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Obelisk Gen 2 Firmware Update

Dear Obelisk Customers,

The v1.1.0 update for Gen 2 Obelisk SC1 and DCR1 miners is now available! This update is for the new slim units, and is not compatible with Batch 1 hardware.

You will know the update is ready to install when a red icon with an exclamation mark appears in the SYSTEM tab in the miner UI. By default the miner only checks for updates every 12 hours, and shortly after rebooting – so if you want to update immediately, you will need to reboot the miner and wait a few minutes. You may also need to refresh the dashboard.

When the red icon appears, click the SYSTEM tab in the miner UI and look for the UPDATE TO v1.1.0 button. Click the button to start the update. You will need to wait about 3 minutes for the update to complete and for the miner to be visible on the network again.

Please read the Release Notes, which can be found on the GEN 2 SOFTWARE tab of the Downloads page, but which we've also posted below for your convenience.

Release Notes
  • New Feature: Implemented a performance tuning system that tries various performance settings for the first 30 minutes of operation. After 30 minutes, the best settings are locked in. During the tuning process, the hashrate will bounce around as various settings are tested. After that, the hashrate should return to the best value found during tuning.
    NOTE: We are still working on improving this algorithm, and we have found that after running for about 40 minutes it can improve hashrate if you decrease the fan speed to 50% for 5 minutes, and then set it back to 85%. We are working on automating a fan speed tuning process as well so that you do not need to do this manually.
  • Improvement: If the system detects that a hashboard has become unresponsive, it reboots so that hashing can be resumed.
  • Bug Fix: The REBOOT EVERY option in the SYSTEM tab was using units of seconds instead of minutes, which caused miners to reboot too soon.
  • Change: Established a minimum fan speed of 50% to protect the system from thermal damage.
  • Change: Reset fan speed to 85% even if it was modified by the customer.
Additionally, if you need to completely restore your firmware, we've posted a new support guide

As always, please let us know if you have any questions. In addition to emailing, you can always reference our support center or join us on Discord.


– Team Obelisk
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