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Obelisk Shipping Update

Dear Obelisk Customers,

We have shipped a few hundred SC1 units and are ramping up production of both SC1 and DCR1 units this week. We expect to be producing 500 units per day by end of week, which means all Batch 1 orders should ship in the next several days. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order ships.

SC1 units are shipping with average hashrates of 550 GH/s and DCR1 units will be shipping with average hashrates of 1,000 GH/s. We expect to bring these up to 800 GH/s and 1,500 GH/s, respectively, with firmware updates over the coming weeks. As our operations team is overseeing production, our firmware team is working diligently to improve hashrates and fix bugs.

You can read the full user guide on our support website. The guide helps you set up your miner, answers FAQs, and identifies known issues and bugs. For questions not addressed in the guide, please email us at and we will promptly answer.

Both the Sia and Obelisk teams are still in favor of forking, and the Sia core developers are currently working on a detailed proposal. Stay tuned for more details.


– Team Obelisk
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