Camino Training Walk and Camino Meetup  - Blackheath.
Saturday 27th February. 
Camino Training Walk
Meet at Glenella, 56 Govetts Leap Rd, Blackheath by 8.45am for a 9.00am start. 
Walk 1 - Easy Blackheath to Medlow Bath and return, a reasonably flat walk along a fire trail.  Approx 10kms. Cafe on route.

Walk 2 - Medium.  Blackheath to Mount Victoria round route, a mix of fire trails and bush tracks.   Approx 14kms.  No café on route.

Camino Meetup
The Camino Meetup will be held at Glenella 2-4pm. Please bring $5.00 (Cash) Donativo for the Afternoon Tea.  The Camino Swap Table will be open, you may wish to donate excess Camino gear.

We are now taking bookings for the Walk and Meetup via Trybooking HERE.

Bookings for both the Walk and Meetup are essential as places are limited.

For more information about the Walk and Meetup please see our website HERE.

For information about accommodation at Glenella for the weekend please click HERE

SAVE these Saturday dates for 2021 Camino gatherings ~  
27 March,  24 April - Leura walk,  30 May,  26 June,  31 July,  28 August, 
25 September,  30 October,  27 November.

BLUE MOUNTAINS CAMINO 5-DAY WALK ~  Penrith to Blackheath.
Autumn Walk - Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th of March.
~~~A small number of spaces are still available~~~
You can register HERE.

NEW!! Camino Reconnect Retreat ~ Glenella
Glenella will host a 3 day Camino Reconnect Retreat from 5-8 May 2021. More information below.

BLUE MOUNTAINS CAMINO 5-DAY WALK ~ Penrith to Blackheath. 
Spring Walk
Tuesday 21st to Saturday 25th of September.  Registrations open in due course.

PLUS We are planning a number of Camino themed events stay turned for more information on Camino movies, Camino Craft Days, Feast of St James and more.  We may not be able to get to Spain anytime soon, but there will be lots of Camino Spirit here in the Blue Mountains! 

We hope you will join us in 2021. 

Save-the-Date: Camino Reconnect Retreat

Was your Camino experience an amazing experience? Were you inspired to make big changes after you returned home?  But somehow life got in the way and these aspirations weren't fulfilled? Would you love to reconnect with your Camino and relook at how to fulfil your dreams? If so, you may wish to join our 3 day retreat in the Blue Mountains we're calling Camino Reconnect.

This is an inaugural event that's being developed because we keep bumping into others who feel the same way: not only did we have an amazing time walking the Camino but really got 'into the zone' so much so that we reviewed some aspects of our lives back home that we wanted to revise, but things have got in the way so we've not fully implemented them. So we're designing the retreat t
o allow each participant to reconnect with their own Camino experiences, get back in touch with the emotional experiences but also the resulting aspirations; rekindle enthusiasm for implementing aspirational life changes and build further confidence and resilience to do so; and, develop an individualised support strategy to continue to walk and grow further on the journey towards their individual goals.

In addition to a short walk each day and observing a sunrise or sunset, we will be doing some individual and small group work. Organised and facilitated by Mark, Dieter and Margaret, this residential retreat is a joint initiative between the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters and Glenella. For this inaugural event we are limiting numbers to 20 applicants. Registrations open in March.  In the meantime you can register interest at   More information in our next newsletter.

Save-the-Date:   6pm Wednesday 5 May 2021 to 2pm Saturday 8 May 2021

Our January Camino Training Walk and Meetup.
Govetts Leap Lookout, The Braeside Track including creek crossings, firetrails and steps. Many thanks to those who took and shared photos via Facebook and email.
It was great to see many of our regular walkers and some new Camino Supporters join our January Camino Training Walk. Two groups headed out from Glenella on what was a grey mountains morning with rain threatening.  A good test of wet weather gear!

The 'Medium' rated walk route was to Evans Lookout via some bash tracks, a bit of an 'adventure' walk. Thirty six walkers broke into smaller groups with several quickly finding their 'groove' and pace. The route took in the Braeside Fire Trail and a new diversion with a great view beyond the Grose Valley to Lockleys Pylon. At Evans Lookout the sight of beautiful low cloud in the Grose Valley and climbing up the cliff face was spectacular.
From there the walkers continued onto the recently reopened Clifftop Walk turning off before Barrow Lookout along a track to the transmission pylon and making their way back along the Braeside Fire Trail and returning to Glenella before 1pm. This area was affected by the 2019/20 bushfires. The Jemby-Rinjah Eco Lodge on Evans Lookout Rd was destroyed on New Year's Eve.

Six walkers taking the 'Easy' Route to Medlow Bath and refreshments before returning to Blackheath. The rain came down on our return to Blackheath, giving us a chance to test our all weather gear and a few more large puddles to get through.

Two great walks enjoyed by all and the damp drizzle didn't dampen walkers enthusiasm!   Thank you to everyone who walked.
The Camino QI/Q&A with Sharise, Angela, Les Kerrie and Margaret. Casa Susi Merchandise. Many thanks to those that took and shared photos via Facebook and email. Special thanks to Yvonne.
