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MediChat Newsletter September 2020
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Informational Links regarding the COVID-19 and Billing your Medical Claims 

NEW: Cost for cleaning the office after a patient because of COVID-19
New CPT Code 99072
Now Available to Report COVID-19 PPE Costs

On September 8, 2020, the American Medical Association (AMA) released new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®) code 99072 for reporting the cost of additional personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning supplies, and clinician or clinical staff time needed to safely provide in-person services during the public health emergency (PHE).
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois allows $50.00 and it is based on the policy

99072 captures the cost of supplies and activities required to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including: 

  • TIME spent pre-screening patients before the visit and checking for symptoms onsite;
  • PPE for the patient, clinician, and staff; and
  • Time and cleaning supplies for disinfecting equipment and rooms after each encounter. 
Although 99072 describes “clinical staff time”, the AMA notes that the code can also be reported when a physician or other qualified health care professional—including an audiologist or SLP—performs activities normally carried out by clinical staff, such as pre-visit screening or equipment and room cleaning.
Clinicians should report 99072 only: 
  • During a local, state, or federally declared PHE due to a respiratory-transmitted infectious disease, such as COVID-19;
  • Once per in-person patient encounter per day, regardless of the number of services provided during that encounter; and when providing services in a non-facility setting, such as a private practice. 

The new code is available for immediate reporting on claims.
However, CMS has not yet announced whether it will cover 99072 for Medicare services.
Clinicians should check with state Medicaid programs and commercial insurers, as it may take payers some time to implement the new code for payment.
More information is available at:

Why and when to use Modifier CS
Question: Why and when should we use modifier CS? 
Answer: Use modifier CS on visits related to testing for COVID-19.
From: CodingIntel Website:
CodingIntel is a library of easy-to-use coding resources and on-line education for medical practices.

We have more resources available on our website for billing your Medical claims & COVID information

Go to:
Click on the section: COVID-19 – Coronavirus Disease information

Version 25 Medisoft will be coming!

Sales will be starting October 19, 2020. Please watch for our future newsletters.

Is your Office Hours program flashing? 
Or you cannot print an Appointment list?

Look at your Office Hours Program options. In Office Hours, click on File - Program Options
Make a note of your Start and End Times and the Interval (standard length of appointments)
Your Appointments and Breaks must follow these Program Options
If you have one of these before or after your Start and End Times or not in the proper Interval this can cause issues.
If the Program Options Interval is set at 30 Minutes,
Then the appointments & breaks must be in 30 Minutes intervals;
Such as 30, 60, 90 minutes, etc.
They must also end before your set Program Options End Time.

 How’s Your Fax?
Have you checked the quality of your Fax Machine?
Your faxes might have lines or streaks on them & the receiver cannot read some of your faxes.
This is usually caused by correction fluid that was on a fax & left residue on your sensors.
To test your quality, put an original in your Fax & Choose Copy, this will print a copy for you.
If it has lines or streaks, clean the sensors on the Fax Machine.
See your owner’s manual on how to do this, or look on the manufacturer’s website. 

 Microsoft Edge Browser
You might need to use the Microsoft Edge Browser instead of the Internet Explorer Browser.
Some websites will no longer work properly in Internet Explorer, so try the Microsoft Edge Browser.

Information and Resources are being constantly updated.
Keep yourself informed and stay abreast of developments

Disclaimer: Integrated Health Care is not responsible for billing errors, corrections to the billing might need to be done as this is still being updated by the Insurance Companies.

Advice Disclaimer: This is not a substitute for legal advice. You should verify information using appropriate CMS and private payer resources, attorney, or other billing consultants/experts.

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