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A tale I read

Re-peater Pan by Harry Baker
[Re-peater Pan by Harry Baker]

A tale I heard

Amy Poehler on where power comes from:

"Ambivalence. If you can find a way to be truly ambivalent about what people think about you as an artist you’re completely freed up because you just end up doing things that turn you on creatively, and then as a person you really try and drown the noise. It’s a lot of noise, people’s opinions about you, whether or not you’re a public person. A regular person in life has to deal with everybody’s opinions about them: what kind of mother are you, what kind of wife are you, what kind of daughter, are you a good sister?

As women we’re used to being watched. And if you can tap into that feeling you had when you were a kid and doing things and not caring that you were being watched – that freeing feeling of living just the way you want – it’s almost getting back to that. Not that you always have to be having a joyful time, just: what was that feeling like for you? Without the judgement of others."

A tale I saw

Regular by David Elms (feat. Tim Key and Laura Marling)
[Regular by David Elms (feat. Tim Key and Laura Marling)]

A tale I wrote


You're the kind of person who chucks their teaspoon into the communal sink after making a cup of tea and doesn't clean it.


You're the kind of person who takes the last free snack a colleague brought in from their holiday in Greece but doesn't throw the packaging away.


You're the kind of person who, when the conference speaker says: "Any other questions, or shall we all just head to the pub?", asks a question that someone else actually asked 30 minutes earlier


You're the kind of person who doesn't tell someone they've got food on their face despite talking to them for 20 minutes.


You're the kind of person who says: "I love it!", then systematically pulls the idea apart, sucking the life, art, soul and joy from it.


I think I hate you.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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