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Autumn 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk 
from Penrith to Blackheath.

5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk  24-28 March 2020

If you have been thinking of joining us for the Autumn 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk, don't delay and Register HERE  as the start date is fast approaching! 

JOIN our Autumn 5-Day (or part thereof) walking adventure!  Members and friends of the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters  group will again be walking from Penrith, at the base of the Blue Mountains, all the way to Blackheath near the top, finishing with the Camino Meetup at Glenella Guesthouse in Blackheath.  The walking distance is approximately 68-81kms depending on the route chosen.

Why? This is a great opportunity to experience the Camino spirit right here in the Blue Mountains, NSW.  If you’re thinking of walking a Camino in Spain or Portugal, or other pilgrimages elsewhere, what better way to try out your gear and see if you like long distance walking?  And if 5 days is too long you can join the group for fewer days or just one day along the route if you wish.  

How?  Please be aware this is not a ‘guided’ walk but rather a walk with a group of Camino friends travelling up the Blue Mountains.  Each registered person will be provided with the 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk Information Package which includes PDF walking route guide and digital link with two optional routes; a technical route and the direct route.  The technical route can involve more bush walking and steep inclines up and down into some valleys whilst the direct route is no less scenic and has various bushy sections but may in parts involve more secondary road and pavement walking; it is a walk reminiscent of travelling a Camino in Spain.

Walking a Camino means you might walk on dirt tracks, concrete footpaths and roads as well as through paddocks and rural scenery.  You will encounter hills and steps as Penrith, our starting point is 25m above sea level, and Blackheath is 1065m.  Each days walk is a Station to Station walk for the convenience of start and end point.

Registration:  Much effort and work had been made to improve all the tools provided to walkers for last year's walk, and following valuable feedback from pilgrims we have introduced a $25 donation at registration for 2020 walks.  This registration donation will go towards the ongoing development and mapping of the
5-Day Walk route.   To register for the Autumn 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk  via Trybooking   Register Here
The 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk Information Package will be emailed within a few days once confirmation of your registration has been received. 

NOTE  if you intend walking only on Day 5 (Saturday 28th March) you are not required to register nor pay the registration donation (you won't receive the information pack) as this route will be our regular last Saturday of the month walk and you are welcome to join the 5-Day walkers on their last day from Katoomba to Blackheath. Please be at Katoomba Railway Station before 8.30am near the Station Bar (pizza place) for 8.40am start.

Our Thanks to Chris Osborne of Chris Osborne Adventures and other volunteers in the prepartion and updating of the maps and walking route guide.  All due care has been taken to create the maps to be as accurate as possible, however there may be some inaccuracies and last minute changes due to the recent bushfires and heavy rains.

More information  Click Here       Ulteria!  

Pictured below Summary of the 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk and elevations of the Direct and Technical routes (sample Day 3)  

Camino Tapas Dinner
Friday 27 March 2020 at 7.00pm Blackheath RSL Hall, 2 Bundarra St


Please RSVP for the Camino Dinner ASAP as the date is fast approaching, we hope you can join us!  Guest speaker will be Sharise Watson who recently did her Australian Pilgrimage. Sharise will talk about 'My Pilgrimage, Not to Spain'.

This is a bring a plate of tapas style food to share. Santiago tart, tea/coffee provided.  COST: There is a $5.00 (cash only) donation to Blackheath RSL.

RSVPs Please contact Tony Jacques by email on OR mobile 0412 359 101 to RSVP or if you have any questions about this event.

NOTE  Walkers on the 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk will have completed Day 4. You are invited to the Camino Dinner, however we ask if you could  please RSVP to Tony Jacques to save a place.

The evening will sure to be another interesting, inspiring and enjoyable Camino event, so please do come along! Catch up with regular attendees to our Camino gatherings, meet new people and share your Camino stories and experience or just come along to find out what the Camino is about.

Hope to see you there... EVERYONE WELCOME!    

