• Choir Practice at 9:15 am
  • Chair Yoga at 9:30 am
  • Bucket of Hope items needed for the William County Children's Advocacy Center: Chips, goldfish crackers, cookies, nuts, anything you think a child would like

A Note from Linda:

I can't resist the urge to share the following by the novelist and theologian Fredrick Buechner. I wince a bit at Buechner's use of the male pronoun for the word "preacher," but grant it to him this time, because Buechner was a preacher, male, and the following is more than a bit autobiographical. It is also universal and speaks eloquently to one aspect of flourishing life we have been attending to the last couple of weeks: that in the last analysis all moments of our lives are key moments, and life itself is grace, that flourishing life is revealed in the day-to-day events—where else would it be revealed?

"Out of the Silence"

an excerpt from
Telling the Truth, The Gospel as Comedy, Tragedy, and Fairy Tale,
by Fredrick Buechner
          The preacher pulls the little cord that turns on the lectern light and deals out his note cards like a riverboat gambler. The stakes have never been higher. Two minutes from now he may have lost his listeners completely to their own thoughts, but at this minute he has them in the palm of his hand. The silence in the small church is deafening because everybody is listening to it. Everybody is listening including even himself. Everybody knows the kind of things he has told them before and not told them, but who knows what this time, out of the silence, he will tell them?  
           Let him tell them the truth. Before the Gospel is a word, it is silence. It is the silence of their own lives and of his life. It is life with the sound turned off so that for a moment or two you can experience it not in terms of the words that make it bearable, but for the unutterable mystery that it is. Let him say, "Be silent and know that I am God, says the Lord" (Psalm 46:10). Be silent and know that even by my silence and absence I am known. Be silent and listen to the stones cry out. 
           The preacher is not brave enough to be literally silent for long. Even if he were brave enough, he would not be silent for long because we are, none of us, very good at silence. It says too much. So let him use words, but, in addition to using them to explain, expound, exhort, let him use them to evoke, to set us dreaming as well as thinking, to use words at their most prophetic and truthful. Let him use the words the prophets used to stir in us memories and longings and intuitions that we starve for without knowing that we starve. Let him use words to hear the questions we ask or ought to ask, to hear the questions we do not have words for asking, to hear the silence from which those questions rise and the silence from which the answers come. Drawing on nothing fancier than the poetry of his own life, let him use words and images that help make the surface of our lives transparent to the truth that lies deep within them, which is the wordless truth of who we are and who God is and the Good News of our meeting.
Our condolences and hearts go out to the family and friends of Pat Armour who made her transition this week. Pat was a valued member of our church who brought with her a cheerful smile and upbeat countenance every time she entered our sanctuary. She was a much-treasured member of our choir, a dear companion to our beloved Mike Bailey, and related in marriage to Dona and Jerry Holloway. We have no further details at this time, but will relay them, as they become known.

Mark Your Calendar:


Wednesday, Oct 30:

6:30 pm: Choir Party and Practice at Bettie's Apt. Complex

Sunday, Oct 27:

9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  
12:00 pm: Dan's Concert See Below

Monday, Oct 28:

12:30 pm: Men's Group Power Hour - More Info

Wednesday, Oct 30:

6:30 pm: Choir Party and Practice at Rebecca’s house 6-9

Sunday, Nov. 3:

9:15 am Choir Practice
9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  - New Member Sunday
12:00 pm: Potluck and Annual Membership Meeting - See Below

Sunday, Nov. 10:

9:15 am Choir Practice
9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  

Sunday, Nov. 17:

9:15 am Choir Practice
9:30 am: Chair Yoga
10:30 am: Sunday Service  
12:00 pm:  Lunch and Learn - Holiday Heros - Be Unscamable 

Dan's Concert and Lunch 

The time to purchase tickets for the BBQ lunch portion of the event has unfortunately passed.  BUT, feel free to come with a brown bag lunch and enjoy the wonderful music Dan will be providing.  If you feel inclined, please bring a dessert to share.  

UCOG Annual Meeting and Potluck

Nov. 3, 2019, after Service

Come participate in this year's Annual Meeting.  We were a little lean on main dishes for the last two Potlucks, please consider bringing a main dish to share. 

We will be voting on the following:
  • Two open Board positions. Lizabeth Sackett and Dean Saulmon have stepped forward to run for the two open positions on our board. These two candidates have been vetted and approved to run by our UCOG nominating committee.  Read all the Bio's HERE
  • Approval of the appointment of Dave Jenks who was appointed to fulfill a vacant slot on the board. 
  • Approval of the newly revised Bylaws which have been approved by our Board of Trustees and Unity Worldwide Ministries. Thank you to the Bylaws revision team of Eugenia Koog, Trish Phelps, and Alice Cooper! Reviewing the bylaws is required every five years and is a huge undertaking. This year included the additional task of incorporating the bylaws template recommended by Unity Worldwide Ministries. To review the By-Laws or read the minutes from last year's minutes, please click on the links below. 

Proposed By-Laws

Minutes from the 2018 Annual Meeting

List of the By-Law Changes

Holiday Hero - Be Unscammable!  Lunch and Learn

November 17th at Noon presented by Christopher Schwanke

We have all gotten emails from Nigerian princes or a call the IRS, but these turn out to be fake. Someone tried to scam you into thinking they were someone else. Either by fear or greed, the scammer wanted you to pay them money. Most of us close the email or hang up the call. But what if you believed them? How do you spot if someone you love has fallen for this trap? You can defend yourself and those close to you by becoming a Holiday Hero. Join me for my talk about the latest in scams and what to do about them.

Brunch Church is coming!

We’re planning our third UCOG Brunch Church for Sunday, November 24.  The goal of Brunch Church is to help us deepen our connection by “breaking bread” together during our Sunday service as we share ideas about spiritual topics.  There are opportunities for volunteers to serve as greeters, table hosts, provide food and table decorations and help with set up and clean up. Let Liz or Therese know by filling out the form here or see Lizabeth Sackett or Therese Finn on Sunday if you’d like to help.

Choir Practice Schedule 

Calling all singers!  All are welcome to join the Choir.

Thursday, Oct 24 @ 6:00 pm Party and Practice at Bettie's Apartment
Wednesday, Oct 30 @ 6:00 pm Party and Practice at Rebecca’s house
Sunday, Nov 3 @ 9:15 am Practice in the Boardroom 
Sunday, Nov 10 @ 9:15 am Practice in the Boardroom 
Sunday, Nov 17 @ 9:15 am Practice in the Boardroom and Performance
Thursday, Nov. 20 @ 6:00 pm Party and Practice at Rebecca’s house
Sunday, Dec 1 @ 9:15 am Practice in the Boardroom
Sunday, Dec 8 @ 9:15 am Practice in the Boardroom and Performance 

The Bucket of Hope: 

Our Bucket of Hope for October through December will be The Williamson County Children's Advocacy Center.  They support children who have suffered abuse through Family Advocacy, Counseling, Interviews, Exams and Outreach Trainings.  They are asking us to fill their cupboards with individually wrapped snacks for kids.  Chips, goldfish crackers, cookies, nuts, anything you think a kid would like.

We now have an ongoing collection for the Ronald McDonald House.  Keep those tabs coming!  We have filled one container so far.  Let's help them get those expenses paid. 

Upcoming Events!

October 27th - Dan's Concert!
November 3rd - Annual Meeting
November 17th - Lunch and Learn:  Chris Schwanke - Be UnScammable 
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
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