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Kindergym 9:30 am
Mid Year Foundation Transition Day 2
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Friday 24 June

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Mid Year Foundation Transition Day 3
P&F Milk & Cookies Day
MLC Showcase
SLC Mini Exhibition
JLC Showcase
Kindergym 9:30 am
Year 5/6 Boys Knockout Football
The Parable of the Two Debtors

This parable is told in Luke chapter 7 and is told by Jesus to a Pharisee called Simon.  In Jesus' time, the Pharisees were religious leaders.  They were the scholars who were known for living by the Law and piously doing all that they believed God commanded of them.

In this story, Simon invited Jesus for dinner.  There would have been others at the dinner, most likely other religious leaders of the time. In those days, dinner was usually served outdoors, and if someone noteworthy was at the meal, the ‘uninvited’ could watch the dinner and listen to the conversation, from a distance.  Watching the rich and important dine was something of a spectator sport.

In that time, there were certain customs that were practiced when someone came to dinner.  The guest was welcomed warmly with a kiss, their feet were washed of road grime and they were anointed with oil, signifying their importance as an invited guest.

The bible tells us that Simon did none of these things; most likely with the intent of socially shaming Jesus in front of the towns religious leaders.

We hear that a ‘sinful’ woman appeared at Jesus side.  By describing her this way, the bible tells us that she was well known in her sin. We know that when she learned Jesus was eating with Simon, she sought him out and was prepared to anoint him with perfume that she had bought with her.

In the story, we see this woman anointing Jesus’ feet with perfume, wetting and washing them with tears and repeatedly kissing his feet.  In her way, she was performing the customs of welcome that Simon had not. Yet Simon was very quick to point out that if Jesus were really a religious leader, he would know how unclean the woman was and not allow her to touch him.
And that is when Jesus tells the parable.
There are 2 men who owe a debt.  One owes a small debt and one a very large debt.  Both are forgiven equally.  Jesus asks Simon…who is most grateful?
Simon correctly chooses the person with the greater debt absolved at which point Jesus rebukes Simon for his rudeness as a dinner host; going on to explain that the woman, feeling the freedom of forgiveness from a great sin, has shown great love…but Simon, thinking himself not in need of forgiveness, shows very little love.

This parable is a reminder to appreciate what God is doing in the lives of others and to never assume anyone is beyond the forgiveness of God. It is also a reminder not to take God’s grace for granted, or to ever become so self-righteous that we forget what God has done to save us.  If we keep that at the forefront of our thinking, we can respond to others with great love, proportional to the great forgiveness we have received in Jesus Christ.

Terri Taylor
From the Curriculum Coordinator
ICAS Assessments

We are happy to offer ICAS Assessments this year again. Children in Years 2-6 can take assessments in Maths, Science, Spelling, Digital Technology and English. In addition, students in Years 3-6 can take the Writing assessment. These are designed to assess higher order thinking and problem-solving skills.  Some students and their families choose to sign up for these assessments to check progress compared to other students.

Every family with a child in Years 2-6 received a detailed letter via email outlining the schedule, privacy consent and payment. Every test will be completed online this year and parents will also register and pay via a link in the email. Please register before 29 July 2022.  
SUBJECT                      SITTING WINDOW
Digital Technologies      8 Aug – 12 Aug 2022
Writing                           8 Aug – 12 Aug 2022
English                          15 Aug – 19 Aug 2022
Science                         22 Aug – 26 Aug 2022
Spelling Bee                 22 Aug – 26 Aug 2022
Mathematics                 29 Aug – 2 Sept 2022
If you are interested in more information or you do not receive the letter, please let me know as soon possible.

