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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Flammable by Tony Walsh
[Flammable by Tony Walsh]

A tale I heard

Angelo Poffo, father of former WWF and WCW wrestler Macho Man Randy Savage, on holding the Naval record of consecutive sit-ups, clocking 6,033 in just over four hours back in 1945:

"People ask me: ‘Why did you go to 6,000 and then 33? Why didn’t you go to 6,100?’ I’ll explain it very well… because at the end of 6,000 sit-ups I was so happy that I was still alive – and a lot of people that went after the sit-up record burst their abdominal artery and died – I was so happy that I was still alive, and that I had the record, that I did one sit up for every year of Jesus Christ’s life. Now that’s a religious person!"

A tale I saw

Thought Sick by Roehn Brind
[Thought Sick by Roehn Brind]

A tale I wrote

Some arsehole at work forgot to rinse their
broccoli and stilton soup’s plastic tub
before throwing it into the recycling bin.

Sebastian acted in the only way he knew how
and wrote a passive aggressive, company-wide email
with a pithy little soup pun
before burning the building down.

A tail I like

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