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Note from Linda


Summer Sunday Series begins THIS Sunday:

Finding Yourself in 

Using Life's Changes for Spiritual Awakening

          "Some changes challenge the way that we perceive ourselves and our universe," says Robert Brumet in Finding Yourself in Transition. We are living such changes now—changes brought about by a virus that remains undaunted and by the exposed fault lines of systemic injustice yet again laid bare by cell phone video that asks of everyone: Who are you in the matter?  "Such changes are not just about how we live, but about who we are as human beings," says Brumet. "Our assumptions about who we are and how we are related to the world around us are being challenged if not shattered."
          Though he first wrote those words in the 1990s, they could not be more pertinent today. This Sunday we launch our Summer Sunday Series based on Rev. Brumet's book and the wonderful double entendre of its title—yes, we find ourselves in the midst of these historic transitions and yes, we can use these teachings to find who we will be in these matters. My wish is that our study facilitates "finding" ourselves during this time of transition—and—that it does so in a way that cultivates "growth-fostering" relationships among us. To that end, this series is being designed as a "participatory" experience enabled by Zoom's capacity to create small discussion groups. This Sunday we will cover  the Preface, Prologue, and Chapter One of Finding Yourself in Transition. This is not a hard or long read, but it is a thought-provoking one. For those of you who do not have time to get the book and read this week, we will provide an overview so that you can join in the discussion. The reflection questions below will give you plenty to ponder whether you have the time to read the book or not. Don't miss Sunday just because you have not read the material! If you do have time, your participation will be greatly enriched by coming Sunday with your "two-minute take-away" from the readings and reflections questions listed below.
          This Summer Series offers tools to help us navigate our rapidly changing world. It also provides the opportunity for us to deepen our connections with each other. Your presence and your voice are important components in this journey. I hope to see you Sunday! With much love and gratitude, Linda

Read the Preface, Prologue, and Chapter 1 in Finding Yourself in Transition, by Robert Brumet, BEFORE THIS Sunday's (June 14th) Service and come prepared to share your reflections and observations. Each chapter has a summary at the end.
Reflection Questions:
  1. As you go through this time of transition(s), what assumptions have been challenged? How are these changes challenging how you live? How are they challenging your ideas about who you are?
  2. "Change often takes us into new territory where old maps are no longer sufficient," says Brumet. What "old maps" are no longer sufficient for you?
  3. The theologian Paul Tillich described times of rapid change as ontological crises—crises of being—that arise when something that has served as our "ground of being" has been threatened, diminished, or taken from us. Have you experienced your "ground of being" being threatened or diminished? If so, how?

UCOG Board News

By Trish Phelps, UCOG Board Chair

Regarding COVID-19/in-person services

When do we return to our normal in-person church services? Other churches are opening their doors to Sunday services, but at the June meeting this week, our Board was unanimous in our concern that it is too soon for us to resume our services in person. When looking at the statistics regarding new cases of the COVID-19 virus in our area and the predictions being made by epidemiologists for Texas and our area, it is looking like things are going to get worse before they get better. In fact, we are in an up-tick in new cases right now. The Board is hearing nothing but gratitude for the wonderful remote services that Linda, Cathy, Dan, Chris, and Will are providing, and no-one wants anyone to feel excluded because they don’t feel safe returning to our normal church serves. Let’s face it, we are a church of huggers and the majority of us are high-risk for infection. So, the decision was made to postpone our return to the Chamber. If you have any comments on this decision, or have ideas for how we can continue to keep connected as a church at a distance, please email us HERE.

Board Vacancy

Dave Jenks and Gina Waterfield are moving out of our area, necessitating that Dave resign his position on our board. We are very grateful to Dave for his service on the board and for Gina in launching the Women's Empowerment Group. According to the UCOG bylaws, the board has three months in which to appoint a replacement for the board vacancy. If you are interested in being considered for this position, please write us HERE.

Conscious Conversation on Race

Monday, June 15th at 7pm via Zoom

What is ours to do in the face of current circumstances?

As many of you know, John Fleming and Joni Lorraine lead Conscious Conversations, creating powerful spaces of sacred listening. On Monday, June 15th at 7:00 via Zoom, they will facilitate a conversation during which participants can safely express and reconcile their personal feelings around the topic of race. They are joined this month by professional trainer, facilitator, and Certified Action Learning Coach Robin Llewellyn who will add her skills to the conversation. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of what is theirs to do in the face of current circumstances surrounding the topic.
Register at: 


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