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Welcome to Newsletter #200

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

To celebrate the 200th edition, I've showcased three writers that have influenced me a great deal.

A tale I read

Pop and Me by John Hegley
[Pop and Me by John Hegley]

A tale I heard

Writer Rob Auton on choosing one theme to focus each of his shows around:

"In 2012 I did a show about the colour yellow, but it was about the concept of yellow. Not a science lesson about the colour yellow. Same with the other shows, the sky show, the face show, the water show. I am interested in the concept of water. What people think about it. What do I feel about it? I want to zoom in aspects of life I take for granted. So with all the shows I’ve always put the word in the middle of the spider diagram and thought about everything I can think of to do with the word. I try not to look at what other people think about the subject but I try to explore it for myself. How do I feel about hair? Why do I have it? Am I going bald? What about animals? They have hair. I wonder how they feel about it? Do some dogs get annoyed that their eyebrows cover their eyes and they lack the ability to cut them? When I’ve decided on the subject, aspects of it illuminate themselves to me in my daily life. So with the time show, my time bell would sound every time I found myself mixing with time. Basically I want to go off on one and think about something and to explore how I really feel about it. The next show I’m doing is about crowds, so any time I’m in a crowd or in front of a crowd I try to think how it’s making me feel and wondering how other people feel about being in a crowd."

A tale I saw

Wonderdate by Tim Key  

A tale I wrote

The following poem appears in my brand new pamphlet, BIG BAD MIKE: a love letter to my Dad, men, boys, and any human who has ever opened up or listened.  

My Dad Could Have Your Dad

I hear what you’re saying,
your dad broke a bloke’s nose
down the Rat Trap

and yours spent some time
as an Army Sergeant or a Marine,
you can’t quite remember,

and sure I’ve heard your dad,
his jaw like a predator, making cheese sandwiches
sound like a mouthful of gravel,

and yours swearing at a bus driver
and yours swearing at Miss Long
and yours swearing at you

but has your dad ever ripped
the thatched roof off
of a grade 2 listed pub with a delivery truck?

Mine has. It made the news
and he lost his job.

Purchase a copy of BIG BAD MIKE here.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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