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Smart Phones at the Helm

Zebra Technologies just released their 2022 Hospital Vision Study on the use of technology in healthcare. Biggest buzz word you need to know is “Clinical Mobility”.
Clinical Mobility is the use of mobile devices such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, and printers by physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals at the point of care.

What is Zebra's Vision? 
They are predicting by 2022 that nurses, pharmacists, lab techs, and physicians in all specialties will be using mobile technology. It is becoming an indispensable tool to increase work flow and provide better care. Almost 98% of providers will be using mobile devices in practice.
These mobile devices will be used for secure texts, voice communication, picture taking, telehealth, voice recognition dictation. Pretty much as the tech savvy generation continues to take on a larger role in healthcare they are demanding to have the ease of a smartphone accompany them in the hospital.

How Will This Help?

This will reduce many of the inefficiencies in healthcare. Nurse-physician communication will improve. Medical errors will be reduced. The Internet of Things, the idea of connecting all smart devices via one smart operating system, will become a reality.
Just expect that in about four years you will walk into your doctor’s office, and they will know all of your information using Face ID. This revolution is worldwide and will change healthcare workflow as we know it.

NFL in Dire Straits

This year the Super Bowl was viewed by 103.4 million people—down 7% from last year and the lowest mark in nearly a decade. Also, this year saw the most concussions since the data has been public. Rough way to cap the season... 
Not All Bad 
As the NFL continues to struggle, science is making an attempt to help. Enter United Neuroscience (UNS). This week, they declared their intentions to develop a vaccine for chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). Though little is known about the disease, we do know it is hallmarked by accumulation of tau protein. 

Typical vaccines present harmless variations of a virus to stimulate an antibody response. UNS aims to trigger a similar response by presenting recipients of the vaccine with a foreign substance resembling both a virus and tau aggregations.
Seems Simple, Right? 
Not so fast. CTE cannot be diagnosed in living individuals, so how will trials be conducted? TBD.
For now, EEG prototypes are being developed to monitor sub-concussive events which kill brain cells and lead to more long-term damage. Collecting such data may shorten players’ careers. With time, however, it could lengthen lives. 

App of the Week: Sleepio
Clinically proven to help you achieve better sleep through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and input from Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other wearable devices. 

Government Says: Cell Phones Can Cause Tumors 

A government study released this week showed a small connection between cell phone radiation and cancer. After long bouts of high exposure to cell phone radiation, male rats developed malignant tumors on their hearts and nerves.

Female rats, however, were unaffected. Hmmm… The male rats also showed signs of gliomas (brain tumors) but this link was much weaker than the heart tumors.

The Study Cost HOW MUCH?
This 10 year, $25 million study was conducted by the National Toxicology Program, a division of the National Institute of Health. (Your tax money at work, ladies and gents) Each rat was exposed to radiation for nine hours a day for two years.
The researchers say the data found in this study should not be assumed on human beings. John Bucher, a lead scientist on the project, said "I haven't changed the way I use a cell phone." Likely from his cell phone.

$25M Gone. Now What?
Keep doing you. Surf the web, make long phone calls, take your selfies, etc. The current limits for mobile phone radiation "remain acceptable."

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