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Note from Rev. Steve Bolen

"America, the Beautiful - What We Focus on Expands"

In Unity, our third principle is one that often doesn't "get the press" that it deserves. The principle is stated in several ways but simply put it is: "What we focus on expands." We often hear it as "Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind" or "The Law of Cause and Effect." Jesus in the Gospels taught, paraphrasing, "sow good seeds (thoughts and feelings) and reap what resonates with those sown seeds." Conversely, sow seeds of discontent and judgement and don't be surprised when that stuff pops up in your life. 

What does all this have to do with "America, the Beautiful?" Well, it's Memorial Day Weekend and a good time to "focus" on our Country and I feel, an especially good time to focus on what is beautiful about America and how we can apply this very Law personally to see and experience the great good all around us. The "world thinking" insists that we have to fix things "out there." But our Unity teaching says the opposite - "See it right to set it right." We live in a beautiful world but we will miss its beauty if the clouds of negativity are resting in front of our eyes.

Join us on Sunday, May 30 as we celebrate the good and the true and the beautiful!

With Love and Blessings, Rev. Steve Bolen  

Resources from Last Sunday


Remembering Heaven

I remember You, Heaven.
I remember You in the laughter of a child.
I remember You in the soft embrace of my Beloved.
I remember You in the babble of the brook,
In the depths of the forest green.
I remember You in the song of the blue bird
And the moo of the cow.
I remember You Heaven in the quiet of my Heart,
From the fullness of my Heart, I remember You.

Rev. Steve Bolen

Download a copy to print here

The Finance Team is in need of another member. 

The Finance Team periodically reviews our financial statements, makes recommendations to the Board on the annual budget and advises the Board on financial policy.  Please consider joining the team, especially if you have any finance or accounting experience.   You can contact Dean Saulmon at if you have any interest or would like further information.

Our New Church Home

Do you have a lead for our new Church home?  Please contact search team if you have an idea or lead that you would like to share with them. Just click this link to submit your information.

From Our Prayer Chaplain Donna Sue Weaver

Living, Loving Spirit, as we breathe in your healing love, we relax and surrender to the good that awaits us.  We place ourselves, our spiritual community & our Board of  Directors into your loving embrace knowing that our present experience is a catalyst for growth.  In the silence, we open ourselves to divine ideas and Spirit’s guidance.  All things are possible through God in us. 

As we cocreate with God, we have the courage, faith and wisdom to find the best and highest solution for our
congregation to expand and thrive in this ever changing world.  Every day is a new beginning that brings boundless opportunities for growing in Christ Consciousness. 

We gratefully release the past and open our hearts and minds to give and receive boundless blessings.


This Sunday is 5th Sunday and Carol Light is ready for Fifth Sunday after-church picnics at her home south of Walburg.

Carol asks that if you are NOT vaccinated, that you wear a mask and practice safe distancing, at your own comfort level. It is important to her that everyone is comfortable when they arrive!

So, if you want to do an after-church picnic at her home on May 30th, pack a lunch and drink, and maybe a folding chair, and come on out!  If you need help locating her home, just ask anyone on the Board, or submit your request for directions on our Breeze webpage.

Those of you wishing to do a watch party at Carol's place on the 30th, feel free to arrive around 10:30 with your laptop or cell phone. Carol has lots of nooks and crannies in her home that can accommodate “break-out” groups. Again, she asks that you either be vaccinated or practice safe distancing and masking to keep yourself and others safe and comfortable.

(BTW, Sunday is Carol's birthday.)

Fun times on the Nature Walk!


June 13, the 2 pm Matinee: Kirk Kelso in “Greater Tuna” at the Georgetown Palace Playhouse

This is an indoor venue and we will have to abide by the covid guidelines of the playhouse. We are arranging to have a group of us go and meet there on June 13 at the matinee at 2 pm.   Here is the link to the theater:  The cost is $32 for seniors.

June 16: Dan’s Concert! 7 pm via zoom (currently)

Covid restrictions may be changing, but we look to have the concert via zoom at this point. Dan is taking requests! Love offering. Sign up here. 
Dan may be playing at other venues in the evenings, so stay tuned for any postings!

July 14: Armand and Angelina Concert via Zoom at 7 pm 

Sign up to receive the zoom link here. Learn more about Armand and Angelina here.

July 24, 31, and Aug. 7 Salado Legends at Tablerock Outdoor play starts at 8:15 in the evening.

Group tickets are available, $20 each. Email Alice at if interested by June 30.   

The Fun and Fellowship Team is looking for new members and new ideas to get together safely! 

 If you would like to join us or have some great ideas for a get-together, please email Alice Cooper at  

The Book Club on Zoom every 4th Tuesday at 10:00 am.

June 22 is "Think Like a Monk: Train your mind for Peace and Purpose Everyday" by Jay Shetty (I actually found this at the Salado Library!)

July 22 is "What if This is Heaven?" by Anita Moorjani. 

Join the Book Club mailing list here

Our Bucket of Hope recipient is the Nest Empowerment Center.

The Nest provides a safe haven after the bell rings that offers basic needs, counseling, academic and enrichment support for GISD high school students who are homeless, at-risk, or living in transition.   If you would like to donate to the Bucket of Hope, please go to our website and click on Donate.  In the dropdown menu, select Bucket of Hope.
If you would like to donate to the Bucket of Hope, click here and select Bucket of Hope Fund.

Do You Have a Prayer Request?

Do you have a prayer request you would like to share with the prayer team?  Let us know here.  We will pass your request onto the prayer team to pray for 30 days.  The request will then be forwarded to Silent Unity to be prayed over for an additional 30 days.  
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