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Welcome to Newsletter #205

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Go Shopping by John Osborne
[Go Shopping by John Osborne]

A tale I heard

Writer and comedian Dawn French on the arts:

"I feel massive, genuine grief about what is going on in the arts. I didn’t know we were regarded as so unimportant by the government. I’m just so shocked. In any civilised society, the cultural landscape is our emotional scaffolding. It’s where we do our thinking, where we tell our stories, where our opinions are aired, where we argue, where there’s dissent, everything. It’s how we relate to each other. This dismissal of the arts – and especially theatre – as kind of frothy and light and a luxury, when it’s about 120bn quid’s worth of income, it is shocking to me."

A tale I saw

The Cook by Jason Azziz  

A tale I wrote

He just washed his hands
and tucked his blue shirt
into his skinny black jeans

and thought about the sandwich
he would make later that day
with two slices of white tiger loaf

stuffed with too-thick cheddar cheese
and roughly sliced beef tomatoes
and full fat mayonnaise and mustard 

(the kind from a fluorescent yellow 
squeezy bottle) and ready salted crisps 
scattered on his chunky dinner plate 

and he looked at his polished brown shoe
and wondered when he would wear it
and said goodbye to the snoring

he couldn't believe he'd never hear again
from a mouth he wished told the truth.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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