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What About Proper Investments?

Hello Pal,

If you have already had the occasion to rummage a little in my blog, you might have asked yourself a question: This guy writes a lot about principles and basics, but what about actual investments? Sure, on his portfolio page, he introduces some stuff he has done, but which ones could be the right investment(s) for me? Should I go for stocks? Aren't they too risky? What about real estate, gold or crypto currency? In the last article in the basics series, there's a lot of stuff how to rank or categorize investments, but this is not very tangible for me.

There are two possible answers to this question.

1. The "short" answer: Let me introduce you to my Wikifolios. Why? Because for me, this is the best way to invest my money.
Wikifolio is a platform for social trading. Here, traders can try out new strategies, collect followers and even have a certificate issued so that others can participate in their performance. The trader also earns money with the investment of others, but only if he makes a profit in his own portfolio. This are the best conditions one can get for a win-win situation between trader and investor.

So far, I have two Wikifolios. The first one runs for more than seven years by now and has an average performance of more than 8% per year. The second one is even better. Wit that, I made more than 20% per year in average. You can see the charts and some more information about those Wikifolios when you follow the links.

If you have a look at the details on their Wikifolio's pages, you will see that those are Real Money Wikifolios. I have invested a good portion of my savings into both of them and they yield the passive income I actually live from. A well running Wikifolio is the best investment I actually know of, especially regarding the risk/reward ratio. If you have the right system. Of course, this has to be proven. In the second answer, which follows below, I mention my plans for this blog in the future. And in the articles series I plan to write next, I want to shed some light on to all kinds of investments and explain why a well balanced trading system is the best and safest investment possible, especially in the long run.

2. The "long" answer: as I just wrote, I plan to write more articles. Just the stuff you are looking for. A huge series of blog articles about all kinds of investments with an overview about their long term return, their risks and all the other criteria I mentioned in blog article #5 from the basics. But before I do that, I need something from you. I need your feedback. I don't want to produce something nobody is interested in. So I need to know if you want to read more. To make it as easy as possible for you, I prepared a short survey and I'm asking you to participate. Or you can write me an e-mail (just answer to this newsletter), ask me all your questions and tell me if you want to read more. Your feedback will motivate me to write more. A lot more. You will get the "long answer" to your question.

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DISCLAIMER: This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any financial products. I just write about my financial experience and describe what I've done with my own money. Everything you do with your money happens at your own risk.

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