The end of summer brings about a lot of change here at Blue Dog! Many of our walkers say goodbye to their beloved pups and say hello to a new year in their college career. While we work to make a transition of walkers seamless for both you and your pup, we also need your help to do so!

Many of you build relationships with your walkers and connect with them directly when changing the routine of your dog's care. Whether it's feeding instructions, crate training, or something as small as a change in harnesses, we want to know about it!

In addition to informing your walker, please email us at to notify the management team. We will be sure to ask for clarification, confirm instructions, and get these notes updated in your dog's profile. Not only will this help us keep care for your dog consistent when training a new walker, but this will also help our backup team to properly cater to each pups' needs when your walker is away. 

We also want to thank everyone for your patience while we're hiring and getting back to our full sized staff. As always, your pups are our priority, and we do all we can to ensure they get the same amount of care that they'd get from you!


Are you hypnotized by his sheepish smile and rugged good looks? You aren't the first and you won't be the last! Meet Quincy, a 4 year old wise beyond his years. As the unofficial mayor of the Palace of Fine Arts, you can find him carrying out his favorite duties: exploring the sights, shaking hands, and kissing babies. A true dog of leisure, he makes sure to lie down every now and then to take it all in, but he can also be found patrolling the area with his partners in crime, Timber and George!


Walking dogs isn't just a job for Darryl, it’s a lifestyle! He enjoys long walks to the beach, so having a route in the Marina district is perfect for him. He has his own Staffordshire Terrier at home, his brown babe Bill that he’s had for nine years. When he’s not out and about or in with Bill, then he’s usually either trading cryptocurrency as a swing trader, working on his Jeep Wrangler Moab edition and taking it off roading, riding his Triumph motorbike up north for some solo camping, or just hanging around the house doing yard work and cleaning. Being from Ohio, he actually doesn’t mind yard work! 

Of of his favorite stories about Bill is from jogging through and around Lands End. “Bill and I came around a bend with a magnificent view of Baker beach, and we see a grey, dog-sized creature pop into view. Now there are signs hinting at and warning about coyotes, but we'd never seen one here, or at all, come to think of it. We stopped and stared just as it did. I looked down at Bill and he was staring at the assumed coyote waiting on my order and command. 'He's such a good boy and I'm glad I have him with me' is what I was thinking. Then the moment comes when the grey beast looks at us as if it's seen something interesting and starts to take a step. I look down ready to let Bill know what the plan is, but I was too late... He ran! He was five feet behind me already back peddling and getting the heck out of Dodge!”


Summer may be officially wrapping up, but there's still some time to get in more camping before the cooler weather sets in. We know that many of you look forward to taking your pooch out for a weekend getaway, so when you're planning your trip, don't forget to make sure the trip will be as fun for your doggo as for you. This link will tell you if a campsite is dog-friendly, and here are some other tips to help you and your pup have a fantastic time exploring the great outdoors!


If you haven't yet had the pleasure of attending one of these events, Sunday Streets is an afternoon where the streets are closed to traffic, bringing out neighbors and businesses to enjoy the afternoon by strolling down the car-free streets. On August 19 we joined the East Cut Community Benefit District down by 2nd Street, but Folsom was closed all the way down to 10th! There was a fashion show thanks to the Rincon Hill Dog Park, and holy cow were there some adorable, well-dressed pooches. 
On Wednesday, July 25 we had a lovely event with Pawtrero Supply at the Rincon Hill Dog Park. It was quite the neighborhood event, with plenty of pups and their pawrents there enjoying the festivities. We had a fantastic time meeting everyone, and hope to see some of these pups in the future!


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