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Welcome to Newsletter #155

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Wipe Wipe Wipe Your Glasses by John Hegley
[Wipe Wipe Wipe Your Glasses by John Hegley]

A tale I heard

Actor Paul Rudd on how he's changed over his 30+ year career:

"I thought about this recently and I think that one of the great joys in life is knowing that everything’s ahead of you – the big questions, such as: ‘I wonder what I’m gonna do for a job when I grow up’; ‘I wonder who I’m going to marry’; ‘I wonder if I’ll have kids’; ‘If I have kids, I wonder what their names will be’; ‘I wonder where I’m gonna live’. When I was younger, if everything got me down it didn’t matter because all that was ahead. I think that it’s sometimes harder in life when those questions have been answered and all of a sudden you think, ‘What do I have now to look forward to?’"

A tale I saw

Little Dog's Rhapsody by Mary Oliver

A tale I wrote

What is a body?
I guess it's bones and blood and piss
all working independently from each other. 
But maybe it's something else. 
Maybe it's all the bits
that may or may not 
have been given names yet.

Like the feeling of forgetting your key 
despite it being in your bag
where it always lives, 
or the weight of a truck
sitting on your chest
when you're not even wearing a shirt. 
Perhaps a body is a gift 
you didn't ask for 
but with the right amount of magic 
you can grow to love 
because it's been around 
as long as you have 
and you simply don't like change.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]

A book of tales I've written

I'm thrilled to announce my debut collection What Does A Baby Think It Is? (And Other Questions) will be released by Enthusiastic Press next month! I'm very excited. It's not every day a dream comes true. 

Pre-order your copy today and when we're allowed to hug again, I shall wrap both my spaghetti arms around you (if you want). 
[A book of tales I've written]
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