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Welcome to Newsletter #142

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

I Don’t Know, Go and Play by Mary Dickins
[I Don’t Know, Go and Play by Mary Dickins]

A tale I heard

Poet, writer, comedian, actor, performer, Rob Auton on being described as 'The Brian Cox of comedy':

"I think that came from an interview I was doing next to a river. I saw a Mallard and said 'look at that Mallard'. Maybe it’s more to do with me trying to stay excited by the planet and being open to things amazing me.

I’m determined to stay awake. I hate going to bed. I’m fascinated by time and what we do with it and what we don’t do with it. There’s a lot of humour to be found in how one spends their time. I don’t know much about science but I love looking at the sky and faces and the fact I know what a clock is and a cat doesn’t."

A tale I saw

A Handful of People by Richard Watkins

A tale I wrote

There’s a hair on my arm
that doesn’t look like its siblings.
It’s three times as long as them
and feels like knackered wire.
It’s thin enough now that it’s got little kinks
and bends in the middle
like a twirly phone cable from the ’90s
that Mum’s idly stretched out
and played with during the third hour
of a conversation with her aunt
as she shrugs apologies to Dad
and mouths instructions
to turn the Chicken Kievs down 
because she’s probably going
to be another 30 minutes
and she’ll sort out the peas and beans
when she’s done
thanks love
you know what she’s like.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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