This Sunday:

  • Turn your clocks one hour ahead this Saturday night!
  • Don't forget the homeless/at-risk kids served by The Nest: bring snacks from the list below to fill our Bucket of Hope.

A Note from Linda: UCOG & Coronavirus

Trust God and tie your camel! Wise words. I have checked with both the Williamson County and Travis County Public Health Departments and both organizations say the risk of contacting the virus right now in our areas is very low. That said, churches around the country are implementing measures to stay ahead of the curve. Most are asking congregations to adopt new approaches to the "Passing of the Peace" time during the service as well as to adopt new ways of greeting one another in general. UCOG is a warm, friendly place. We are huggers, but for a time we may want to be more cautious and respect the science, which recognizes that one way the virus is transmitted is through touching. There are alternatives to handshakes and hugs—hands clasped in the namaste greeting, elbow bumps are a couple of examples. This Sunday, and until this virus is no longer an issue (and that day WILL come), let's be respectful of those who may want to take extra precautions to stay well.

This Sunday:

Our experience with the Coronavirus ties in well with this week's lesson. Like the patriarch, Abraham, who in the book of Genesis is told to leave his country, his clan, and his family and to go to a land that God will show him, the virus overtaking the news takes us out of our familiar "business as usual," and puts us in a "land" that we do not know. How often we find ourselves having to leave behind that which is familiar for that which is unknown—no one plans on having a health challenge, but when health challenges come, both those who are ill and their families find themselves in a place, a “land,” unfamiliar to their concept of health. There are unfamiliar "lands" today in many areas—refugees, race relations, contentiousness in our national politics to name a few. Both as a community and as individuals, we will take Abraham's journey many times in our lives, find ourselves in new, unfamiliar terrain. Ponder between now and Sunday those areas where you have entered an unfamiliar "land." We'll take a look at the lessons learned in the call of Abraham and—spoiler alert—we will see how Abraham's experience "blessed him so that he would be a blessing." I can't wait to see you this Sunday! Love, Linda

Martin Laird’s Into The Silent Land
(a marvelous book on Centering Prayer)

The quote below was mentioned by our guest speaker last Sunday, Joni Loraine. To listen to Joni's message go to our church website at Unity Georgetown Website.

The marvelous world of thoughts, sensation, emotions, and inspiration, the spectacular world of creation around us, are all patterns of stunning weather on the holy mountain of God. But we are not the weather. We are the mountain. Weather is happening – delightful sunshine, dull sky, or destructive storm – this is undeniable. But if we are the weather happening on Mount Zion (and most of us do precisely this with our attention riveted to the video), then the fundamental truth of our union with God remains obscured and our sense of painful alienation heightened. When the mind is brought to stillness we see that we are the mountain and not the changing patterns of weather appearing on the mountain. We are the awareness in which thoughts and feelings (what we take to be ourselves) appear like so much weather on Mount Zion. For a lifetime we have taken this weather – our thoughts and feelings – to be ourselves, taken ourselves to be this video to which the attention is riveted. Stillness reveals that we are the silent, vast awareness in which the video is playing.

To glimpse this fundamental truth is to be liberated, to be set free from the fowler’s snare (Ps 123:7)

‘Whoever trusts in the Lord is like Mount Zion: Unshakable, it stands forever” (Ps 125:1).

For those of you who practice Centering Prayer:

Please be aware of the upcoming United in Prayer Day on March 21 from 8:30 to 2:30 at the Seminary of the Southwest, 501 East 32nd Street in Austin.This year's guest speaker is Rev. Gideon Tsang (pictured left), founder and pastor of Vox Veniae Church, a very interesting, independent, non-traditional, and progressive Christian-based church founded in 2006, consisting of 99% Asian and college students. Rev. Tsang's topic will be "Healing Divisions."
You can register for United in Prayer Day HERE. 

Mark Your Calendar:


Sunday: March 8

10:30 am: Sunday Service 
11:45 am: Fun and Fellowship Meeting

Sunday: March 15

10:30 am: Sunday Service 
11:45 am: Healing Prayer Circle

Sunday: March 22

10:00 am:  FreeCycle Event - see below
10:30 am: Sunday Service 
11:45 am: UCOG Annual Meeting and Potluck after our Sunday Service. See below.

