Our final UKDC meeting for 2019 will be Monday, December 9th, 6pm at the Pine Cone Inn in Kernville.
We will welcome in Darus Stephens, newly declared candidate for the First District of Kern County Board of Supervisors.  Member Deanne Shulman will begin the meeting by talking about the RYLA program and her efforts to help the youth of the KRV.  Since it will be our last meeting of the year and in the spirit of the season, please bring a holiday treat to share. 

A Reminder of How We Can Help the KRV Homeless this Holiday Season:
We can donate to Tony Moor's foundation, which is a real 501c3. As mentioned above, Tony does most of the boots on the ground work himself, and pays for much of it out of his own pocket.  You can make checks payable to "The Moors Family Foundation."  Tony can get us a 501c3 letter for our records.  I also know the bank account # at Fidelity bank if you need it.  Please email me separately if you want the information.

For a vast majority of the homeless, pets are a necessity, and they won't go into housing without their furry companions.  Next time you're at Costco, pick up a big bag of dog and/or cat food and call Tony to give that donation directly to him.  He will make sure it is distributed.  Again, message me if you want his contact #.

If you have warm clothing, sturdy backpacks, and used sleeping bags that are good for cold winter weather (no summer "sleepover" bags - they are pretty useless for sturdy outdoor use), you can take them to Webb Recycling in Lake Isabella.  This is where Tony has storage and refrigerators for distribution.  Hot meals are fed to the homeless several days a week in the back of Webb.  Tony says they always have use for eggs, milk, and bread, for starters. 

If you have contacts or connections within the County, someone who may be able to help us improve things and get us some funding, please let me know via email or private message. 



Yes, I'm still slogging through much of the impeachment proceedings. Since they are interrupting my need to get the morning weather reports on a daily basis, I don't have much choice in the matter. For the most part, they're a bit on the dry side.
Generally the Impeachment show seems to be following a script: Adam Schiff welcomes people, gently states rules of conduct, then calmly reads a lengthy statement about who we are going to hear from today and summarize what we can expect that they will say. Then Devin Nunes, wide-eyed and mustering up every bit of indignation he can, reads from a carefully prepared script of his own - one clearly crafted by an entire kettle of GOP and White House pundits - wherein he addresses "the American people," blasts the Democratic party, the Press, his Democratic congressional colleagues, and tries to impart a new catch phrase that he (and the rest of the GOP) desperately hopes will stick. Today's winner was "They. Got. Caught." A phrase he repeated ad nauseum as a punctuation to his rant of the day. Then the star witnesses read their opening statements, which is essentially a summary of their experience and service, followed by a run down of their actions from May through September of this year. Then the Dems get to question, a break and the Republicans take a turn. Closing statements, and then we adjourn until tomorrow, when my weather report will be interrupted yet again.
Maybe I'm being glib. But the "bombshells" that people keep saying are being laid down don't seem very explosive to me. Or shouldn't be, to anyone who has always seen The Don for what he is: a spoiled rich entitled narcissistic brat with very limited intelligence and a need to run his businesses - which now includes the United States - like a page out of The Godfather. Since Dum Dum runs the White House like a mafioso, it shouldn't come as a surprise that he takes most of his advice from his consigliere and those he considers loyal to him above all else, even the country and citizens he was sworn to represent and protect.
Speaking of glib, it shouldn't really come as a surprise that the Gordon Sondland is a complete nincompoop with no experience in foreign affairs - a billionaire who bought his way into an Ambassadorship. During his impeachment testimony he was smiling, joking, taking it all in stride, and not taking it seriously. Because of his lackadaisical "three amigos" attitude, he actually slipped a lot of things into the mix that people didn't know before, most notably, that "everyone was in the loop." Again, should we be surprised that the Mafia Don's inner circle knew everything that he was doing, every step of the way? Nope.
If you'd like a laugh, I thoroughly enjoyed Samantha Bee's take on Sondland and his testimony. "The President's Men Colluded" - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee
So, here we are. Finishing up this week. There will be a vote. The house will vote along party lines and Impeach. The Senate will vote along party lines and the Mafia Don will stay in office.
Next year, WE will need to vote along party lines and get that crooked mafioso out of the White House for good.


The fifth Dem Debates took place last night, and this was the first in which I felt that the candidates were FINALLY getting smart about what they were saying, and how they were saying it (with the glaring exception of Tulsi Gabbard, who, in my humble opinion, just needs to go away. With Dems like that, who needs Republicans?).
Biden started out a little slow, and I was worried that he might be ill, but he picked up speed and in spite of typical Joe gaffs, "Bidenisms," finished really strong. I think it was his best debate performance yet. Sanders and Warren were impassioned, as usual, but they made their points, strong rebuttals, and even threw in a few good punchlines as well. They both did great. Buttigieg was smart and strong, eloquent and competent, as he has been throughout. He is a top tier candidate, period. Wang was smart, had some good ideas, and was actually really funny, and Klobuchar had great talking points, but I don't think they did much to displace others in the rankings, and in fact Klobuchar's attack on Buttigieg's lack of experience backfired. And you all now know how I feel about Gabbard and her constant harping on fellow democrats and "regime change wars." I felt that the two who did the most to raise their standings were Kamala Harris and Corey Booker. With the exception of the first debates, they haven't really been able to stand out in the pack. But Harris especially had some exceptional moments. Booker often seemed to be piggybacking on a great point by Harris, but that doesn't take away from his own moments.
Steyers, who doesn't have a chance in Hades of getting the nomination, and I think is running to be able to get his agenda across to the American public, made some excellent points about the need for Democratic voter turnout being key to flipping not only the Presidency, but turning the Senate blue, keeping the House blue, and races all across the United States. YES!!! I'll gladly watch him in the next few debates if that's the drum he keeps beating, because he is 100% correct. When Dems vote, we win.
I was extremely impressed with how the four female commentators, Rachel Maddow and Andrea Mitchell in particular, ran the show. They let candidates have enough time to explain their stances, and carefully curtailed candidates when they were not sticking to the point or answering the questions. I think this was the best debate because the moderators did such a great job.
What was most impressive to me was that collectively, it felt like the Democratic candidates kept their focus and discussed policy. They focused on party unity, on bringing the country together, and not on tearing each other down (for the most part - Gabbard, I'm looking at you, ugh), not on just talking about how bad Trump is (duh), but on what they would DO once in office. And what all of them would do, is immediately get to work on trying to fix the mess that the Mafia Don has put us all in.



