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Welcome to Newsletter #128

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Understanding Abstract Art by Daniel Cockrill
[Understanding Abstract Art by Daniel Cockrill]

A tale I heard

Comedian Josie Long discussing her most recent show Tender that looks at becoming a mum:

"People love to tell you how bad it is having a baby but what they don't tell you is how joyful it is and how much fun it is and how lovely they are.

It's the first show that I have written in a couple of years. It's about all of the intensity and the chaos and vulnerability of new motherhood and its thinking as well about the climate crisis and how you try and respond to that and how you still try and enjoy things and bring in lightness and silliness.

I think in some ways just a decision to have a child is a really positive one because it is saying you have enough faith in the future that you want to invest in them and be a part of it. The conclusion I came to is thank God people are trying to have children now because it does connect people to the better part of themselves."

A tale I saw

The Posh Mums Are Boxing In The Square by Wayne Holloway-Smith

A tale I wrote

Three birds are on a rock.

BIRD 1: Love this rock
BIRD 2: Yeah, love this rock
BIRD 1: Just so peaceful
BIRD 2: Yeah, so peaceful
BIRD 3: Not a fan, personally
BIRD 1: Really?
BIRD 2: Really?
BIRD 3: Yeah, I love that rock
BIRD 1: Never tried that rock
BIRD 2: Yeah, never tried that rock

The birds fly to that rock.

BIRD 1: Wow, love this rock!
BIRD 2: Yeah, wow, love this rock!
BIRD 3: Not a fan, personally

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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