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Welcome to the last Lionfish University newsletter of 2019. We've got a new site manager, a fantastic DEMA booth coming up, and a radio report from a reef assessment in Antigua. There are also some *secret* projects happening that we'll be announcing soon, so stay tuned...

This is your last chance to do your Christmas shopping with one of our sponsors, so get in quick!

Scott Gonnello of Lionfish Central is now managing our website! Check out the new store, where you can buy spear-tips, Zookeeper parts, and more. Thank you Scott!

The invasion is spreading fast - the newest surveys show lionfish from New York to Venezuela.
Please donate to help us fight back. Every little bit counts!
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You're never too young to save the world

On October 11th Stacy, her brother Courtney, his wife Nica and their 5-year-old son Courtney III cleaned up their local beach in Grand Cayman. Six trash bags and three full Zookeepers later and they were done! Little Courtney had a great time and proved that you're never too young to pitch in and make a difference.

Stacy and Steve are on the air!

On October 17th Stacy, Steve Gittings and Martha Watkins Gilkes went on ZKD Radio in Antigua to report their findings after the reef assessment trip in April.

Click here to listen.

Watch this space...

Guy Harvey Magazine is focused on responsible fishing, diving, and marine conservation. They'll soon be publishing a series of articles about our work at Lionfish University written by Dr Steve Gittings, Alex Fogg, Stacy Frank and Jim Hart. Click here for the website, and look out for the Fall 2019 issue!


Look for us at DEMA 2019 in Orlando, November 12th - 16th! We’ll be at booth 348 providing information on the lionfish invasion, and Dr Steve Gittings himself will be demonstrating his lionfish trap.

Plus, pick up all sorts of swag like the Cook Lionfish cookbook, lionfish jewelry, dive flags, our new coasters made of recycled wetsuit material, waterproof cell phone cases, and Nautical Paschens’ LFU rash guards.

September 15th

The Islamorada REEF Lionfish Derby & Festival on September 15th was a great event for getting the message out there about the lionfish invasion.
September 16th
While in Islamorada, Stacy Frank, Steve Gittings, Jim Hart and Scott Gonello (founder of Lionfish Central) finished filming the second PSA in our series on Lionfish Culling Safety Tips. Stay tuned for more updates!

Field Reporter of the Quarter

Roger Muller Jr.
Roger has been a volunteer Field Reporter for several years now. He sends in video reports from around the invaded area on the many lionfish hunting trips he and his wife Andrea take. Roger always has a Lionfish University flag with him and has been spreading the word about our efforts to help control the lionfish invasion. Roger has also helped with PSA series Lionfish Culling SafetyTips and is a sponsor of Lionfish University.

Thank you Roger for all of your support and volunteer efforts!

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The amazing Cook Lionfish book by Polly Alford and Claire Wood is full of delicious recipes and tips for cooking the world's most invasive fish.
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ReefSafe products are biodegradable, eco-friendly, oxybenzone free and scientifically proven safe to corals and sea life.
When you shop through our site, a portion of proceeds is donated to LFU!

What's on your hook? Hunt in style with the Nautical Paschens Lionfish Eliminator collection, created specifically for Lionfish University.
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Ossidabile's "scorpionfish" pendant reminds us that lionfish are both beautiful and terrible. It's a gorgeous gift and a great conversation starter, so buy yours here!
When it comes to safely storing lionfish on the hunt, the ZooKeeper line can't be beat. Thank you to Allie ElHage for his continuing support.
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Roger Muller Jr. is a longtime friend and supporter of LFU. Muller Insurance is a family business committed to finding the best insurance rates for individuals, families, and businesses since 1906.
Lisette Keus of Lionfish Caribbean makes beautiful jewelry out of lionfish. Every piece is unique and gorgeous. Come by LFU's booth #348 at DEMA this year to purchase this beautiful environmentally-friendly jewelry!
Scott Gonnello of Lionfish Central provides business services while supporting lionfish eradication efforts. He currently manages the LFU website, and we're so grateful! Learn more about what he can do for your business here.
Peter Hillebrand and the Southern Cross Club Fish & Dive Resorton Little Cayman care about local reefs. Check out their fishing charters, dive classes and more on their website!
We rely on donations to keep fighting against the lionfish invasion.
Thank you for your support!
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