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A tale I read

Breakfast by Rob Auton
[Breakfast by Rob Auton]

A tale I heard

Actor Jonah Hill talking about an awkward encounter with Morgan Freeman during the filming of 10 Items or Less:

"The first 10 minutes of the film are us two just driving together in a car and talking. It took three days to shoot and he didn’t talk to me the entire time, like, in between takes ‘cos he had so much dialogue, I learned later. So in between we just wouldn’t really chat, but we were in the car together for three days. And then at the end of the third day he just turns to me and goes: “Jonah Jonah ba bonah banana fana fo fonah me my mo monah, Jonah.” And then it was like super uncomfortable, I didn’t know what to say back. It was one of the more weird moments of my life and I just didn’t know what to say, so I said: “Thank you.” And then it was quiet again and he said: “Do me.” I was like: “What?” And he said: “Do my name.” And I was like: “Do your name?” And he said; “Yeah, do my name.” And I was like: “Morgan Morgan bo borgan banana fana fo forgan me my mo Morgan, Morgan.” And he went: “Alright” and we never spoke again."

A tale I saw

First Kiss by Toria Garbutt
[First Kiss by Toria Garbutt]

A tale I wrote

The talentless man just sat in his room being all talentless. He watched his talented friends be talented and wished for a fraction of their talent. The talentless man decided to let his talented friends know how talented they were. He texted one talented friend congratulating her on her talent. He emailed another talented friend telling him he liked his talented thing. He called up another talented friend who was struggling with her latest bit of talent and reassured her how talented she was and that she should just keep working talentedly on her latest bit of talent. When he was done, the talentless man just sat in his room being all talentless.

A tail I like

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