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        Wild sunflowers are admired for their phototropism, meaning that they can be seen stretching in the direction of the sunlight.  Beyond their beauty, sunflowers are sourced for their delicious seeds and for oils that can be used for cooking and skin emollients.  Much like the sun itself, they provide energy, nourishment, and joy.  As school lets out for the year, and we move into the sunny, summer months, HDD is in a "Sunflower Mood".  We are happy and hopeful for a wonderful season ahead, one filled with your bright smiles and contagious energy.  Let the fun begin!

Happy Father's Day

         This month we recognize fathers in a special way on June 17th.  Dr. Gil will be celebrating the day with his two children, Evan (right, 2.5 years old) and Ella (left, 11 months).  And let's not forget Reagan, his 3 year old boxer mix puppy.  How will you spend the day with that special dad in your life?
         Speaking of dads.  Did you know the profession of 
dentistry has a "dad" as well?  Pierre Fauchard, a French physician, is known as the Father of Modern Dentistry.  A self-described surgical dentist, he was the first to explain how sugar and acid cause cavities.  He also introduced dental fillings as a way to treat cavities, and warned that untreated decay could lead to "tumors" forming in the gums around teeth (what we now call dental abscesses).  Dr. Fauchard was the first to explore ways to replace missing teeth, and he was a pioneer in the field of orthodontics.  He is known for writing the first complete scientific description of dentistry, Le Chirurgion Dentiste ("The Surgeon Dentist") which was published in 1728.
         HDD will be wishing all dads a Happy Fathers Day this June.  Whether you are influencing an entire profession, like Pierre Fauchard, or just teaching your little ones how to brush their teeth, you are making a big impact on the next generation.  Keep up the good work!

June is Oral Health Month

        It is the fifth consecutive year that Colgate is teaming up with the American Dental Association to celebrate Oral Health Month.  This program is designed to highlight oral health care for kids and to work towards providing treatment to children in underserved communities.  How can you participate?  Even though school is out for the summer, it's always the right time to teach your children about healthy eating and hygiene habits.  Visit the website for brushing tips, coloring sheets, and more resources to help educate your little ones.  Want some extra credit?  Take a photo of you and your family caring for your smiles together and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ using #TimetoSmile.  Colgate will donate $1 for each post to Give Kids a Smile, a program that provides free oral health services to more than 5.5 million underserved children each year.  Likes and shares of someone else's photo count as well so you can contribute even if you don't want to be in front of the lens!

Pearly Whites?

         June is one of only two months that has three birthstones associated with it - Alexandrite, moonstone, and pearl.  Each of these stones have unique qualities, but we're going to focus on pearls for a moment.  Ever wonder why your teeth are called "pearly whites"?  The common phrase alludes to teeth being bright, white, and lustrous -- like pearls.  That may be intuitive, but here's another dental gem.  You can tell whether a pearl is real or fake quickly and easily by using your teeth!  Real pearls have minute crystalline structures similar to fingerprints while fake pearls do not.  Therefore, if you take a single pearl and rub it over the face of your tooth (must be a natural tooth, not a crown, veneer, or implant), it will feel 'gritty' or 'sandy' if the pearl is real.  If the pearl is fake, it will feel perfectly smooth.  Try it out!

Bright and White for Summer

          Memorial Day has passed, so if you're a fashion rule follower you've probably started to break out your white clothes and shoes.  But are you seeing too much of a color difference when those summer whites are contrasted with your teeth?  We can help!  Our in-office and take-home whitening kits will help put the WOW back in your smile.  Call and ask Karen for more information.

All in the Family

          As you know, Dr. Gil isn't the only dentist in his family.  His wife, Dr. Julee, is an endodontist, his father-in-law is a general dentist, and several other members of his extended family practice dentistry throughout the world.  He is the grandson and great-grandson of dentists, and perhaps the most famous dentist in his family was his grandmother, Dr. Brunilda Lopez.  She is most notably remembered as the first female dentist in the Dominican Republic.  Dr. Gil was influenced to pursue a career in dentistry by his grandmother and always planned on having a special tribute to her at Hamilton Dental Designs.  That tribute is now complete, and you'll find many of her original dental instruments on display, as well as a short biography about her life in the waiting room at HDD.  Take a few moments to read about her remarkable life next time you're in!

Dental Did You Know #12

          You've probably heard about dental implants before.  But how much do you really know about this tooth replacement solution?  Listen as Dr. Gil explains what implants are and how they work, what the steps are for getting one, and more!

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