherish our memories of her. 

All who know her are invited to come together at Ramsey Funeral Home,  5600 Williams Drive for a Remembrance Service to be held at 2:00 p.m. Monday,  September 16, prior to her cremation, to celebrate her life, thank God for the gift of her life and the joy and exuberance with which she shared her life with those she met along the way.  

Sister Mary Pat and Joan’s children wish to extend their thanks to all who assisted her in the last few years of her life at Wesleyan Memory Care and Rocky Hollow Lake House under the watchful eye of Kindred Hospice.  Please, no flowers.  Her charity of choice is Santa Rosa Catholic Church, 6570 FM970, Florence, TX 76527.  May she Rest In Peace!

The Lively and Divine Mythical Stories

Thursdays, September 26 – November 14 (October 10 and 31 will be skipped) at 3:30 pm

Ann Kennedy and Pam Braunig are happy to present The Lively and Divine Mythical Stories, a six-week class featuring mythical insights from Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, at 3:30 on Thursdays beginning September 26th. The cost of this program will be $60 for all six weeks, including a love donation to Unity Church of Georgetown.

Myth is a metaphor and the imagery is symbolic of spiritual powers within us. Myths do not come from a concept system; they come from a life
system. The class will be more than a presentation of fascinating stories. They will be a vision of a richer inner life available to anyone willing to go
on the initiatory adventure within us.

A signup sheet and directions to the location are on the information table in the back of the Sanctuary on Sunday morning.  For more information, contact Ann 

Spiritual Education Classes Online


Cathy Schwanke, LUT will be teaching "Unity Prayer"
Mondays, Oct. 7 through Nov. 4th at 7 pm

Affirmative meditative prayer is at the heart of the Unity spiritual path. The Unity way of prayer is ultimately aimed at the experience of the Divine and Realization of the practitioner’s Divine Potential. Along the way, there are practical benefits, including guidance, healing, and abundance. In this course, students are introduced to Unity’s Five-Step Prayer Process and supported in developing their daily prayer practice.

Learn more at Cathy's website

Fun and Fellowship Meeting

October 13th after Service in the Chamber Library

Please join the fun and fellowship team for a planning meeting, Sunday, Oct. 13th after Service.  This team plans all the events for our congregation.  If you would like to be a part of the Fun and Fellowship Team, meet us in the chamber library on the 13th.  We would love your input!

New Member Class

October 13th & 20th after Service

This two day class will include:

  • An overview of Unity Georgetown’s history and information about the various activities of the church. These presentations will be led by our prayer chaplain team leader, angel team leader, Board members, and many other members of our church. These presentations offer a great overview of all that is happening in our church and the ways in which you can get involved. 
  • The class also includes an exploration of the history of New Thought and Unity History. This exploration is led by Cathy Schwanke, LUT.
If you are new to Unity, attendance at  both sessions of this new member class is required to become a member of Unity Church of Georgetown.

If you are currently a member of another Unity Church and would like to transfer your membership to UCOG, you may attend just the second class.

Register Here for the New Member Class and are new to Unity.

Register Here if you are Transferring your Membership and only need the second class on October 20th

The Bucket of Hope: Final month to support The Caring Place 

This is the final month in this quarter to support The Caring Place.   The Caring Place provides financial assistance, clothing, food, financial training, and many many more services.

The Caring Place has requested the following items:

Toothbrushes - Toothpaste - Deodorant - Cereal of all kinds

We now have an ongoing collection for the Ronald McDonald House.  You can help support the Ronald McDonald House by collecting the little tabs you pull to open soda, soup or other aluminum cans. The funds generated from recycling these aluminum gems help offset the House's expenses such as their electric bill. There is a jar on the Bucket of Hope table in the back of the Sanctuary to deposit your tabs.   

Feb. 21-26, 2020 - 5 day Cruise leaving from Galveston!

$100 Holds your space!  

Deadline to register is September 30th.

Register Here 

Ocean-view cabins are full!   We’ve got an impressive 21 passengers booked across 11 cabins!

Upcoming Events!

September 29th - 5th Sunday at Carol Light's House
October  13th & 20th - New Member Class
October 27th - Dan's Concert!
November 3rd - Annual Meeting
November 17th - Lunch and Learn:  EFT with Cathy Schwanke
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
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