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A tale I read

Love Version Of by Richard Scott
[Love Version Of by Richard Scott]

A tale I heard

Comedian Jo Brand on what she misses most, and what she learned, from her time as a psychiatric nurse:

"What I miss most is working with a group of people in a very close way. It was an emergency clinic and there were a lot of situations that were quite dangerous unless they were managed properly. So having a group of us who all knew what we were doing and being able to manage quite hair-raising situations is very satisfying really. We wouldn’t always sort things out, but the vast majority of the time we could at least do something. So from that point of view, you can’t follow every audience member home and go, “Did you have a laugh? Do you feel better?”

What I learned from it is that in many ways I was very naive. We are encouraged by the tabloid side of the press to think people with mental-health issues are nothing like us. And I learned that’s simply isn’t the way things are when I found out my dad had a quite a serious depression, and that wasn’t until after I’d actually become a nurse really. So you think, “Well, that’s in my family and it’s in everyone’s family in some way or another. Everyone is affected by it.”."

A tale I saw

Not Quite A Cheetah by Paul Cree  

A tale I wrote

There’s a framed picture of Frank Sinatra
frowning at a toddler
nailed wonkily to the wall
above a knackered juke box
playing Babyshambles on repeat.
The 70s wallpaper has chunks missing
and I can see at least three rusty pipes
behind the Japanese gins and American ales.
The exposed brick is crying damp.
Triple cooked chips are sitting
in the middle of greasy upside down hats,
beetroot ketchup is dripping through the gaps.
There ain’t a smile in the gaff
and everyone feels at home.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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