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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Paul by Oh Standfast
[Paul by Oh Standfast]

A tale I heard

Actor and presenter Ross Kemp on advice he's followed from his Dad:

"It was quite simply this, he said, 'Don't worry about being happy all the time, just try and find some sort of contentment.' And I didn't understand what he meant because I was 20-odd years old and I was running around trying to achieve everything and be everything. You know, you get to a certain point in your life where you realise you're not going to win an Oscar, you’re not going to play rugby for England, you're not going to be world champion in Formula One, but you know what? What you have achieved and where you are in your life is not a bad place to be, and if you've got your family around you and people that love you, and also you've had world experiences that moulded you into, hopefully, a better person then that can be called contentment.

I think I'm in a sort of contented place now. I'm not so worried about trying to be cool; I don't really care about cool. I was trying to be cool in Karachi when someone locked me in a morgue – that will stay with me. They locked me and my cameraman for a joke for over 15 minutes. There were about three or four hundred bodies in there. I wasn't very cool at that point."

A tale I saw

The Life of Death by Marcin Dubiniec

A tale I wrote

Hugo hugged his plumber.
He hugged him really tightly.
He hugged him really tightly
for quite some time.

Hugo’s plumber would be lying
if he said he didn’t enjoy
the really tight, drawn out hug,
but he flat out refused
to take it as payment
for replacing Hugo’s boiler.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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