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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Catch by Matt Harvey
[Catch by Matt Harvey]

A tale I heard

Scott Hutchison, former lead-singer of Frightened Rabbit, speaking in 2018 about the satisifaction of people saying they relate to his lyrics:

"That’s the whole point in a lot of ways. Obviously the songs are quite personal, but there has to be a way in. So once a person talks to me and says that they not only found a way in, but lived within a song or album for a really long time, that’s fantastic to hear. It’s amazing how personal people are willing to be, with how open they are to me. Because I guess my voice has been coupled with a lot of their worst times and it’s helped. So I think it’s often seen as a friend in those times. But I’m really, really pleased when anyone says that something I have done has helped them. You know, you can’t knock that."

A tale I saw

Kettle by Vanessa Kisuule

A tale I wrote

When I grow up
I want to be an envelope
stuffed with a Christmas card
to an old lady. I want to be a mug
kissed by two million cups of tea.
I want to be a dog 
eating two-finger Kit Kats.
When I grow up
I want to be a floated cross
into the six yard box.
I want to be the spit
on a goalkeeper's gloves.
I want to be grass stains on knees,
the name of a local business 
stitched across stomachs,
a firework in August.
When I grow up
I want to be dust
on broken bookshelves. 
I want to be a pork pie 
at the back of the fridge, 
I want to be a pair of ears 
nailed to a cliffside. 
I want to be disgusting 
and lost and a hill up to the park. 
When I grow up 
I want to be a crispy leaf. 
When I grow up
I want to be
what I want to be
when I grow up. 

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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