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This is the first WAR ROOM Bulletin.  Before the Kickstarter launches this Fall I plan to send bulletins about twice a month, or when something significant happens.  Please let me know at if you find errors in viewing this newsletter or browsing our website:
Help with the Hype Train!
We've been working on this game for around 4 years, and we are just this month going public.  Please help spread news of the game as we slowly get up to speed on our hype train.  There will be a listing soon.
A word from the designer, Larry Harris:
"Board games are one of the most social forms of gaming out there.  People actually can see and talk to each other.  All through the development of WAR ROOM I envisioned thousands of basements and spare rooms all over the world being converted into imaginary World War II War Rooms.  The room is transformed into a place where like-minded folks gather and become -- for an afternoon-- Generals commanding vast, historically-based armies, fleets and air armadas against each other.   If this theme is up your alley, than check out WAR ROOM.  We had you in mind."
And now for a teaser bullet list of game features:
  • Multiple scenarios based on # of players (eastern Front, War in Europe, Pacific War, and Global War)
  • 7 Nations (USSR, UK, USA, China, Germany, Italy, Japan)
  • 42" diameter round world map with polar view
  • 10 unit types (4 naval,3 air, 3 land) formed in "Command Stacks"
  • Simultaneous, secret movement and production orders
  • Alliance discussions (where team members secretly discuss plans)
  • 3 resource types required for unit production (oil, iron, and OSR - "other strategic resources")
  • Bid oil for Turn Order Rank
  • After all movement, players choose a "Hot-spot" in turn order to resolve conflicts
  • 2-stage battles: Air Battle then Surface Battle (land/sea)
  • Choose unit type "Battle Stances" (for example: dogfight vs. strafe for fighter planes)
  • Simultaneous (effectively) combat dice system with custom d12s
  • Coastal and Trans-Ocean Convoy raiding
  • Rail usage (and disruption)
  • Strategic Bombing (affecting new unit production and infrastructure)
  • "Civilian Goods" available to counter stress
  • Track Medals, Stress, and Civilian Goods on the Morale Board
  • As wartime stress compounds each nation faces dire penalties on the "Homeland Status Track"
  • Trade resources with Neutrals (or invade and face resistance)
  • Territory cards serve as resource income reference and are exchanged when lost
  • "Contested Status" for territories cause reduced resource income
  • "Port Advantage" (free naval unit repair)
  • "Air Supremacy" (extra wild black die)
  • "Force Advantage" (to encourage diverse surface forces)
  • Soviet-Japanese Non-Aggression Pact
  • and more...
Forthcoming WAR ROOM bulletins:
  • Details about our experience as game developers.
  • More images and details about the game.
  • Voting!
Until next time!
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WAR ROOM Bulletin #1
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