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A tale I read

Invincible Vince by Brian Bilston
[Invincible Vince by Brian Bilston]

A tale I heard

Former Frightened Rabbit frontman Scott Hutchison on trying to change his approach to writing lyrics for the band’s fifth, and most recent, album Painting of a Panic Attack, and his need to write:

"I often start albums in this way, in that I have this grand idea that there’s going to be a concept. I really admire lyricists like Craig Finn who can craft a story that isn’t his own life and build characters and do it really effectively and then I realise, why am I trying to do that? I’m not very good at that. I mean, there are instances that made it on to the album but those are very much, like, half my life and half sort of, you know, semi fictional.

The concept thing, which is just me trying to be smart, I think it comes from my art school days of being an absolute… I mean, you know, high concept that nobody else even cares about. So I was forced out of that realm by [my brother] Grant and then, because, in my head I was thinking that to continue writing about, you know, emotional turmoil – not that I was going through heart ache or anything, but I was having problems with [LA] the city I lived in - I thought that would be a step backwards. But then I realised, that’s why I started writing songs. That’s also why I need songs. Because if I don’t write about these things then they have nowhere to go. And so I gave them a place to go and it was the right thing to do."

A tale I saw

Carrot Mash, Tea & Bill Bailey by Laurie Bolger
[Carrot Mash, Tea & Bill Bailey by Laurie Bolger]

A tale I wrote

All of the love was used up.
People stopped complimenting each other,
opening doors for one another
and generally just smiling.

Fortunately, Jeremy managed to reserve
a handful of love from the day before.
It was in his pocket.
He had no-one specific to use it on,
so decided to pepper his emails with it,
fuel his hellos and goodbyes with it
and generally just wear it in his eyes.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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