The Camino Meetup at 2pm in the rear gardens of Glenella was the perfect setting following the morning training walk. Welcomed by MC Sharise, Marina lit the Camino Candle as we thought of Bill Ivin who had recently passed away. There were many familiar faces but also several new people who had heard of the group by word of mouth or seen the notice in our local Gazette newspaper - welcome!

After the round robin of introductions, we heard of Les Simons idea of 'hair & beard colour and cut' fundraiser for Casa Susi, and later Sharise 'hosted' a combo of Q&A / QI style panel with Margaret, Kerrie, Les and Angela discussing ways to connect and experience the Camino right here in Australia and in our own neighbourhood.
Kerrie shared her experience using Camino de Santiago Virtual Challenge,  which she is currently completing.  We look forward to hearing where you are next month on your virtual challenge Kerrie.
Margaret shared her experience of walking The Way to St James Cygnet Virtual Camino in January over two days. Les spoke of his Camino Family the impact they have had and the connection they continue back in their home countries especially since we are now unable to travel to reconnect in person. Angela spoke of overcoming challenges and focusing her energy on walking locally and enjoying each and every moment, being in nature and concentrating on her readings and reflections.
Later other pilgrims shared some of their own virtual pilgrimages and journeys. Bruce like Kerrie was using The Conqueror App, Jenny A is using World Walking and is currently 320KM into walking the length of England. We will catch up with these and other virtual pilgrims in a future newsletter to find out how they are travelling.  More information on Virtual Challenges including Camino For Good  below.

We enjoyed offerings of Santiago tart, cherries and chocolate biscuits with tea/coffee.
All the Casa Susi calendars and sets of cards were sold, proceeds going to Casa Susi GoFundMe for their roof repairs - another $570 raised!  Thank you Peter & Tess for sending them down from QLD and we look forward to receiving more stock to sell.   Thank you to our Supporters for your donations!  Susi sent us a voice message from Trabadelo, our love and best wishes to Susi and Fermin.

Diane hosted the Camino Swap Table with pilgrims being generous with their donativo. Proceeds going to BMCS.

Thank you to everyone for coming along to our Camino Training Walk and Meetup, a very enjoyable and informative day with much reflection.

......and just to share a message of thanks from Susi and Fermin.
"Dearest friends in the Blue Mountains. Thank you for supporting us at your monthly meet up. Glad everyone liked the cards & calendars. #caminofamily. Lots of love to everyone from us two at Casa Susi thank you so much for your generous donation to Casa Susi x"  
Apps for Walking a Virtual Camino or Pilgrimage 
How about joining a Virtual Camino or Pilgrimage in 2021?
What App are you using to walk the globe (virtually), answering the call for a challenge and keep fit at the same time?  At the January Camino Meetup we heard of a couple of Apps being used that you might be interested in trying.
  • CAMINO FOR GOOD  Virtual Camino.   Five hikers started Camino for Good to both share their experiences along the Camino de Santiago and to raise money for Camino hostels struggling due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.  They commit that 75% of  net income goes towards aiding the albergues.  Casa Susi is one of the beneficiaries of Camino For Good.  Registration fee applies, supports SdC Pilgrim Hostels.  JOIN the March to Santiago de Compostela.   More details  Click Here
  • THE CONQUEROR App virtual fitness.   Spice up your motivation for running, walking or cycling (or any distance based exercise) by taking on one of our virtual fitness challenges.  Each challenge can be completed in the time frame that suits you, either individually or in teams. There are 20 challenges to undertake, earn event medals.  Fees apply.  App recommended by KerrieG and BruceS.   More details  Click Here
  • WORLD WALKING App invites you to find fun in fitness and reap the benefits of a healthier, active lifestyle.  This is a free App, they are a UK charity led initiative supported by donations.  Go it alone or create a group and invite your your friends and family to walk with you.  Recommended by JennyA.   More details  Click Here
Let us know if you have a favourite App and taking up the Challenge!
Les Simons  "hair & beard colour and cut" 
fundraiser for Casa Susi.
Les - one of our highly motivated and energetic (plus entertaining) Supporters decreed some time ago he would not trim his hair and beard until he could do it in Spain!   Well it looks like that could be some way off, so Les has decided to donate his hair and beard to raise funds for Casa Susi (also gets him out of his first said decree!).  
There was a bit of brainstorming of ideas by the pilgrims staying at Glenella for the weekend including hairstyles - the Donald, the Tony as in budgie smugglers, Yul Brenner, etc..... but what to do with the beard?
More details at the February Camino Meetup and March Newsletter.  Suffice to say dig deep in the pockets for a bit of good fun for a great cause - GoFundMe Casa Susi.  To donate directly to help repair the roof at Casa Susi Click Here 
Camino Swap Table Returns 2021!

