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We are delighted to award funding for four new Education projects between Warwick and Monash academics which will provide a unique opportunity for us to work together to further internationalise the experiences of our students. The call through which these projects have been funded is now reopened for a 2nd round (deadline 31 July 2018).

We highlight an Alliance funded cross-disciplinary collaboration between the research groups of Dr Tosin, Dr Cryle and Dr Corre which is tackling the global challenge of antimicrobial resistance.

We talk to Professor Helen Skouteris who is working with Warwick colleagues on a successful and ambitious program of research and education in healthcare improvement since becoming an Alliance joint professor eight months ago. 

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund

This is the inaugural year of the Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund and we are committed to continuing to support our academics and professional services staff who are working collaboratively on projects that will help to internationalise our teaching and learning.

Congratulations to all four projects which have been awarded funding in the first round.

One of the successful funding recipients is a project led by Prof. Dragan Ilic, Monash University and Dr. Debbi Marais, University of Warwick.

Work-integrated learning opportunities for students are essential for their development of key employability skills, consolidation of learning, and ensuring their ‘work-readiness’. The University of Warwick has developed an innovative module in its Master of Public Health which offers students the opportunity to undertake a novel virtual learning experience. The students are partnered with local and international public health agencies and can collaborate on ‘real life’ projects within a workplace based setting.
Professor Ilic and Dr Marais plan to work together to share learnings and best practice with the vision to developing shared virtual work-based placements in an international setting. This would be a significant step in broadening the opportunities offered to students at both institutions, and would give them the chance to reflect on their experiences and learning, not only across disciplines, but also geographically and across cultures by interacting with their peers at the partner university.


Monash Warwick Alliance collaboration tackles antimicrobial resistance

The emergence of multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens is dramatically threatening the current state and future prospects of healthcare worldwide. A novel and cross-disciplinary collaboration, facilitated by the Monash Warwick Alliance, is tackling this global challenge. 

The research groups of Dr Tosin, Dr Cryle and Dr Corre have all been pursuing different research avenues towards the discovery and the understanding of natural product biosynthetic pathways, which hold the promise to develop novel antibiotics.

Research makes significant headway towards healthcare improvement 

The program of research and education led by Professor Skouteris and Professor Kirkpatrick, under the Alliance, is building enduring partnerships that will have significant impact on the communities we serve. The collaborative program of education includes accredited post graduate units, workforce development programs and community education that respond to industry needs and ensure participants are able to work in global settings.

We speak with Professor Skouteris about her achievements to date and plans for the future.

New Call for Proposals to the the Alliance Education Fund

The next round of the Alliance Education Fund is now open and will close on 31st July 2018.

For this round the Alliance is particularly interested in receiving submissions utilising scalable AR/VR technologies, provide mobility opportunities for underrepresented cohorts, tackle assessment issues, and/or staff exchanges for delivery of teaching.

Those wishing to apply are encouraged to discuss their project with the Alliance Project Team in advance of submitting an application.

Please follow the relevant link below for further information on the Alliance Education Fund:


We like to celebrate the work of our researchers by recognising the publications that are achieved via collaboration between our institutions, and in many instances, additional partners. The information below is a selection of publications from last month which have been sourced from Scopus:

Pilkington, Emily H., Gustafsson, Ove Johan Ragnar, Xing, Yanting, Hernandez-Fernaud, Juan, Zampronio, Cleidi, Kakinen, Aleksandr, Faridi, Ava, Ding, Feng, Wilson, Paul, Ke, Pu Chun and Davis, Thomas P. (2018) Profiling the serum protein corona of fibrillar human islet amyloid polypeptide. ACS Nano

Jin, Jianwen, Zhao, Yichao, Gouranourimi, Ali, Ariafard, Alireza and Chan, Philip Wai Hong (2018) Chiral Brønsted acid catalyzed enantioselective dehydrative Nazarov-type electrocyclization of aryl and 2-Thienyl vinyl alcohols. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 140 (17). pp. 5834-5841

Michael, John, Wolf, Thomas, Letesson, Clément , Butterfill, Stephen A. (Stephen Andrew), Skewes, Joshua and Hohwy, Jakob (2017) Seeing it both ways: using a double-cuing task to investigate the role of spatial cueing in level-1 visual perspective-taking. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance

Ly, Joanne, Li, Yuhuan, Vu, Mai N., Moffat, Bradford A., Jack, Kevin S., Quinn, John F., Whittaker, Michael R. and Davis, Thomas P. (2018) Nano-assemblies of cationic mPEG brush block copolymers with gadolinium polyoxotungstate [Gd(W5O18)2]9− form stable, high relaxivity MRI contrast agents. Nanoscale

Sadler, P. J., Vernooij, Robbin, Joshi, Tanmaya, Horbury, Michael D., Graham, Bim, Izgorodina, Ekaterina I., Stavros, Vasilios G., Spiccia, Leone and Wood, Bayden R. (2018) Spectroscopic studies on photoinduced reactions of the anticancer prodrug, trans,trans,trans-[Pt(N3)2(OH)2(py)2]. Chemistry - A European Journal

Lunn, Andrew M. and Perrier, Sébastien (2018) Synthesis of sub-100 nm glycosylated nanoparticles via a one step, free radical, and surfactant free emulsion polymerization. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 

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Hall, Matthew and Millo, Yuval (2018) Choosing an accounting method to explain public policy : social return on investment and UK non-profit sector policy. European Accounting Review, 27 (2). pp. 339-361

Monash to Warwick

  • Mx Jacob Thomas, Alliance Education Project Coordinator, 9th-13th July
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