There are currently 3 different WAR ROOM online projects in development.  There are TWO on Tabletop Simulator and one on Tabletopia.  Both of the platforms have a 3D virtual space in which players "pick up" game bits and scoot them around in a virtual room (as opposed to interaction via UI and menus).  Both TTS (Tabletop Simulator) games were created voluntarily by individuals.  Nightingale Games has chosen to support their efforts and both TTS mods will be free to play (though you will need to own TTS).  You, too, can encourage their efforts by donating on our KO-Fi page here....  (KO-FI is sort of like Patreon except the donations are one-time rather than monthly.)  Here's a break down of the projects:

Matthew Lein's War Room TTS mod - This was the first mod created and is available NOW here...

Jim Howes' War Room TTS mod - This mod is not quite ready for release but will feature lots of automated scripts.  I've played it twice and it's coming along nicely!  Join the discord channel to ask about being a beta tester...

War Room on Tabletopia - For this platform you don't need to purchase anything and War Room is free to play now, but only the 2 player Eastern Front scenario is available.  If more interest is shown, then we'll make time to add more scenarios.  Nightingale Games LLC handles this project personally, but we are limited in certain features by the Tabletopia platform engine.


On Sept 1st EDT at 10am we'll be listing about 6 or so damaged or opened (but complete) copies of the core game War Room at $200 ea.  First come, first serve at our Shopify site...   Once those are sold a few undamaged copies will be listed (about 10) at the standard price of $240.  These will only be available for shipment to the US and Canada unless you are willing to pay the very steep shipping and VAT charges to ship internationally from the USA.   After that, we expect the LAST pallet from China (of about 30 games) to arrive in October or November.  Those will be available for ordering once they are past customs.  
We still have a few supplements left but have no plans for any major restock this year.  The Jumbo Expansion Packs are also limited to USA and Canada unless you can pay the very steep shipping and VAT charges (i.e. more than the cost of the Jumbo).  We expect a tiny trickle of resupply for certain items.
We are planning a 2nd Kickstarter to fund a 2nd edition of War Room in 2021.  Release probably wouldn't occur until 2022 or so.  This effort somewhat depends on trade relations with HK/China and other chaotic factors like COVID as far as the exact timing.  We intend to offer a slightly streamlined version at a cost of about 10% less than the first Edition.  We are currently planning no changes to the World Map or setup or the meat and bones of game-play.  We want the original KS backers and first edition buyers to feel like they have the SUPER DELUXE version, while still offering the game to new folks in a slightly more accessible price range, but yet maintains the deluxe components--just not super deluxe.  Here are some tentative concepts to give you an idea of the scope of changes---
  • We are working on a purely optional, simplified system to resolve battles faster. 
  • We are developing a combined Unit Storage Box instead of 4 different boxes. 
  • The wooden Hotspots will be still wooden but slightly shorter.  
  • We are working on a slightly different and more efficient Morale Board layout.
  • A few very minor new optional rules (these will be revealed later!)
  • The O&P Chart booklets might have fewer pages or have only 1-sided pages or be only dry-erase.
  • Perhaps only one battle-board in base game and slightly smaller reference boards.
This list doesn't include everything we are considering... but gives you a rough idea.... basically the same game, weighing 1 or 2 pounds less and priced accordingly.  We don't plan to reprint the Jumbo Pack anytime soon, but an alternate neoprene World Map with a light sea background sounds intriguing.  We'll see.


We have a few Signature Editions stashed away.  I've been hoping to have 100% Charity Auctions to unload them.  These auctions will be timed near the launch of the KS to get some buzz for the campaign.  Most of the charities would ideally be related to WW2 museums, history preservation/education, or removing land mines, vet benefits, etc.  That sort of thing.  Let us know if you have suggestions.
We haven't been able to playtest as much as we'd like due to COVID, but development is still cooking along.  There will be 2 scenarios.... One is all vs all... and the 2nd will be all vs Napoleon.  We have a teaser vid here if you haven't seen it yet....

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