Got your parts aquablasted? Now they are sparkling clean but remember that they won't stay rust-free if you don't treat them. That's why you should grab a can of ACF-50 from us. The spray has a legendary status – it stops corrosion for up to 12 months but contains no wax, silicone, teflon or water. 
Active thin fluid film chemistry penetrates corrosion deposits, where it chemically emulsifies and displaces the electrolyte. This isolation process keeps the corrosion cell deactivated. We don't know what that means but we know for sure it works. On new metal ACF-50 forms a self-healing barrier that prevents corrosion from starting. ACF-50 remains physically and chemically effective for up to 24 months.
If you love your parts, ask for a can of ACF-50 the next time you're picking up your cleaned goods. One can cost as little as R344 incl. VAT but goes a long way. If you don't trust us, search the internet for ACF-50 and find out for yourself. We wait here so long. 

By the way, you can also order a can by sending us an email. Simply press the button below and let us know that you are interested. 

Grab a free Aquablasting loyalty card next time you come to see us in Ndabeni. It will save R100 on your first order and you will get a R250 discount on your 7th! Available at the counter. 

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