Tuesday: March 24

10:00 am: Book Club at Sun City Activity Center

Sunday: March 29

10:30 am: Sunday Service - Chaplain Dedication Sunday
11:45 am: Choir Rehearsal
12:30 am: 5th Sunday at Carol Light's House

Sending Love and Light to Alice

Alice took a tumble on the cruise.  Please keep her in your prayers as her ankle heals with grace and ease. 
Alice, we are holding you in the healing light of God, knowing for you, perfect health and wholeness. We see this healing taking place in right timing for your perfect experience.  

Annual Meeting
& Potluck:
Sunday March 22
after our service

The meeting will be brief, leaving us plenty of time to enjoy lunch and fellowship.

Free Cycle Event - March 22nd  

Bring your unwanted but useable household items to offer for free so they can be someone else’s treasure. If you have large items, such as lawnmower or fridge, describe them on a card with your name and contact info.

Help us fill the knowledge gap! 

The Board recently discussed how it would be beneficial to have a book compiled of job descriptions of all the various jobs that people do in the church.  Having job descriptions increases continuity and allows a person to review what is expected from a volunteer before taking over a position. 

Liz Sackett has agreed to compile the book.  So, if you do a volunteer job at the Church please submit a written description to Liz (preferably in a word document) at  

Ask the Pastor


From Liz Sackett:

“If you’re anything like me and enjoy Rev. Linda’s lessons as much as I do, you probably have questions or comments you’d like to make during her talk, or afterward. Frequently, we get the chance to do that, with one another and with the congregation. But maybe you’re not sure what you want to say right in the moment or aren’t comfortable speaking out. Maybe the talk resonates with you and after you sit with it for a day or two, you start to wonder… to have questions… to want to address something further…  Or maybe you’ve had challenges or questions come up in your day to day experience and would love to get Rev. Linda’s input or feedback on a situation. A couple of weeks ago, more or less “in passing” she mentioned taking talk suggestions from the congregation, or possibly having an “ask the pastor” Sunday. So, much like the traditional suggestion box, I have created an “Ask the Pastor” box, which will be placed on the greeting table in the lobby each week, along with a supply of index cards. You are all invited to write down your burning questions or comments, suggestions for Sunday talks, or anything else you might want Rev. Linda to address. These questions and topics should be of a “public” nature, not something you want kept personal. You can provide your name or remain purely anonymous.Of course, Rev. Linda cannot answer every question but will review your input for its relevance and significance to the congregation as a whole. Please help yourself to an index card or two, keep one handy for your late-night cogitations, and bring them on Sunday to put in the “Ask the Pastor” box. Or you can also email them to

Birthday Cake Volunteers Needed: 

We need two volunteers to fill our Birthday Cake Volunteer Schedule.  The months of April and September are still available.  
If you are interested, please sign up on the volunteer sheet in the back of the Sanctuary, or let Cathy know on Sunday.  

The Choir Schedule

The pre-service rehearsals begin at 9 AM!

March 22 - Rehearsal 9:00 am 
March 29 - Rehearsal 11:45 am 
May 3  & 17 Rehearsal 9:00 am 
May 24 - Rehearsal 9:00 am Performance 10:30 am

The Bucket of Hope through March is: 

 The Nest Empowerment Center

The Nest is a safe, after-school haven that offers basic needs, counseling, academic and enrichment for Georgetown high school students who are homeless, at-risk, or living in transition.  They have a long list of needs to support these kids. 

Items needed:
Granola bars, Peanut butter crackers, Trail mix, Fruit snacks, Cans of soup, Chef-boy-r-Dee products (ravioli, spaghetti, etc), Ramen noodles, Mac and Cheese, Boxes of hot chocolate.

We now have an ongoing collection for the Ronald McDonald House.  Keep those tabs coming!  We have filled one container so far.  Let's help them get those expenses paid. 
F O L L O W on F A C E B O O K
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