Ah, the wonders that are retractable leashes! With these modern marvels you can keep your pup right by your side, let the curious ones go ahead to explore, and let the sniffers really get the noseful they want before skipping on over to catch up to you. You get to walk at the pace you want, and your furry friend gets to indulge their curiosity without have to wait for (or keep up with) their human!
Unfortunately, if your dog is in a group walk, the retractable leash ceases to be a blessing and becomes more of a curse. When a walker is juggling two or three different leashes, that comfy finger grip just doesn't compare to the versatility of the over-the-wrist loop of a static leash. Most walkers will keep the leash at a set length to match the dog's packmates', but there's always the chance it might snap back when it has some slack, catching any poor furball who happens to be in the way. 
We want all our dogs and walkers to be safe, so if your pup has a retractable leash and is on a group walk, talk to your walker to see if a static leash might be a better option for the time with their buddies!


Say hello to Finnegan! This magnificent marshmallow has been part of our pack since October of 2015! He is the epitome of a Pom-Pom, and with his bubbly cheerleader nature, he even looks like one! He may be in his golden years, but he has no problem keeping up with his whippersnapper pals, and his happy attitude inspires his pack with positivity! His favorite hobbies include: napping under his favorite dining room chair, cheering his squad, and smelling the flowers at the park. Finny is also quite the connoisseur of treats, only the finest suit this gentleman's palate. Instead he much prefers some good old fashioned snuggles! 2-4-6-8…Who do we appreciate? Finnegan!!


Gabby has been with us since last October, and we can't speak more highly of her! Gabby always has a smile on her face while she treks around SoMa with her pups. Since her terrier-tory can get a little exciting at times, Gabby always keeps a watchful eye out for naughty street snacks or construction messes to make sure her packs stay safe. Gabby's favorite part of the job is—you guessed it—hanging out with all of her amazing dogs! She loves each and every one of them, and takes note of their individual needs. This nurturing side of Gabby doesn't come as a surprise to us! She has always been interested in psychology and wants to pursue a job as a therapist. In her down time, you can find Gabby attending ballet performances and musical theater shows, playing the violin and piano, or chilling at home while watching Netflix. If she had to be a dog, Gabby said she would probably be a pug, since she wouldn't want to do much running!


Summertime is in full swing! While San Francisco is known for its chilly summers, we always get a couple heat waves perfect for barbecues and pool parties! While you're having fun in the sun with your pups, be sure to watch them for any signs of overheating, especially for any of our flat faced furbabies, as they can have difficulties panting to cool down. The ASPCA compiled a great list of hot weather safety tips to keep an eye out for during our rare scorcher summer days. Have fun in the sun, just keep an eye out for panting puppy tongues!


On Wednesday, June 13th, we had an evening full of barks, thumping tails and happy pooches! We joined Pawtrero and Bark Avenue at 185 Channel for a good time and met lots of new four legged friends and their pawents. It was one of the best turnouts yet, and at one point turned into a big old bulldog bash!
On Thursday, June 28th, we joined Pawtrero to help Azure at 690 Long Bridge celebrate their 3rd birthday! There was pizza and cake, and lots of doggos eyeing up all that human food. Luckily there were plenty of treats to go around for the puppers, though for some, all the treats you give are never enough!


Tonight (July 10) we'll be at 399 Fremont from 5-7 for a fabulous Yappy Hour, then the following week we'll head over to 33 Tehama on Tuesday, July 17 from 5-7 for another one! We're looking forward to meeting some new friends!


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