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Welcome to Newsletter #40

A bunch of tales I wanted to share with you

A tale I read

Fight Story by Daniil Kharms
[Fight Story by Daniil Kharms]

A tale I heard

Comedian Spencer Jones on how he copes right before a gig:

"I do a lot of vomiting. And, I’ve not told anyone this before, it’s a bit weird, but I’ve started talking to my Dad. My Dad’s not with us anymore and I’m not a spiritual person in any way, I don’t think he can hear me, or anything like that, but for some reason he’s become this voice of reason before I go on. So, I’m vomiting, then I imagine he’s there and I go: 'You alright, Dad?' and he goes: 'Yep.' And I go: 'Any advice?' and usually he says: 'Just be nice. Just be nice.' He used to say that when he was alive. He used to say: 'Just be nice. Just be nice.'"

A tale I saw

Waterloo by Tim Key
[Waterloo by Tim Key]

A tale I wrote

“Weekend plans, fella?!”


“One too many beers for me, I imagine, you know what I’m like! Haha!”

“Well, most of it will be spent second–guessing myself, I imagine. Taking things too personally and pushing people away, I imagine. I’ll pop out for a bit, but I’ll be looking over my shoulder. I’ll smile and nod and make a joke or two, but I’ll regret everything I’ll say. I’ll blame myself for the weather, the traffic, anything that derails the fun of others. I’ll hold on to the smallest comment and push it down and down in an attempt to silence the fear despite its voice getting louder and louder with every push. I imagine… You know what I’m like.”

“Cool, have a good one fella!”

A tail I like

[A tail I like]
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