Saturday 28th March 2020
Morning Camino Training Walks  
Today there are two walk options available:
1) Katoomba to Blackheath.  Join the walkers on the 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino training walk on their last day, Day 5 from Katoomba to Blackheath (there is no need to register for Day 5 walk only).  Meet by 8.30am for 8.40am start at the Station Bar (pizza place) near Katoomba Station.  This walk is 11-14kms depending on the route chosen.

2)  Blackheath to Medlow Bath return.  Meet at Glenella Guesthouse, 56 Govetts Leap Rd by 8.50am for 9am start. This is a self-guided walked along the shared fire trail, it is a fairly flat route of approx 10kms return.  You are able to get refreshments at the Hydro Majestic Hotel.  Walkers on the 5-Day walk from Katoomba will most likely meet you at the Hydro for morning tea.  Take your Opal card if you need to get the train back to Blackheath (subject to no track works).  More info 
CAMINO MEETUP commencing at 2.00pm - 4.00pm
Join us for the Camino Meetup at Glenella Guesthouse for an informative afternoon of Camino chatter and enjoy afternoon tea and Santiago tart.  Cost is $5.00 donativo (cash only).  Welcome the walkers completing their 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk.   Everyone Welcome!    More info
Our February Training Walk and Camino Meetup 

Morning Walk and Camino Meetup Saturday 29 February 2020:
We had a great gathering of some 38 walkers for the Saturday morning walk.  Eight set off from Blackheath to Medlow Bath, a 10km return walk along the shared fire trail, where they enjoyed views over the Megalong Valley and café con leche break at the Hydro Majestic before returning to Blackheath.

The other 30 walkers set off from Glenella to do the 'Bush Recovery' walk along the Braeside Track then onto Evans Lookout where we enjoyed the views over the Grose Valley.  Unlike the walk in January, no 'whiteout' today!  It was pleasing to see signs of  bush regeneration amongst the charred earth and tree trucks.  The eastern area along the Braeside Track was as result of backburning to protect Blackheath from the bushfires that came up the Grose Valley between Govetts Leap Lookout to Bridal Veil Falls.  Due to the numbers, there were walkers of various fitness levels with some feeling the effects of the distance on the return trip to Blackheath.  However, on on everyone walked....  a great effort!  We hope you recovered well by the following day.  This is a good training walk of 12kms return with a couple of slight inclines.  We all made it back to Blackheath with plenty of time to grab some lunch and relax a little before the 2pm start of the  Camino Meetup.

Pic: Fermin and Susi
Camino Meetup:  This was a very special Meetup, we had an over whelming response to this event and Glenella was full to the brim with about 60 pilgrims from far and wide joining us to hear from Susi and Fermin who together run Casa Susi in Trabadelo 10KM from Villafranca del Bierzo, which is Stage 26 of the John Brierley guide book to the Camino Frances.

Susi and Fermin's story is a like an epic love story you see at the movies spread across time and continents. It is a Camino story at its heart, a story of searching, giving and love.

Susi's story:  Susi is originally from Hartfordshire before moving to Australia.  In 2012 Susi was called to the Camino, at a time when her life was in flux, she hated it to start, the blisters, the effort, the heat and everyday she vowed to stop, but everyday she kept going. At some point something changed and the Camino Spirit took hold of Susi, so that by the end of her first Camino she was asking herself  "How do I keep it going".   Returning to Australia she quickly made plans to return to make sure what she was feeling was really right, Susi loved the Camino Spirit she had experienced on her first Camino, the kindness, care and the open hearts of the people she had meet. 
Susi went on to complete 4 Caminos in a year, as she went on her way, she was learning a new trade experiencing the hospitality offered along each Camino.  An idea was brewing as Susi crunched those paths.
In 2013 Susi sold her florist business and put her belongings into storage, returning to Europe she began to really try and understand what it was she wanted to do, walking more Caminos in both France and Portugal.   Susi then through word of mouth went and stayed at an Albergue at Tabara on the Via del Platar Sansabra, Jose a Camino guru helped her sharpen her knowledge and learn the kindness and simple acts of generosity shown to pilgrims along the way.
Searching hard for the right property to buy took a long time even with the support of a Spanish Real estate Agent. At the end of a 20 month exploration of properties and coming close to the time she had allowed for this big dream to come true Susi found her perfect property, at this stage it was of course far from perfect and needed a lot of love and care to get it to the standard Susi wanted to offer pilgrims. With emotion Susi described the property the inner feeling she had that this was the one, and an elderly neighbour whom she meet at her first visit who really sealed the deal for her, she had blue eyes and reminded her very much of her own grandmother. This was the one this would be Casa Susi!

