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Welcome to Newsletter #174

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Company by Tim Key
[Company by Tim Key]

A tale I heard

Musician Sheryl Crow on art and joy:

"As an artist, part of you doesn’t want to be joyful because you think you’ll never write a great song again. And you want to be tortured. I just finally had to grapple with the fact that wasn’t my story. That was my mythology, but it wasn’t my story."

A tale I saw

Intimate Talking by Hollie McNish

A tale I wrote

I'm sat at my desk and I'm looking at some stuff.
There's a mug with some brown stuff in it.
There's a calendar with some stuff written on it.
There's a pen that's been a bit chewed on the lid.
There's a couple of books by some people 
with some other books by other people on top of them. 
There's a board game some people once played.
There's a laptop with loads of stuff saved on it.
There's a pint glass with some orange stuff in it.
There's some fingers doing all sorts of stuff
they never would have dreamed of doing
when they were much smaller than they are now,
and in some ways that's electrifying
and in others it's desperately disappointing.

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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