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We have released a new version of the rulebook in English v126.  This version includes 4 changes that are more than just clarifications.  Here they are:
  1. The 2 player Eastern Front Scenario Victory Goals have changed.  Now either side must control BOTH capitals in order to win.  Otherwise, a Nation may lose due to climbing the Homeland Status Track.  (Originally, the USSR only needed to leave Greater Germany Embattled.)
  2. During the Morale Phase, to climb back up the Homeland Status Track (back to the White Zone), one must pay a number of Civilian Goods equal to its Stress Threshold.  (The cost used to be a flat 5 CG.)  Originally we were okay with the little ploy certain Nations could use in which they allow themselves to slide forward and then pay to go back thereby saving 1 or 2 CG.  After some more consideration, this little tactic felt a bit overly fiddly and so we simplified it to discourage hoarding of CG.
  3. During the Morale Phase, if a Nation has no Units on the World Map it advances 1 zone on the Homeland Status Track.  This primarily affects China which formerly could end up in limbo with nothing to do, but technically still be in the game.  With this change there is still a chance for allies to liberate and revive China, but the clock is ticking now.
  4. Once a Nation collapses, permanently flip ALL Territory Cards showing its flag to the Embattled side.  (Even those currently controlled by other Nations).   This rule was created to reflect the depletion of resources over time due to a prolonged war, and hasten the end game slightly as the flip-side of Territory cards have reduced resource income.
We are considering some additional advanced rules and some rules to speed up battles, but they likely won't be released until the end of 2020.


We are developing War Room on two virtual board game platforms:  Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia. We have created a donations page using KO-FI to fund the development and support for these projects. 

Donations are accepted here on our KO-FI page. 

We are using KO-FI instead of Patreon to allow one-time donations instead of subscriptions.  Half the money goes directly to Jim Howes who is developing the TTS mod with scripted automation.  The other half goes to Nightingale Games LLC for adding more scenarios and improvements to the Tabletopia version.  

For the foreseeable future they will both be FREE, but further development will rely only on voluntary contributions. (Paid DLC for TTS on Steam must be published by Berserk Games- the devs of TTS.) Jim Howes (a hardcore fan) has put in over 100+ hours in developing the TTS mod and it would be nice if he made a bit of money for his dedication.   What's extra special is that he is adding scripting so that many features are automated such as tallying resources and production, checking Force and Port Advantage, checking Territory Card Facing and so on... This should facilitate online play considerably.  He is starting with the Global Scenario. This official version still in development is not to be confused with the already released mod created by another fan.  We greatly appreciate his work too and it is available right now. They might now be collaborating somewhat-- not certain.  For more info join the Dischord channel or ask questions in our Facebook group.  As for the Tabletopia version, the next goal is to create the 3 player Pacific Scenario and to make other improvements.  


We are still deep in the very long final stages of development for Imperial Borders.  Besides the 6 player all vs all game we are introducing a second scenario which pits Napoleon against the other Powers of Europe.... "What if Napoleon won at Waterloo?"  Given the digital War Room development diversion and the added time to balance and develop this second scenario, we are pushing back the Kickstarter to 2021.
No I'm not talking about soup, or at least I don't think so.  We have around 50 core games left in the USA ShipBob warehouses and only about 100 Jumbos.  There are about 20 core games left in Europe (HappyShops).  There are low supplies of supplements too for certain items. Here is our store link:  NIGHTINGALE GAMES ON SHOPIFY


Once they sell out there will be no more until we decide to to another print run with funding via Kickstarter, which will most likely be the "Travel Edition" I hinted at one point.  The term "Travel" being kind of a dumb joke on my part given the game is so huge.  Cuz it's like a suitcase, but it's smaller than it was?  Get it?  Anyway, I like the idea of adding a handle to box like a bassoon case, but that is probably not feasible.  The goal is to make the Kickstarter price around $130 or so (and a retail price of about $195), with production features slightly streamlined without losing the high production quality standards.  This could mean things like a combined storage box for Units, and other cost efficient space saving alterations. 
So one last mention to this very long update... I wanted to proudly post The Discriminating Gamer's latest Youtube video featuring War Room:
Also I only just now noticed War Room was a Golden Geek nominee for 2019 in the War Room category. Given that we are a small, startup publisher, we certainly appreciate the buzz!  

Wishing everyone well!

Tom & Larry
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WAR ROOM Bulletin #18
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