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A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Chorus by Luke Kennard
[Chorus by Luke Kennard]

A tale I heard

Actor Keanu Reeves on storytelling:

“There’s always a relationship—a drama, a circumstance—in storytelling. But for me, it’s cool when a work of art can entertain but also be inspirational or challenging or—I’m gonna bring up ye olde Bard—hold the mirror up. It’s much more rewarding because it means that you’re getting into it. Asking questions. Looking at the diamond and seeing which ways the light refracts and reflects. It can be everything from ‘Be excellent to each other’ in the circumstances of Bill and Ted, and those characters going against all odds, to The Matrix, which is, you know, ‘What truth?’ Confronting systems of control and thinking about will, and love, and who we are and how we are.

Even back to River’s Edge: a group of high school kids and a murder. What are the choices they make? And then the impact of technology in storytelling: playing A Scanner Darkly, or even Johnny Mnemonic. The journey of Little Buddha, working with Bertolucci and being introduced in a very very very very very very very broad way to Buddhist practice and thought. The notion of impermanence and connection to one’s own body and thought and feeling, and sensorially your relationship to the world and meaning. And being confronted by one’s own anatomical mind. Being introduced to meditation and what that is and to have mind-expanding experiences without any other stimulus besides intention, thought, and sitting. It really does kind of unfold to: Wow, there is a lot more going on! What’s going on?”

A tale I saw

Little Girl by Princess Latifah

A tale I wrote

It starts at the tip of the toenail
and travels up through the shin
beyond the knee and over the thigh
and over the stomach and chest
and neck and cheeks to the head
where it sits and dictates
every move you don't understand
why or how you're making. 

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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