Speaking no Spanish and being a Florist by trade would probably be enough to curtail most peoples wildest dreams of owning an Albergue on the Camino, the property needed a lot of work.  Over 10 months Susi and a very clever carpenter turned a barn with a dirt floor and 300 year old house perched above the barn into the Albergue she had dreamed of.  In 2017 Susi finally opened her doors.  I can only imagine the trepidation she felt, who would come, how many would come!  With a friend from Australia by her side a sign out the front telling Pilgrims this Alburgue is OPEN, a Neil Perry dish on the stove waiting, her first two pilgrims arrived bringing another 4 just for dinner, Susi got to sit with her guest and share a meal and provide the kind of welcome she had wanted to for such a long time. Each day Susi opened and on the 14th day a man walked up to Casa Susi, that man was Fermin, to say the Camino provides is an understatement when you hear Susi and Fermin's story.

Fermin's story:  Fermin grew up in Pamploma, literally on the steps of the Camino, growing up he had little interest in the Camino apart from having to do an assignment on it at school and seeing the odd pilgrim walking down the streets of Pamploma. For many years Fermin lived a busy working life in San Sebastian, at some point after many years he was taking some time out and returned to his home town of Pamploma and to his mothers home to assist her with renovations, it was here that he witnessed what has become the popularity of the Camino, with many pilgrims walking through his town, sitting at bars and enjoying the Camino Spirit. It was something about the pilgrims spirit that drew him back to that school project completed many years ago before adulthood, before success and before the clutter of modern life had entered his world. It was at this moment he was drawn to walk some of the Camino to experience what it was that was making these pilgrims glow. So he headed to the Pyrenees to complete 1 week only, well that was the plan anyway.
By the fourth day of walking Fermin knew this was something very special, he knew he had to keep going to finish this Camino, he was feeling emotions he had not felt in years and he didnt want it to stop. Feeling more connected with real life on the Camino his heart was singing when he walked up to the doors of Casa Susi.

Fermin described his arrival at Casa Susi, with such emotion there were many of us with tears in our eyes imagining this meeting of Fermin who was in the midst of a great adventure and Susi only just having opened her Casa.  Fermin says he had an instant feeling he was going to live here, at a shared meal that night with Susi and other pilgrims in a most natural way he could he asked Susi if she would marry him! (more tears)  At this point the only thing I can say is "The Camino really does provide". The next day with all the charm he could manage he obtained Susi's phone number, took a selfie and went on his way.

He did not get far, only 30KM, returning that night to Casa Susi!

As they say in the movies, and the rest is history, yes Fermin did complete his Camino, he has also been by Susi's side running the Casa for the last three years, both providing exceptional care and hospitality to many pilgrims on their way.

"We want to help you to live the life you dreamed and this is the first step..." you only have to read some of the wonderful reviews of Casa Susi to know these are very special people who had their hearts opened by the Camino and have now come together and live in the Camino spirit every day. 

Joining Susi and Fermin at the Camino Meetup was their friend Lisa Edmonds from Sydney.  Lisa went to school with Susi and came to Australia on her own at 18 years of age.  She has completed 2 Camino's, in a wheelchair.  Lisa is such an inspiration and we look forward to her returning to Blackheath to hear Lisa's story at a future Camino Meetup.
Words by Sharise Watson

Several pilgrims in the audience have stayed at Casa Susi with many planning to definitely stay on their upcoming Camino.   To get in touch with Susi and Fermin or find out more about Casa Susi in Trabadelo, Spain  Click HERE.   