When Virginia's legislature turned blue a couple of weeks ago, it opened the door for something critical: ratifying the ERA. Why does it matter if Virginia ratifies the ERA? Because we need 38 states to make the ERA an official amendment to the constitution, and Virginia would be that 38th state. As long as states who previously ratified the amendment don't change their minds, Equality for Women will FINALLY be a part of the United States constitution. Hey, it's only been 96 years, right?



Sun. Sept 15 thru Fri. Nov, 29, 2nd Annual Homeless Youth Sleeping Bag Drive, Sponsored by The Kern County Homeless Youth Committee   
Contract: Allyson Seal
Drop off locations
Kaiser Permanente Farmers’ Market "Market on the Hill"   
Saturdays from 9a-2p, 3700 Mall View Rd, Bakersfield, CA 93306 
“Haggin Oaks Farmers Market”
Sundays from 9a-2p, 8800 Ming Ave., Bakersfield, CA
Kern Bridges Youth Homes            
Monday-Fri. from 8a-5p, 1321 Stine Rd., Bakersfield, CA Inside Bldg A   
Office of Senator Shannon Groves (I know, but you don't have to interact with Groves - just drop off the sleeping bags.)
Monday-Fri. From 9a-5p, 5701 Truxtun Ave., Ste 150, Bakersfield

TODAY, November 21, Bakersfield 2020 Census Town Hall
5:30 to 8pm, Local 220 Laborers Union, 2201 H Street, Bakersfield
The Dolores Huerta Foundation Invites you to join us for a Census 2020 Town Hall!
Claim YOUR power!
Find out how YOUR count matters in the
2020 Census and about how $20,000
can help our neighborhood build schools,
health centers, and housing!
Childcare, Food & Translation will be provided.
Everyone COUNTS!
Everyone of us must ensure we get counted. The Census counts each living person. Your "count" helps schools, housing and healthcare over 10 years!
Fair representation.
By participating, our data will represent our political power in Congress and State Legislature.
You are protected. Your responses cannot be used against you or anyone in your household. It is against the law!
How It BENEFITS our community:
Build Schools, Health Centers & Hospitals.
Funds Housing, Roads & Community Programs.
Creates JOBS!
For more information:
Fernando Torres: (661) 387-5495 |
Lori Pesante: (661) 204-9843 |

Tuesday, November 26, World AIDS Day Resource Fair
9am, Self Help Federal Credit Union, 2100 H Street, Bakersfield

The World AIDS Day Resource Fair will take place before Thanksgiving festivities on November 26th, 2019. We want to share information with the community on current Kern County HIV statistics and promote healthy ways to prevent the spread of HIV (with promotion of PrEP/PEP). There will be HIV tests on-site, other health screenings, free haircuts, Food Bank Food Distribution, music and more!

Monday, December 9, UKDC Monthly Meeting
6 to 7:30pm, Piazza's Pine Cone Inn, Sierra Way, Kernville

Doors open at 5:30pm for refreshments and socializing - meeting begins at 6pm.  We will be welcoming Darus Stephens, newly declared candidate for Supervisor District One, and Deanne Shulman, who will be speaking about the RYLA program.  It's our last meeting of the year, so bring some holiday treats to share.

Tuesday, December 10, Ridgecrest United Monthly Meeting & Holiday Potluck
6 to 8pm, See below for location, Ridgecrest
In place of our December monthly meeting, we will have a holiday potluck social gathering! Bring something to share if you can, and comment below with what you will bring (main dish, side dish, dessert, non-alcoholic drinks, decorations). Holiday attire welcome!
For more details including location, join Ridgecrest United Facebook group or message their Facebook page.
Wednesday, December 11, KAN December Workshop: Grants Management and Reporting
8 to 10am, KCSOS, 1300 17th Street, City Centre, Bakersfield
Presenter: Dixie King
Check in 8am
Presentation at 8:30am
Attendees must RSVP via Eventbrite

Saturday, December 14, Democratic Women of Kern Holiday Breakfast
9am, The Petroleum Club, Bakersfield

Join us for our annual Winter Breakfast to celebrate Democratic Women of Kern and look forward to 2020! Open seating, gorgeous buffet breakfast, wonderful Democrats from our community...come celebrate the holidays with us!  Limited number of tickets available.  Go to to get yours! Ticket sales end December 7th.

Saturday, January 18, Women's March Kern County
10am to 3pm, Mill Creek Park, Bakersfield

Save the date and let's do this again!
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