The Camino Swap Table returned during the Camino Meetup at Glenella in February with a generous $70 donativo raised.  Thank you pilgrims!

Boots, packs, jackets, fleeces, hats, sleeping bag, travel towel and more, all items have been donated by fellow pilgrims. You are also welcome to donate any Camino items no longer needed that could be of value to other pilgrims.  Thank you to Diane Cousins who hosted the Swap Table and will continue to do so, we really appreciate your support Diane.
Items can be purchased for a donativo (cash) and all funds go to support the activities of the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters.

Community Call Out ~ Stamp Design !
Are you creative?  Would you like to design a pilgrim stamp?

We are looking for Camino Stamps to use on our Blue Mountains Camino 5-Day Walk that represent the villages we stop at or pass through.  If you live in one of the Blue Mountains villages and have an idea for a stamp please let us know.  

We are also looking at general stamps to use on other occasions, maybe even on our Saturday walks (??)

Above is a design by Les Simons who generously sponsored the purchase of the stamp too. 

If you are interested in helping with our Camino Stamps project you can get in touch HERE.
Community Call Out ~ Website Design!
The Blue Mountains Camino 5-Day Walk needs it's own website ! 

Interest in the 5-Day walk is growing rapidly and it now needs it's own website to provide general info, a gallery, FAQ, etc.  

If you are able to assist with the development of a wordpress website in any way, please drop us a line HERE.
Blue Mountains Camino Supporters Badge
Our Blue Mountains Camino Supporters cloth badge are available to order or purchase from Margaret or one of the admin team at Camino Meetups and save on postage!.  The badge measures 8cm in diameter. The cost is $10 per badge + $2 postage for up to 4 badges in an envelope.  
Please  EMAIL US  once you have made your payment.  Remember to put your name in the details field. Thank you.
Money can be deposited directly into our new Bendigo Bank account:

Name:      Blue Mountains Camino Supporters
BSB:        633-000
Account:  173070897
Once you have attached your cloth badge (with glue or stitched) onto your backpack or hat, etc why not take a photo and email it or post a comment on our Facebook page or Facebook group.
Acknowledging the badge design concept by Jill Day with final design by Chris Osborne for Blue Mountains Camino Supporters
Inspiration, Books, Movies, Podcasts....
If you would like to submit a Book or Film Review, or perhaps you have written a Camino inspired BLOG you would like to share please EMAIL US, for inclusion in future Newsletters or on

Camino Links
* Australian Friends of the Camino (AFoTC),   HERE
* Noel Braun, Books available   HERE
* Casa Ivar in Santiago de Compostella Camino Forum and store  HERE
* Ivar Rekve of Casa Ivar takes us on a walk through the Holy Door Cathedral Santiago de Compolstela  View HERE
* My Camino -the podcast by Dan Mullins.  A weekly podcast featuring interviews with pilgrims from around the world who have walked the many paths to the remains of Christ's Apostle St James in Santiago de Compostela  Listen to My Camino - the podcast  HERE
About Blue Mountains Camino Supporters.
You will find regular updates on Events on our Facebook Page  and  WebsiteWe also have the "Blue Mountains Camino Community" a private group on Facebook,  CLICK HERE to join. This is where you can post and discuss all things Camino with the Blue Mountains Camino Community. You can also  EMAIL US  anytime with any questions. We are always seeking Camino and walking stories/tips and photos you might like to share. 

Blue Mountains Camino Supporters is a community group run by volunteers, we aim to support those planning to start a Camino and Pilgrims who have returned from their Camino. By coming together regularly we hope to enable & encourage the Camino Spirit here in the Blue Mountains. We hold monthly Camino Training Walks and Meetups on the last Saturday of the month except December usually at Glenella in Blackheath, hosted by Margaret & Rowan Bouttell. Sharise Watson and Carlene Martin produce this Newsletter and manage the Blue Mountains Camino Supporters Facebook Page. Kerrie Girdo manages our Blue Mountains Camino Community forum on Facebook. Bob Girdo is our video recorder and editor.  Diane Cousins hosts the Camino Swap Table. Tony & Ce Jacques co-ordinate and host the Tapas dinners & Camino movie events each year, Jerard & Enda Barry host an annual Feast of Saint James Dinner and also host Pilgrims at their Pop-Up Albergue in Wentworth Falls on special occasions. Our website is managed by Johann Saure, Mark Johnson and Carlene. We could always use your help!  Can you assist in some small way such as leading or sweeping a monthly Saturday morning walk or with the Camino Meetup, baking a Santiago Tart?  Or perhaps you have a suggestion for an event or training walk? Have you read a great book about the Camino or perhaps seen an inspiring movie or listened to a podcast about the Camino then please EMAIL US and let us know.

The Blue Mountains Camino Supporters was founded in 2015 by Tony & Ce Jacques and Margaret & Rowan Bouttell.  

Blue Mountains Camino Supporters recognises that the Dharug and Gundungurra Traditional Owners have a continuous and deep connection to their Country. We pay respect to their Elders past, present and emerging.
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