We thank all the pilgrims, intending pilgrims and visitors for  coming to Blackheath, many staying overnight to do the walk,  to be in the company of our special guests.  We also welcomed Margaret Caffyn back to the mountains for the weekend.
Thank you to Margaret and Rowan Bouttell for hosting Sue and Fermin at Glenella Guesthouse during their stay in Blackheath.  We hope they shall visit the Blue Mountains again on another annual visit to Australia.

                             Tribute to David Barrett

We were saddened to hear of the passing of our special Camino friend David Barrett. 

David was a beautiful man, and gave his heart to the Camino.  He joined our Blue Mountains activities right from the start in 2015, participating in the dinners, walks and giving talks on how to pack light his 26L packing list remains the definite list on how to pack light on the Camino. Three years ago David founded the Central Coast Camino group and under his leadership and enthusiasm it has grown and flourished. 

David was a legend in the Camino community.  He inspired so many of us with his wealth of Camino knowledge. He walked the Camino four times and volunteered as Hospitalero over many summers. He opened his heart and shared his stories with humour and an easy laugh.

We have been honoured to know this wonderful man.  David, you will be missed.  Rest In Peace. 
Words by Margaret Bouttell.

Photos below: David Barrett courtesy of Central Coast Camino Group (CCCG), Margaret paying tribute, Collage, Nadia with David on his last walk in the Blue Mountains during the CCCG visit April 2019.    

Memorial to David Barrett Saturday 21 March 2020. The Central Coast Camino Group has organised for a special walk and picnic to celebrate David's amazing life it will be held on Saturday 21st March. This event will provide an opportunity for everyone who knew David to celebrate his life and achievements.

We will meet at the Point Cafe at Avoca Beach (10 Vine St, Avoca Beach) at 9am. This was one of David's favourite "haunts" for coffee. We'll walk to the Captain Cook Lookout, an easy 1 hour walk and return to Avoca for a picnic lunch.

It would be lovely if everyone could bring a photo or a story about David to share, as we remember this remarkable man.

Please bring a plate of food to share, your own drinks, and if possible, a folding chair. (Please note, this walk and picnic will replace the scheduled walk to Koolewong Ridge, which we'll do later in the year.) Looking forward to seeing you there, Sandy (CCCG)

Ed:  It would be lovely if some members from Blue Mountains Camino Supporters are able to attend to share their memories of David.  May he rest in peace.

Central Coast Camino Group Visit 
Blue Mountains Visit: It was great to have a group of 10 members from the Central Coast Camino Group (CCCG) come up to Blackheath for the weekend, 15-16 February. There were walks in the Blue Mountains, time spent sharing Camino friendship and a little shopping therapy.  It was fabulous to have CCCG which was founded by David Barrett visit us again.  The group stayed at Glenella Guesthouse.  Saturday night several of the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters joined in for casual dinner at Blackheath Bar & Bistro then on Sunday morning we convened at Glenella to carpool down to the Megalong Valley and our starting point to do 2nd half of Day 1 of the iconic Six Foot Track.   There were early ant attacks, swollen creek crossings - wet feet, stunning scenery of the escarpment, beautiful green open space, pass the vines of the winery, a raging Coxs River and of course the Bowtell Swing Bridge that a few ventured over before the return walk back to the cars. A bit of a hard slog heading back but we all eventually made it!  Back at Glenella for a cup of tea and rest and later the group ordered in food before settling into an evening in the Glenella Cellar Theatre to watch the Camino Voyage movie.  A great weekend of fine weather and enjoyable company, thank you Central Coast Camino group for coming up to the Mountains again!  There are photos posted on our facebook page.

