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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Bamp by Jonathan Edwards
[Bamp by Jonathan Edwards]

A tale I heard

Journalist and documentary maker Louis Theroux on having a prolific writer for a father:

"I was always attracted and repelled by the idea of being a writer. I both admired my father and his writing and I saw how much he valued it. And, he used to tell me, growing up: ‘I’m reading your letters and I’ve seen it, whatever it is, you’ve got it.’ I was literally about 14 or 15 and the letters definitely had no evidence of natural writing ability, but I remember him giving me the talk: ‘You’ve got the keys to the kingdom.’ And feeling flattered and kind of frightened. It was slightly paralysing. He still takes me aside and says: ‘Have you thought about writing something longer?’ And in some ways I want to live up to that and, in another way, I want to run a million miles."

A tale I saw

Cousins by Desree

A tale I wrote

Upon opening door number 11
of her Christmas advent calendar,
Jemima was bitterly disappointed.

Instead of an eleventh chocolate
in the shape of a snowman
or stocking or Santa's hat, 

she saw a folded piece of paper
no bigger than her thumb.
She opened it up and,

written in miniature, gold ink,
were the words:
Do you remember

when you found life easy?
When putting on shoes
was just something you did

and not something you had to plan?
Do you remember muddy knees?
Do you remember running until your legs

became over-cooked spaghetti? 
Do you remember singing to yourself
and asking your parents to dance

and telling people what you think 
and picking your nose 
and rolling your tongue? 

Do you remember sleeping? 
Do you remember laughing? 
Do you remember doodling? 

Do you remember walking 
alone down the street 
comfortable in your thoughts?

Well, you know you can still
do all those things

Easy for you to say,
thought Jemima, 
grabbing her shoes. 

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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