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Lock Down Update
In our last newsletter we mentioned the challenges ahead, who would have thought that would turn into a country wide lock down. Fortunately, the team at Dennes Engineering has stuck together and we have managed to continue our operation. Apart from the basic business functions, we have been processing essential engineering services for our customers and we thought we would share some of them with you. Please follow along on our Facebook and Instagram accounts if you would like to see more!
If you require some work during the lock down please get in touch, our key staff are available and ready to take on the challenge.
Packaging Forming Shoulder
This is a forming shoulder we helped design and manufacture. It is for a popcorn packaging line that started operation during the lockdown. Our customer was unable to order this part from overseas due to the import restriction. This part enables food product to be packaged and sealed. We machined the tube from a single solid piece of stainless as the outside diameter was critical and we could not find a tube or hollow bar to suit. The diameter had to suit the packaging perfectly in order to seal correctly.
Trolley Jacks
One of our food customers moves a large amount of fresh produce into trucks daily. Unfortunately, during the lock down one of their trolley jacks gave way. These are no ordinary jacks and are no longer available on the market. They are lightweight and use a cleaver lever mechanism in order to lift a few tons of weight!

We came to the rescue and in true Dennes Engineering style we managed to make a plan temporarily to keep his business operational. We then set out to reproduce two brand new sets from drawings taken from the original sample. These jacks take up minimal space and allow for tight maneuverability in the back of their delivery vehicles.
Check out our Instagram or Facebook for a video of them in action!
As I’m sure you all know, we have taken over the agency for Teng Tools. We are extremely excited about the re-launch into South Africa. If you are new to the Teng Tools brand, check out this video we put together that explains the concept, then head over to our online store to score some sweet tools on our #lockdown deals!
Large Eccentrics

These large Eccentrics came in with extremely damaged threads and worn journals. The customer needed these back in a hurry! With the lock down in place, sourcing material was not an option, so we opted for sleeving the damaged components. We machined the journals back to spec, cut new thread and even manufactured new nuts!
This is a shovel used by one of our customers in the food industry to pick up product. It had broken and was desperately needed for their operation to continue. We gave it an aluminium welding repair, Aquablasted it for that extra special clean, and it was back in operation in a couple of hours!
LOCKDOWN Means its time to STRIP…
...your parts of course!
Lockdown means plenty of time to work on your projects and plenty of time to get parts ready to be cleaned by us once the lockdown is over! We will give you a 21% discount to Aquablast your parts once we re-open (excluding express cleaning).
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