Central Coast Visit 17-19 April:  The lovely Central Coast Camino group would love for members of the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters to visit them on the Central Coast and show us the beautiful region where they live.  Together with Sandy and Ruchira as co-ordinators, we have set the weekend 17-19 April to drive or train to the Central Coast, probably be based around Avoca Beach.  There will be dinner and a couple of great walks planned (take your swimmers).  Members of CCCG with a spare bed or two have generously offered to billet us in their homes.  Such a lovely gesture of Camino spirit and friendship extended to us.
If you are interested in going to the Central Coast, please let us know ASAP so accommodation can be arranged.  Depending on demand some may have to book their own accommodation through Airbnb or similar.  Please contact Carlene via  of your interest.  Some members have already indicated their interest in the Central Coast visit.  We shall be in contact by email when more details are known..
2020 Camino Calendar for your Diary!
Tuesday 24th March ~ Saturday 28th March, 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk  Penrith to Blackheath. BOOK HERE

Friday 27th March 7:00PM.  Camino Tapas Dinner at Blackheath RSL.  Share a BYO Tapas Meal and guest speaker/s.  More info here 

Saturday 28th March, Camino Training Walk. Meet by 8.20AM for a 8.30AM start, this walk will be from Katoomba Station, joining the 5 day walkers who will be on their final day of walking.  Distance 14KM.
Saturday 28th March, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Saturday 25th April, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:50AM for a 9:00AM Start, at Glenella Guesthouse, Blackheath. A special ANZAC Day walk is planned.
Saturday 25th April, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Saturday 30th May, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:50AM for a 9:00AM Start, at Glenella Guesthouse, Blackheath. 
Saturday 30th May, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Friday 26th June 7:00PM. BYO Tapas Meal at Blackheath RSL.   Share a BYO Tapas Meal and guest speaker/s

Saturday 27th June, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:20AM for an 8:30AM Start, at Warrimoo Station to walk to Woodford, distance 11.5KM.   
Saturday 27th June, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Friday 24th July 7:00PM, Feast of St James eve Dinner at Wentworth Falls Popup Albergue.  (Booking details TBA)

Saturday 25th July, Camino Training Walk. Morning walk route TBA
Saturday 25th July, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Saturday & Sunday 25-26th July, Camino Waymarker Workshop at Glenella Guesthouse grounds.  Read more details in the article in this newsletter.

Friday 28th August 7:00PM, Camino Movie (TBA) at Mount Vic Flicks. (Booking details TBA)
Saturday 28th August, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:20AM for an 8:30AM Start, at Wentworth Falls Station, Wentworth Falls for walk to Katoomba, distance 11KM. 
Saturday 29th August, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Tuesday 22nd ~ Friday 26th September, 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walk, Penrith to Blackheath.  (Booking details TBA)
Saturday 26th September, Camino Training Walk. Meet by 8.20AM for a 8.30AM start, this walk will be from Katoomba Station, joining the 5 day walkers who will be on their final day of walking. Distance 14KM.
Saturday 26th September, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Saturday 31st October, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:50AM for a 9:00AM Start, at Glenella Guesthouse, Blackheath. 
Saturday 31st October, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

Friday 27th November End of Year Camino Dinner 7:00PM, (Booking details TBA)
Saturday 28th November, Camino Training Walk. Meet at 8:50AM for a 9:00AM Start, at Glenella Guesthouse, Blackheath. 
Saturday 28th November, Camino Meetup and afternoon tea, 2:00PM ~ 4:00PM at Glenella Guesthouse Blackheath, $5.00 Donativo (Cash Only)

