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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

It Was Like This: You Were Happy by Jane Hirshfield
[It Was Like This: You Were Happy by Jane Hirshfield]

A tale I heard

Musician Jonny Greenwood on opting for instruments, rather than digital software, when making film scores:

"I think the danger with writing music not-on-paper and relying on computers and demos is that you start to get used to how some strings sound, and then just look to replicate that. Whereas the variety of color that one player can make with a string instrument, it's quite mind-blowing. And just the combination of a whole ensemble and all the directions it can go, it's really exciting and daunting, and it's easily my favourite day of the year when the string players turn up for an afternoon."

A tale I saw

The Luton Bungalow by John Hegley

A tale I wrote

I have not had a bath in two decades.
I don't fit in them anymore. When I
shower I just imagine I'm lying down.
Falling in puddles is the closest I get
to the feeling of sitting in a tub,
drowning the dirt on my legs that was proof
I'd had a good day that day. I would dunk
my head under the water and imagine
never returning. I don't think I wanted to die,
I just wondered how life would be
to simply live under the surface of bath water.
I'd think about how long it would take
until someone came to see if I was coming out
to play football or stare at a tree and I would say
I can't, I live under this bath water now, but
they wouldn't be able to understand me
because my words would be bubbles.
I'd wonder if they would ask to join me,
take the plunge to try something new 

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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