Darlene Hall
Curriiculum Coordinator
Reconciliation Week
This year’s Reconciliation theme was: Be Brave. Make Change. Our students participated in many activities throughout the week. Some classes explored colours and shapes in Aboriginal art, read Black Cockatoo (exploring contemporary themes), wrote personal pledges, sang Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes in Kaura (video at this link – thanks to Kaurna for kids), created Indigenous Round guernseys  and learned about Aboriginal science knowledges. Nixon and Tai led experiential sessions at the sand pit about animal tracks one day. Our plan is to continue these learnings throughout the school year in order to help create a Reconciled Australia.
BLC Excursion - National Motor Museum
The BLC students visited the National Motor Museum in Birdwood as part of their learning in ‘Where we are in place and time’.
We have been inquiring into the Central Idea, ‘Learning about the past helps us to understand the present and imagine the future', and visited the National Motor Museum to engage in the Hawker Vans program. This program taught us about how in the early twentieth century, hawkers connected rural Australian towns with cities by carrying and selling goods such as clothing, kitchen utensils, and lollies. The first hawkers traveled by foot, horse, or camel – however, once motor vehicles became available, hawkers could cover larger distances and carry heavier loads.
Students enjoyed developing their historical thinking and inquiry skills through this hands-on experience and loved viewing and interacting with the other exhibits at the museum.
A special thank you to the guides at the museum and our parent volunteers who helped make this day a success.
Mrs Freer & Mrs Klein
Wonder Recycling Rewards for schools
This term we are involved in the WonderWhite Bread bag collection to help save the environment. By collecting any type/brand of bread bags we can earn points to go towards sports equipment for our school.
All you have to do is shake out the bread crumbs and bring them into your classroom. We are aiming to collect around 5kg of bread bags. So far we have collected 2kg of bags - keep bringing them in!!!
State SAPSASA Football Carnival
From Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th of May, Lukas M and Nathan L represented the Barker region in the State SAPSASA Football Carnival in Adelaide.

Over the 3 days, the boys played a total of 9 matches against different zones in Adelaide. The Barker team, playing in the Metro division 1, managed 4 wins and finished equal 5th out of the 10 regions. Well done to Lukas and Nathan for being selected for the team and we hope you enjoyed the experience of playing against some of the best junior footballers in the state. St Michael’s is very proud of your achievement.
Year 5/6 Girls Knockout Netball
On Monday 30th of June, St Michael’s competed against 3 other local schools in the first round of the Year 5/6 statewide knockout netball.

In the first game, we came up against Hahndorf Primary School. St Michael’s started off well scoring the first goal of the game. Hahndorf came back strongly and controlled the rest of the game to win 14-2. The second game was played against Mount Barker South Primary School. This was a tightly contested match with the game going goal for goal. The game finished in extra time with Mount Barker winning 10-9. In the final game, St Michael’s played Meadows Primary School. The St Michael’s crowd was very loud, and all the girls lifted their intensity. Both teams showed some good passages of play with Meadows slightly stronger, getting the win 12-9. Throughout the 3 matches, all the students had the experience of playing in different positions. The team showed great improvement in their defence and most importantly providing space and linking up when attacking.

A big thank you to Jo Fairley for umpiring. A massive thank you to Miss Zikos for helping with training and coaching on the day.

A special congratulations to Georgia Fairley who has been selected to represent the Barker region at the upcoming State Netball Carnival in Adelaide.
Cookies & Milk Day
P&F is holding a special ‘Cookies & Milk’  food day on Friday 24th of June at recess (Week 8).

Cookies & Milk are $2 each & can be ordered online:

Orders are due by Tuesday 21st June at 10 am.
School Beanies
St Michael’s P&F Beanies – Available to Order Now!

St Michael’s P&F is selling ‘beanies’ to be worn as part of the Winter Uniform. 
This is an optional uniform item. 
The new Beanie will be a navy-blue acrylic material and will have the St Michael’s logo on the cuff.  The beanies can be worn to and from school and can be used at recess and lunch times to add extra warmth on chilly days.

This beanie will become the only beanie allowed at school once orders arrive.

Beanies cost $20 each and can be ordered via this link:
Cafe 3:16 Lunch orders - WEDNESDAY'S

Orders to be made submitted prior to 3:00 pm on Tuesdays. Changes can not be made after 8:30 am Wednesday mornings
Cornerstone Lunch Orders - THURSDAY'S

Canteen services are provided by Cornerstone College once a week on a Thursday during School Terms.
Orders need to be placed online, via, no later than 8:00 am on Wednesdays
Instructions for ordering can be found on the Flexischools website or via the St Michael’s front office.
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Mrs Sugars & Mrs Johnson
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