NOTE:  Advertised morning walk route subject to change. Some of the monthly Station to Station walks may vary if there are scheduled trackworks.  It is intended the Station to Station walks  provide a taste of some of the routes of the 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walks.
**Camino training walks and Camino Meetups are held the last Saturday of the month, except December.
 In July Make Your OWN Camino Marker
Weekend Workshop
25-26 July 2020
We now have workshop dates!  Do you fancy the idea of having your own Camino Marker to show how many kilometres from your place?  Les Simons will run a weekend hands-on workshop in the Blue Mountains to make your own in July.  The Camino Maker is based on others he has seen such as the one at Wentworth Falls Pop-up Albergue. Les has made his own (pictured) from Hebel block and a tile brought back from Spain and weighs about 17kgs.   It takes approx 3-4 hours to craft your Marker and another 1-2 hrs the following day to complete the project.  
The weekend Camino Marker Workshop, 25-26 July 2020 will be held in the grounds of Glenella Guesthouse, Blackheath. 
Please Email  to register your interest.  Costs to be determined by number of participants but it's estimated a minimum of $100 per Marker.  
NOTE:  Participants on the Workshop will need to forego the Saturday morning walk.
Who is going on The Camino in 2020?
It is great to have a few of our supporters CAMINO ON THE WAY board.  Names to be added to the  Camino On The Way board are Roger & Liz, Ce, Nadia, Greg & Fran, Jo & Ray, Jesse, Marie. Drop us a note if you are planning your Camino and which route, we will add you ON THE WAY board at Glenella.   EMAIL US.    Buen Camino
With concerns surrounding the CONVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), many of us are faced with the dilemma whether to travel to start their Camino in coming months or to postponed.  You can refer to official sites such as NSW Dept Health and Australian Government Smart Traveller 
You will find regular updates on Events on our  Facebook Page  and  Website
We also have a Closed Group on Facebook, Blue Mountains Camino Community CLICK HERE to join.    This is where you can post and discuss all things Camino with the Blue Mountains Camino Community.

ou can also  EMAIL US  anytime with any questions or stories you would like to share.  
The Blue Mountains Camino Supporters is a community group, we aim to support those planning to start a Camino and Pilgrims who have returned from their Camino. By coming together regularly we hope to enable & encourage the Camino Spirit here in the Blue Mountains. We hold monthly Camino Meetups held on the last Saturday of the month except December at Glenella Guesthouse in Blackheath, hosted by Margaret & Rowan Bouttell. Prior to the Camino Meetup there is a Saturday morning training walk.  Sharise Watson and Carlene Martin produce this Newsletter and manage the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters Facebook Page. Kerrie Girdo manages our Blue Mountains Camino Community forum on Facebook.  Tony & Ce Jacques co-ordinate and host the Tapas dinners & Camino movie events each year, Jerard & Enda Barry host an annual Feast of Saint James Dinner and also host Pilgrims at their Pop-Up Albergue in Wentworth Falls during our 5-Day Blue Mountains Camino Training Walks. Our website is managed by Mark Johnson and Carlene, assisted by Sharise.  
We could always use your help!  Can you assist in some small way such as leading or sweeping a monthly Saturday morning walk or with the Camino Meetup, baking a Santiago Tart?  Or perhaps you have a suggestion for an event or training walk? Have you read a great book about the Camino or perhaps seen an inspiring movie or listened to a podcast about the Camino then please EMAIL US and let us know.

The Blue Mountains Camino Supporters was founded in 2015 by Tony & Ce Jacques and Margaret & Rowan Bouttell.  

The Blue Mountains Camino recognises that Darug and Gundungurra Traditional Owners of the Blue Mountains region. We pay respect to their Elders past and present. 
Camino Links:
The Official Pilgrim Information Site  CLICK HERE
Australian Friends of the Camino      CLICK HERE
Dan Mullins My Camino Podcast      CLICK HERE
Casa Ivar Forum & luggage storage  CLICK HERE

Blue Mountains Blogs & inspiration   CLICK HERE

John Brierley October 2019 visit to Blue Mountains presentations
YouTube @ Glenella Guesthouse     CLICK HERE
Podcast part 1 @ RSL Blackheath    CLICK HERE
Podcast part 2 @ RSL Blackheath    CLICK HERE
Podcast part 3 @ RSL Blackheath    CLICK HERE
Podcast Q&A   @ RSL Blackheath    CLICK HERE

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