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We’re back!

2020 is now in full swing, and so is the team at Dennes!

 It would be naive to say that we don’t all face some challenges ahead of us for 2020. Fortunately, we have great staff, suppliers and customers. We are looking forward to working together to combat some of the current (get it…) problems, we have recently purchased a Diesel Generator, so even when the lights are off Dennes will be there to help! We are also officially launching as the Southern African Sole Agent for Teng Tools, so please get in touch if you are looking for a new product line, or some great quality affordable tools! Otherwise we wish you all the best for the year ahead, please get in touch if we can help turn your problem into a solution!  
This could be a set up in your shop or showroom! *Simon not included.
Staff Development
Development of any business starts from within and the lifeblood of Dennes is our staff. This year we have started our internal training program to speed up this development. We hope that one day we can offer this training as an additional service to our customers, but for now it’s a great opportunity for our staff to learn some new skills!
Meluse, Johan, Molemo and Nkosikona learning some new skills!
Stormers Training Cart
We started off the year with a really fun project for the Stormers Rugby team. They needed to modify a standard golf cart and turn it into the ultimate training cart! We took on the challenge and within 1 week it was transformed! We added a large roof mounted timer, a speaker, a cooler box and a loud siren, not to mention the colour change done by Smoke’m Garage! They were very pleased with the outcome and hopefully the Dennes team gets some free tickets to the next game! 😉
Production work
This is an example of one of our production jobs in the workshop. Its always great to see products being produced locally for export and the local market. Although these parts are for a vehicle that is 61 years old there is still a market for them! If you recognise what car these belong to please take a guess and send us a message, we will send the first correct answer a small surprise! 😊
Have you seen our awesome new website? Let us know what you think!
Blast your parts Clean
We often use Aquablasting for our workshop customers to clean parts before we start repairing them. It can be extremely helpful in identifying problems and wear that was hidden by thick dirt and grime. There is also the added bonus of assembling clean parts. If you are building a classic motorbike,

restoring your grandmothers vintage toaster or fixing an industrial machine, Aquablasting is the answer! Stay tuned to our social media as we use Aquablasting and our engineering skills to transform our newly purchased generator back to its former glory! 😊
Pneumatic Punch Press
We are all about solving our customers' problems, this punching press is a perfect example. Over the years we have helped our customer grow their production by introducing manual and pneumatic punching machines to their production line. We have now outfitted them with over 6 manual punching units and 2 pneumatic punching presses. These presses can consistently punch through 3mm aluminium extrusion and leave a clean, bur free edge! Problem solved!
Workshop Upgrade!
As we mentioned above, we now have the Sole Agency for Teng Tools, and one of the perks of this is the ability for the Works Department to upgrade their tools! As the old saying goes, “A bad worker blames their tools!” we no longer have this excuse! 😉 We are in the process of installing modular toolboxes suited to our exact needs! If you need some tool upgrades, please get in touch as Teng Tools can definitely help improve your hobby and business! Make sure you are signed up to to receive the Teng Tools Newsletter for more details!
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