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        Hello HDD family!  Did you know that, in any given year, no month ever begins or ends on the same day as May? It's true!  As we kick off this stand-alone month, we want to highlight some things HDD has been involved in and make you aware of changes that are on the horizon.  As always, make sure you take a brief scroll through our news so you don't miss out on anything and follow us on social media for more updates throughout the month. 
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HDD in Style!

         Don't miss Dr. Gil in this month's Lehigh Valley Style magazine.  You'll find his feature on page 87.  He has been highlighted as one of the area's leading professionals, specifically in the field of implant dentistry.  Do you know someone who needs implants?  Dr. Gil offers free dental implant consultations to new and existing patients.

The Gil Family Walks for Oral Cancer

        April was Oral Cancer Awareness month and the Gil family participated in the tenth annual Oral Cancer Walk in Philadelphia.  The 5K walk/run raised over $12,000 and boasted over 300 participants.  It was a great success, and the Gils had a wonderful time supporting this important cause.  During check-ups, Dr. Gil screens every patient for signs of oral cancer; however, if you notice something in your mouth in between visits that hangs around for longer than 2 weeks or causes any pain, call the office to have it checked.  Early detection can make a big difference!

Happy Mother's Day

         We are wishing all of the moms, step-moms, and mom-to-bes a very happy Mothers Day, which this year will fall on Sunday, May 13th.  We all get a lot from our mothers - physical attributes, personalities, etc.  But did you know that you get much of your oral bacteria from your mother?  Babies are actually born with essentially a sterile mouth, and within the first two days of life pick up flora from people or things that are in close contact.  For most of us, our mothers appear at the top of the list.  This is important because, along with diet and oral hygiene, the biofilm in your mouth can increase your risk for cavities or gum disease.  Therefore, the World Health Organization as well as many dental organizations recommend specific health guidelines for mothers and caregivers.  First, dental health should be a focal point of every pregnancy so that the chance of negative transmission can be reduced.  Furthermore, practices such as kissing the baby on the mouth or sharing a spoon or pacifier should be avoided.  Finally, making sure all those in close contact with the baby limit interactions with potential for saliva sharing and have good oral health can greatly reduce your child's susceptibility to early dental problems.  Moms, you have such a big impact on your childrens' lives, don't forget how much you might affect their smile!

Let's Celebrate Saving Teeth!

          Every year, we celebrate Root Canal Awareness Week in the first full week of May.  During this time, we specifically recognize endodontists (root canal specialists) and the tooth-saving procedure that they perform.  When the nerve in a tooth is infected or inflamed, root canals are often performed to alleviate symptoms and return the tooth to health.  The nerves are removed from the diseased tooth and the resulting spaces are cleaned, shaped, and sealed permanently.  While many general dentists perform root canals, endodontists complete specialized training to focus solely on these procedures.  Having your root canal done by an endodontist can make the procedure more efficient and comfortable, improve the results, and allow for the treatment of teeth with more complex anatomies.  And guess what?  We have an endodontist on staff!  Dr. Gil's wife, Dr. Julee, is a board-certified endodontist who is available for endodontic treatment for all of our patients.  We are so lucky!

More Evening and Friday Availability for Cleanings!

          As promised, we have added a team member to the HDD family.  Allison, an experienced dental hygienist, will be joining us starting in June.  This is especially exciting because it will mean we'll have more availability on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, as well as Fridays during the day.  If you've been waiting to schedule your visit because these times are hard to come by, call Karen today to set up your visit for next month.  Allison's schedule is already filling up!

Dental Did You Know #11

          Do you dread root canals?  Do you even know what they are and why we do them?  Take a few minutes to listen to Dr. Gil explain some details about root canals and how they are performed.

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